Good Smile Bakemonogatari Senjougahara Hitagi 1/8 PVC Figurine

Bakemonogatari was a strange anime for me, the first 3 episodes did not impress me at all, I’m used to watching anime with that odd style, like EF A Tale of Memories, but for some reason this one didn’t grab me and it got put on my hold list.  Recently me and my wife re-visited it and I have no idea what the hell was wrong with me.  MOST of the characters were done extremely well, they had good depth with the exception of a few, all in all this anime was placed high on my list of recommendations to others.

Re-visiting this anime made me want to do my write up on this figurine Senjougahara Hitagi even though it is one of the newer ones to our collection. The figurine being released by Good Smile was a huge thing for me, Good Smile is bar none my favourite producer of figurines.  So a few facts to start with before I get into this.  As I already said Manufacturer is Good Smile Company, it’s a 1/8th scale figurine approx 210 mm tall, produced by Hironori Tokunaga from the anime Bakemonogatari released in mid January 2011.  We purchased this figurine from Hobby Search.

The accuracy of this figurine is pretty bang on, to be perfectly honest that’s what drew me to this figurine before all the other ones that came out.  The style of this figurine is perfect, the look on her face is perfect, the fact that someone conceived how to make a figurine of this actual scene just puts a huge smile on my face. The figurine itself seems to capture her tsundere side as well.  Also most importantly the panties match on the figurine as to what she is wearing in the show ;). Accuracy on this figurine 10/10

Construction of this figurine is where it might lose a few points.  I can personally say that I did not have much trouble putting this together, though a lot of people on the internet have said that the pegs for the accessories are too flimsy.  I tend to agree with them despite having no issues myself.  The base is dull and boring, just circle and clear, I’m not a fan of pegs in any figurines to hold up anything and tend to stay away from them because of the risk of breaking, however I couldn’t stop myself on this one.  There is times when its required just so you can have the perfect pose.  Some of the pieces do touch her legs and its near impossible to assemble it without that which can lead to rubbing.  The hair also comes down and touches on her skirt in places which is not as big a deal but still, I hate to see that.  Other then the risk of breakage and rubbing, this figurine went together very well, I give it a 9/10.

Painting on this figurine, I’m starting to wonder if I should even bother with talking about the painting, I think there is maybe 5-6 figurines in my collection that I would call poor painting and I could just call that out in detail…. regardless, the painting on my figurine is flawless, everything is done extremely well as I expect from any Good Smile figurine.  10/10

Detail is where this figurine really shines. All the detail that was put into the objects that were falling down just like in the show.  The panties the character is wearing exactly like in the show, even the way she’s holding the skirt.  Every attention to detail was paid respect in this figurine.  I feel I should point out that there is another pose for the character in which she’s holding the stapler however we have a massive pile of boxes of figurines and  it was difficult to find it. The face really hold the tsundere feel to it just looking at her. I must say the one problem I do have with this figurine is the leggings.  They are shiny, it bothers me, its like she’s wearing rubber on her legs…. although for that being the only complaint 9/10 for me for detail. Great job.

Uniqueness well, jeez, where do we start with that?  This anime itself is pretty unique in some parts and this figurine really holds up to that ideal.  Its possible that I find it this way because I always shy’d away from the figurines with the clear plastic pegs holding things up.  I feel they really are ugly…  However as I said previously, this was one I could not turn down.  Aside from the fact she has a multitude of school supplies falling out of her skirt I suppose there really isn’t much else that’s unique to this figurine especially the base. So it gets points for the stylized portion with the school supplies although I’m afraid I have to knock some points off for the lack of a head turning base.  8/10 for uniqueness.

This figurine is definitely one of the more eye catching figurines from our display mostly from the fact there is so much happening in it.  It’s a Good Smile figurine so its always bright and the face is done so well, it draws you in when your looking at it. 46/50 on this one, I definitely give it a thumbs up, I’m glad its the first figurine I got from this series and it won’t be the last, I believe we already have 3 others pre-ordered.

Let me know your opinion of this version of Hitagi. Would you agree that she is a top end figurine? Or do you think another one of her is better?

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