Griffon Enterprises – Ikkitousen – Kanu Unchou – Neko Ear Pink Ver. – 1/7 PVC Figure

Kanu Unchou

This Figurine is from the anime Ikkitousen, while this is not high on my list of liked animes, it is still one that I have watched and enjoyed at times.  I found however the excessive amount of fan service via pantie shots was starting to make me in a way “immune” to seeing them, so in order to no longer ruin that aspect of anime to me, I have stopped watched the series roughly halfway through the second season… I may pick it up again when my brain resets itself.

Firstly I must say, I have a “thing” for cat girls, so when I saw this figurine, it was an instant buy.  I have a friend who is obsessed with Kanu and to his shock and horror I didn’t even realize this WAS Kanu until it was in my hot and sweaty hands and I read the nameplate which comes on the base.

This was a figurine I got early in my collection years, it was released in January 2009 by Griffon Enterprises, I will say, I do not have many figurines from this company so you wont be seeing it that often be that a good or a bad thing, you can be the judge in the future. I cant honestly say when I ordered this figurine as it would of been near the end of 2008 because almost 90% of the figurines I own are from pre-orders.  I will say I was not a very savvy person back then, I bought anything I thought looked good and this being a cat girl figurine fell directly into that category regardless of who or what it was from.  However I suppose I have babbled on enough….

My first impressions of this figurine was CAT GIRL, however I cannot say that I have seen Kanu as a cat girl in the anime, nor have I seen her in a seductive posture as I’m seeing in this figurine. Again I have not seen the entire anime just the first season and half the second one.  Although I can say it definitely does look like her in many ways, the eyes are detailed well, her shapes are as they should be, the shameless display of pantsu in this figurine is right up with the way I would expect after seeing most of the show so another check mark on the sheet there for accuracy.  I’d have to give this figurine an 7/10 for accuracy just because the outfit does not fit what I know of the character, feel free to correct me on this one guys/gals as I can only speak from experience

Kanu Pantau

The construction of the figurine is pretty good, the short skirt has a tendency to move a lot with even the slightest touch, I would preferred it to have some sort of anchoring but assuming you’re not moving it or touching it, it stays in place.  The little cat girl that’s on her back/shoulder is not removable which is a bit of a letdown, with most figurines most parts are removable but this one isn’t which could lead to someone assuming it is and tearing it off, minor problem but could be a problem nonetheless  The other small cat girl looks great while laying down but if u flip her over shes very….blobish… again I’m nitpicking but that’s what a review is about is it not?.  Other then that, the figurine is balanced well, the large wide base is perfect for it and I’ve never had issues with any piece of it, if any problem was to be listed its that its put together “too much”…  9/10

Kanu Close Up

Painting for this figurine is as you would expect with any of the higher quality ones, I have absolutely no complaints about it. The skin tones are good, the skirt and hair look bright, everything is fine.  This might be the time to point out there is also another blue version of this figurine but I feel this pink one is better as with her hair and shirt and such there is just too much blue with it. Pink was the way to go on this one IMO.  10/10 painting.

Kanu Top

The detail on this figurine is a bit of a letdown in some areas.  I have a few cat girl figurines in my collection that actually have fuzziness on their fur areas which you will see later, this one doesn’t have it which disappointed me slightly.  The eyes are striking though when looking at this figurine from behind and the cat paws with the 3 claws is adorable in ways I cannot convey to you sadly.  The hair sprawled out on the ground is another great touch just the way its all around her figurine really grabs how her hair was in the show, I realize I didn’t mention that on my accuracy now and I regret it, however I wont edit it in =p. Detail im going to give it a 8/10 just because I feel that cat parts should be furry.

In the end this figurine is pretty unique to the whole Ikkitousen show and to Kanu in particular.  Anytime a show throws out a figurine like this you know its just fan service,  I personally appreciate this figurine as I think its a gem in the whole “Kanu has a sword and is wrapped in bandages and will kick your ass”.  It shows a completely different side of the character and this is a figurine that stands out in my collection, I’m gonna give it a 9/10 for uniqueness.

So in closing, this figurine gets 43/50 for me, this figurine is definitely a must buy for anyone that’s a fan of the series.  You just might have a hard time finding this one of course at this point.

What is your opinion on this nekomimi Kanu? Is this something you would add to your collection?

Kanu Back

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