Black Rock Shooter – Good Smile – 1/8 PVC Figure

Admittedly I do not know much about Black Rock Shooter.  Also, I will admit, I really do not have much of a desire to know a lot about it.  When I first saw this figurine all I knew is she had a flat chest and she looked surprisingly like my wife scar and all.  Then, I saw it was made by Good Smile and I knew I had to have it.

As previously stated, Black Rock Shooter was released by Good Smile Company back in late December of 2009.  I purchased this figurine from Hobby Fan for about 110 USD.  It is a 1/8th scale figurine and is roughly 290mm tall.

This is a figurine that I have looked at often in our collection, I can honestly say I have say there many, many times and just stared at it.  She is so petite and the gun she holds is so huge that its just crazy to look at.  The base of this figurine is definitely my favourite part though.  It is so massive, it has actual weight to it, you can tell it is a quality base right from the start.  Good Smile really knows how to put a good figurine together.

I have a hard time reviewing this figurine, it was definitely the object of my obsession for at least a month after getting it, even now that I have it sitting in front of me again while I type this I am almost left speechless.  The figurine itself is just straight up attractive, its hips are shapely and its flat chested, its perfect, my wife should cosplay this if I wouldn’t want to murder any male that turned and saw her!

Lets get into this more though, lets see if I can justify my fascination with it better.  The stancem for one, that she’s in is just great. It does the weapon she’s holding justice as I mentioned before the contrast between the tiny figure holding the massive weapon is just so … just so… anime.  The chains on the figurine are actually real metal chain.  The cracked tile where the gun is sitting makes it appear to have some serious weight to it.  Her eyes almost seem to glow with some sort of unearthly power which draws you into the face.  The hair on the figurine comes to such a point in some areas and is almost frosted with a blue tip that it almost looks like an icicle.

It can’t all be good though, I do have a few nitpicks about it.  The large gun itself, with the whole cracks in the base to show how heavy it is, it would have been nice if the weapon had some weight to it.  It doesn’t feel like its totally plastic but it definitely does feel light.  Setting up the chains on the figurine was very difficult and I still feel we don’t have them the way I would like to have it, more detailed instructions on its “perfect” setting would have been nice.

All in all, this is one of my favourite figurines in our collection, I have honestly considered finding another one to buy just so that I could have 2.  I’ll give this figurine 96%.

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