Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Yuki Nagato 1/8 PVC Figure – Max Factory

Oh Yuki, this is one of the most plain yet best figurine ever.  Oh wait, I’m a raging Yuki Fanboi I’m probably not the sort of person that should do a review of a Yuki figurine… But since Dinara isn’t here mwhahahaaha.

This is a 1/8th scale version of Yuki Nagato from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  This was produced by Max Factory.  The original release date, according to My Figure Collection, it was released in June 2007. My figurine I purchased this figurine off of Ebay, actually I got 2 of them because.. well… I have a problem.

When I put some thought into it, this is definitely one of the oldest figurines I have in our collection.  June 2007? I don’t believe I even started collecting figurines until 2008, LATE 2008.  Back then I was very bad at knowing what was good and what sucked, I really had no tastes at all other then the fact I loved anime and wanted figurines.  My collecting started off with something simple like collecting Haruhi figurines.  When I saw this one in some random persons collection I knew I had to have it, Yuki of course being my favorite character ever.  So I looked it up on Ebay, found a reliable seller and purchased 2 of them.  Reflecting back on it today, this figurine really is not anything special.

Lets talk about Accuracy first as usual.  Accuracy is bang on, I don’t know what could be missing, there is a few different parts to this figurine and we shall test Dinara to see if she can even find the box in our massive pile of other boxes to get those extra shots.  Personally I always put one stance on and just leave it forever however Dinara has bothered me a lot to change this one. Witch Yuki is just so adorable, it was one of the cuter scenes from the anime with Yuki in it and it always makes me smile when I see it.  She stands out from all the other figurines because she’s a witch but at the same time she lacks any facial expression which of course is key to Yuki.  This figurine is accurate with the show and I’m pleased with it. 10/10

Construction of this figurine leaves a little bit to be desired, I have to think long and hard back to when I originally got this but if i remember correctly it came with more then 1 wand.  Also if I recall I broke one of them trying to get it out of the box. <hey I said I was new at this shit>.  I won’t hold that against the construction though, its just a side note I wanted to mention.  The cloak fits very well and snugly on Yuki’s shoulders which is great because that means there is less rubbing.  The head comes off WITH the neck which is kind of weird to me. Yes this has held up quite well as I am taking it apart right now.  Very little rubbing involved.  The way she is standing makes most of the way be distributed the same way on the figurine so even though the base is a little small, she is very sturdy.  The one and only complaint I have is with the hat.  The hat just wont stay on.  I know this is a problem with a lot of figurines but this figurine in particular has to be one of the worst ones possible.  A lot of hats do have grooves inside them that allow it to kind of… lock in… with the hair and this one does as well. It just does not do a good enough job.  This figurine, since I love it so much, is in a display case in my room and just walking past the display case <yes we have hardwood> will make the hat fall off.  Very frustrating… I’ll give it a 7/10 for construction.

Not a lot to say about the painting on this one, the eyes do have that blue shading in them that I dislike although you can barely see it.  Other then that everything else is great.  8/10 painting.

Detail on this is a little blah.  I must admit that there really isn’t a lot to do with this figurine, especially a Yuki figurine.  She is a very grey character, she doesn’t do much and that’s her charms.  Her facial expression is fine, the cloths are fine, shoes are good, everything looks fine.  Although I cannot help but look at the figurine and just wonder… what’s it missing?  This one even goes so far as to have different accessories for her, I know it has glasses, I’ve always personally been a fan of Yuki without glasses.  Maybe its the fact that her witch cloak covers so much of her that I’m thrown off.  Of course I could always have her without it but I think she just looks more unique this way.  There really isn’t anything for me to point out good or bad on this figurine…. I’ll give it a 10/10

Uniqueness is great on this one.  Not SUPER great but great nonetheless.  There is a massive amount of figurines for the series and as far as Yuki goes, if you have her in her cloak and witch hat, it almost instantly separates her for most of the other figurines.  I believe there is a Figma figurine of Yuki like this… but I freaking hate Figma so lets not get into that.  The wand with the witch hat even the way she lamely is holding it out in front with her expressionless face.  Its so freaking awesome.  Although I suppose in the end it really is just another typical schoolgirl figurine with a few accessories.  I will rank it 7/10.

So in the end this figurine will still be one I cherish, more so because I had to purchase it off of Ebay, I had to risk getting a bootleg and actually put time and effort into getting it.  She was at least one of my first 10 figurines I have ever bought and worth every penny.  She will always be a figurine that I will enjoy looking at forever.  Even though I gave her a 42/50, she has a lot more intrinsic value to me then to most other people.  I try to do my reviews objectively and not let my rampant fanboisms come into play too much.  All said and done this figurine is still a thumbs up, I would recommend it to anyone.

Do you guys/girls have any figurines that you love? Any figurines that may seem lame to the general public but are special to you? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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