Excellent Model Portrait Of Pirates One Piece Series NEO-DX Monkey D Luffy

I am finally going to review a One Piece figurine.  Seems like the right thing to do considering how Dinara and I are rabid One Piece fans…well more so her then I.  Let’s talk about the basics of this figurine.  As with most of the One Piece figurines, this is a Megahouse figurine.  Its original release date was December 2010, Dinara and I picked up the restock of this figurine, honestly no freaking idea how we missed the original… but whatever.  We purchased this figurine from Hobby Search for 5,400 yen. The figurine is roughly 170mm tall.

One Piece is a special anime to me because I totally watched it so that I could get closer to Dinara IRL. She advised me to watch this before we were even officially dating and I personally thought One Piece was a lame anime.  Or so I had thought…  Watching the first 5 episodes I really had nothing good to say about the anime but as it progressed the depth of character in the show intrigued me.  It still to this day surprises me how it can have so much character background with so many characters, I guess that’s why it has over 500 episodes.  When it comes to your typical shonen animes this anime really does stand out against the rest, I know a lot of people will clump this anime in with shows like Bleach and Naruto and that frustrates me.  I realize that everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but shows like Naruto and Bleach have no depth to them, I have watched deeply into both of those shows and neither of them comes anywhere close to the character depth that One Piece has.  Anyways I’m rambling a little, let’s get onto the figurine.

Out of all the figurines, I chose to do this one first, not just because it’s one of our most recent figurines <that’s totally part of it> but because it’s the leader of the Mugiwara pirates Luffy and it’s his best figurine yet.  So let’s talk about the accuracy.  The whole series of Megahouse figurines for the crew take place in certain parts of time in the series, this one being the most recent of course.  This nails it.  I must say, Luffy is a pretty boring person; there is nothing REALLY special about him so when it comes to that they really don’t have a lot to work with in a figurine.  The pose he is in for one, it’s his fighting pose, which is accurate to where he is in the series, I know some would say that he’s always fighting but in this part of the series is a little bit more “hard-core” I suppose we should say. Although for accuracy it really comes down to what color of cloths he’s wearing and that is all right.  10/10 for accuracy.

Construction on this figurine is great as usual, the base of the figurine is wide so there is very little chance for it to fall over and break.  One thing I want to point out is the hat, a lot of the time hats have a VERY hard time staying on a figurine, even the slightest bump can knock a hat off.  This hat is formed very well this time, I have another Luffy figurine that suffers from the hat falling off all the time, this time it’s not the case.  All the removable parts for this figurine fit snugly; there is very little chance of them falling off.  This is great because this figurine comes in a few different poses which if you would like to see them all look in our gallery.  Not a lot to say about construction other than that I’m going to give it a 10/10

Painting, this is one of the figurines that I have this entire section here for.  I personally took a quick look online to see why this happens but could find nothing.  I suppose it’s because figurine collecting isn’t exactly huge on the internet.  The eyes, the eyes are white mostly but near the top they have this blue shading.  Not all manufacturers do this but Megahouse is one that does.  I haaaate this.  I do not know why they do it; it’s some sort of shading maybe? Maybe Dinara knows? I definitely do not know.  Regardless this figurine has it and while looking at the almost flawless face I can’t help but be drawn to the blue rings on the top of the eyes.  I would also like to take the time to point out that I have officially dropped Luffy’s hat 5x now at this point of writing this from picking it up.  Painting gets 7/10

The level of detail on this figurine is great, there really isn’t a lot to work with on Luffy as I mentioned before, he’s a pretty generic guy.  Although I can say they really captured the essence of Luffy in this figurine better than any of them before.  His stance almost makes it look like he’s about to go into gear second, which is highly awesome.  His hair is done so well on this figurine and the hat, careful detail looks like it went into the hat.  Its moulded so well that <dropped it 6 times now> it stays on his head when the figurine is sitting idle unlike the others, it also looks like it won’t cause any markings.  His head is on one of those ball joints so its field of motion is high and the detail is great.  His face just looks like he’s ready to kick someone’s ass, it totally says Luffy.  I’m giving this figurine a 10/10 for detail.

I have a hard time grading this figurine for uniqueness; it’s just a typical shonen anime.  The base is a little different and shows the name and the pirate crew but aside from that and all the other good points its very normal.  It’s hard to look at this figurine objectively because I freaking love One Piece and Luffy is one of my favorite characters.  However all the figurines that come out for a show like this lack spark, they lack creativity, I have no doubt in my mind that this is one of the more unique Luffy figurines, short of the strong world editions.  However is that really a good enough reason to grade this higher than others?  The fact is, it is just Luffy standing in a pose that he regularly is in for the series, it’s honestly nothing special.  There were improvements in construction, there were improvements in detail, and there were improvements in all the different parts you can have.  Although this still is just your typical Luffy figurine with little else to it.  I will give this a 7/10, if it had a standard white or clear base, I would give it a 5 but because there was at least some level of design in the base, it gets a 7.

So in the end, is this figurine worth it? To a One Piece fan, yes, this is one of the best Luffy figurines out there without question.  The only one that can hold a candle to this one is the strong world edition and it has a few construction issues with it, I will eventually review it.  If you don’t watch One Piece, I would honestly still say this figurine is worth it, it’s in an action pose which you don’t see enough in anime figurines so it causes it to stand out.  This figurine gets a 44/50 and a thumbs up from me.

What do you guys think of this figurine?  Do you watch One Piece at all? Who is your favorite character?  Is there a better Luffy figurine out there that we don’t have? Let us know your thoughts on our forums or just post a comment on here.

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