Bakemonogatari – Hanekawa Tsubasa – Good Smile Company -1/8 PVC Figure

Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari, as previously said in some of my reviews, this was an amazing anime that developed amazingly as the anime progressed.  I was not a fan of this anime from the first 3 episodes but afterwards it had me by the balls.  I must say, this is one of the lesser females from the anime, I suppose I feel this way because she was one of the typical quiet characters from the anime and her counterpart when she turns into the feline is so unlike her I see it as a completely different character.

This figurine was not on my to buy list but my wife pulled the “I’m your wife” card on me and we had to get it.  I can’t say there really was anything in particular that made me not want to get it other then the fact that I have the Black Hanekawa figurine coming in October.  However its like I said, I see these two figurines as almost completely different characters.  They are both cat girls so I suppose it was silly of me to object and so here she is.

As expected from GSC <Good Smile Company> the figurine is done well in almost all regards.  The pose the character is making is nice, everything about it flows, I love how the wind is blowing everything on her but her hand is coming back to push her skirt down to avoid any pantsu.  It is just not something that you would expect to see in a figurine however it fits her character perfectly.  The look on her face is similar as well, that’s something I find they do not capture well enough in figurines that are not just moe or the cutsy type, they normally fail to capture the passive look.  This figurine does that well.

There is no real “base” for this figurine she is kneeling on a desk as you can see, the desk looks good but does feel quite cheap, I would of liked to of seen something a bit better from GSC.  The way she pegs in is… ok I suppose if you look in the opening of the desk you can see the pegs going through the top and it just looks sub par again for GSC.  I suppose something I should consider is this is not a toy this is a figurine, its meant to be looked at behind glass and appreciated from its looks and not its feel.  A look but don’t touch situation.  This figurine nails that down no problem.

The details on this figurine are great, I love the look on the face as I mentioned before but even the detail on the cell phone she’s holding is exceptional.  You can see the strap and the little dongle hanging off of it.  Of course its the exact same phone as from the series. One of the hair ties are another cute addition, it has a cute little cat face on it and I just cant help but smile when I see it, it is exceptionally cute.  I like how one of her shoes is off and the other is one, I’m unsure if it has another shoe to be placed on the floor as my wife was the one that put this one together it would be a nice addition if it did maybe she will comment on it in here. As you can see in the previous pictures the other shoe sits on the chair, or on the ground if you would like it too. I worry about losing it since it’s not attached to anything. Though I would like to note even the shoe has good detail put into it. – Dinara

In the end, for a figurine I did not really want to get I really cannot complain very much, this figurine has glasses and we do not have a lot of glasses girls in our collection besides Yuki.  She’s got cat ears so that makes me happy, her pose is great and the detail is magnificent.  The base is not something that’s boring and ordinary even though it feels a little flimsy I don’t fear the figurine will fall over so its doing its job.  I’d give this figurine an 85% rating, if you love Bakemonogatari I would of course recommend this as I feel that all of the scale model figurines for this show so far are excellent.  If you have yet to see the show, I would still recommend it as it is unique, glasses, odd base and an exceptional pose.

As usual, let us know what you guys think, we do love to hear your comments, or if you have any questions about anything we have reviewed just let us know.

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