Alter – Tales of Vesperia Yuri Lowell 1/8 PVC Figure

Tales of Vesperia is a game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.  This game from my understanding was quite well received and I personally loved it.  Me and my roommate played this game for hours and hours on end and the most striking thing about this game in my opinion was the main character.  Yuri Lowell was an amazing character from the get go, he was laid back and just had the cool guy attitude.  Later on in the series he murders someone in cold blood which raised my eyebrows.  I was used to the usual JRPG main characters who cry and are always scared of everything, yet here, i had now watched Yuri murder someone.  This made an impact on me, I knew this game was epic and I knew this character was bad ass.  When I saw a figurine of him, I had to have it, I clearly had a man crush on Yuri Lowell.

Here is some information about the figurine because that’s what we like to do here.  The figurine was manufactured by Alter this is of course PVC and in 1/8th scale.  It was released in early January 2011 and I purchased this figurine from Hobby Fan.  I did have it ordered from Hobby Search but was unable to get it.  I cannot remember the cost of the figurine.

The figurine looks as if it was cut straight out of the game,  even down to the base it has him standing on a cobblestone path which is accurate for most of the cities.  The shoes, the tassels, everything is as it should be.  The sword obviously changes as you play the game, it would of been nice to see him with a different sword but clearly they weren’t looking to make the figurine too flashy.  The Blasita on his arm and his belt, the wrapping on his hand, everything was represented.  This figurine is as accurate as you can get 10/10

I do have a small gripe about the construction on this figurine and that’s the swords scabbard.  I honestly can say that I have this complaint about almost all scabbards on figurines as we do have quite a few with swords.  The scabbard is supposed to be placed into his leg via a peg and hole but these things rarely work as they should.  Attaching things to the figurines with pegs is always so difficult because the moulding process seems to vary at times.  So in this case, even brushing up against the scabbard on the figurine can cause it to fall off.  Some might say that you should not really be touching or moving the figurine in the first place… it fell off at like four times while Dinara was taking pictures alone… personally I say, it should be moulded correctly in the first place so this isn’t a problem.  The sword is held firmly in his hand which is something you don’t see as often as I’d like in sword figurines.  The figurine itself pegs into the base VERY well, it feels incredibly solid which I love to see.  It scares the hell out of me when something is loose like that.  It would be nice if the sword could actually go into the scabbard like in some of our One Piece Zoro ones but I can live with it like this.  Construction gets an 8/10

The painting on this figurine is great I don’t have a lot to say about it, its quality is right up there with most of the good smile figurines we purchase. 10/10 painting.

The detail is great.  There are a few things I will point out though.  The buttons on the shoes, if that’s what you want to call them, near the bottom they seem to lose a lot of detail and it looks like it was getting sloppy.  The cloth wrapping on the scabbard I feel could be done a bit better but without close inspection you really would not notice.  The blastia on his arm, it seems… almost out of place with the rest of the figurine.  The Quality of it just seems off par with the rest of the moulding and painting and detail.  Very very minor things but I felt I should point them out all the same.  The hilt of the sword on my figurine also has some inconsistencies.  Other then that though, all the major lines are clean, the eyes are great, the face is perfect and one little touch I love is the texture of the base.  It almost does feel like real stone in the base even though it isn’t. 7/10 on detail.

So the uniqueness of this figurine in our collection is very high.  Dinara and I have not collected many male figurines so when we do have them sitting out there, they tend to catch the eye a little bit more as an oddity in the collection.  I suppose I should be a little bit more subjective with this review as to me, I feel this figurine is very unique but to an avid collector of figurines that has been doing it 2-3x longer then us, it would just be another walk in the park.  I give it points for having a different base as usual, I’m sure you guys that read my reviews know I hate standard bases.  I’ll give it a few extra points for being from a video game even though there is a lot of those around.  It does come with a mini version of Yuri, but other then that there are no other add-ons, no other hands or swords or even his dog Rapide to come with it.  I’m going to give it a 8/10

So in closing, I love this figurine, with my man crush on Yuri, Dinara will be the first to roll her eyes when she reads this.  This figurine is a thumbs up for me however its only a thumbs up for me because of the game.  If you did not play the game, nor do you have any attachment to the game, I would pass on this, unless you are like Dinara and I and have very very few male figurines and you are just looking to pad the collection ;).  What do you guys think of this one? Is it a hit or a miss? Did you guys love Tales of Vesperia as much as I did, anything you think I missed out on in this review? Let us know in the comments or hit up the forums we would love to hear from you guys.

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As a side note, its difficult for me to pick a figurine to review, so if you have any you would like to see reviewed that you know are in our collection , or even some you think we should be buying to review, let us know as well. =D

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