Alpha Omega Kouzuki Kallen Bunny Girl Ver 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah Code Geass, what an amazing anime.  Even a good chunk of my friends that hate mecha anime will grudgingly accept that this anime was good.  I have decided to write a review on one of our Code Geass figurines, Karen Kouzuki or Kallen, whichever you prefer as Hobby Search has this listed as Karen and several others listed as Kallen.  For this review though we shall refer to her as Kallen.

For some of the official things, this is a 1/8th scale PVC figurine from Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.  It is approx 170mm tall manufactured by Alpha Omega.  I purchased this figurine if I recall from Hobby Search for roughly 75 USD back in January of 2009. It is sculpted by Inagaki Hiroshi.

I have decided that my reviews are starting to get a little ridged at least to me when I read them or write them, so in an effort to make this more enjoyable I am going to just talk about the likes and the dislikes of the figurines for awhile and then give my final opinion.  I agonized for awhile over if I should get this figurine or not for awhile, I saw it and I liked Kallen’s character quite a bit which was odd for me as I tend to lean more towards the flat chested heroines.  Code Geass was different in this regard though I suppose because I love C.C as well.  In the end obviously as you can see I did purchase it.

Some of the things that really stood out to me was this entire situation on the anime, Kallen going undercover as a bunny girl waitress.  It was just unique and different and so unlike her character in the show.  This figurine just came off as special to me because of that, there is another bunny girl version of Kallen which I am not a fan of, I enjoyed this one because it had more of a serious undertone.  The representation of Kallen in this figurine is very good, the eyes say it the most to me, just looking at her face you can almost feel an intensity.  The face itself shows it, the way the mouth is done and the sculpting of the nose as well very subtle yet strong.  Also was a huge fan of how if you looked you could see she had the key for her knightmare frame in her cleavage.  That was honestly one of the biggest things for me in getting this, I can’t say I noticed it the first 5 or 6 times I looked at this figurine but once I saw it I was sold.

The construction of this figurine is done quite well too, the detail on the painting is good the colors used are perfect shades.  One other thing that I enjoy is the bunny ears, while they do not fit flawlessly it does cover the unsightly hair seam that you find on almost all figurines.  Anytime you can legitimately hide a hair seam on a figurine it gets a thumbs up from me.

I suppose its impossible to have some good without some bad in most cases so I will talk about some of the flaws I find in this figurine.  First and foremost I should point out that the bunny ears are quite finicky to get on correctly although any serious anime figurine collector would be used to this so its hard to place it as a gripe.  The seams that go from the panty hose to the feet seems a little bit too edgy almost.  It seems almost unnatural and I feel it could have been done a bit better.  Another failure in this is well and this may seem a bit odd would be the crotch area.  I realize its skin tight but its just not symmetrical down there, it is shoved off to the right a tiny bit which makes it look off.  Yes I realize at this point I was sitting there staring at a figurine’s crotch but its just something that seems odd to me when looking at it.

Most of these are inconsequential gripes that I have and honestly do not really effect my opinion of it. I personally feel that if you can look at a figurine from 2-10 meters away and it looks great that’s good enough for me.  Touching the figurine and dissecting it like I basically did here you will of course find flaws however it is important to mention these because a lot of figurine manufacturers do put in the extra effort to have a flawless figurine.  The last thing I will mention about this will be the base.  The figurine is a kneeling figurine and the base is a hard solid plastic base.  The base itself look since it has the Geass symbol and its very wide and stable and even sleek.  However, if you are going to have kneeling figurine its important that you have some sort of cloth texture on the figurine, without having a softer base you will get scuff marks on the knees of the figurine.

Based on my remarks on this figurine I think I would give it an 82%.  It really does capture the energy of the character and its from a memorable part of the show as well.  In the end that’s a very important aspect of a figurine, looking at it and being brought back to the time that made you want it in the first place.  This figurine does that job nicely.  If this is not part of your collection I would recommend it however I would suggest getting some cloth or some felt to put under the knees of this figurine.

What do you guys think of this Kallen figurine? Do you agree Code Geass was an amazing anime? Or is Lelouch Le Douche?

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