The World God Only Knows – Elsee – Max Factory – 1/8 PVC Figure

I had told myself a long time ago that I was done with your typical harem animes and this one was no exception to me… or so I thought.  Even as I diligently skipped over it knowing what it was going to be, one day I came home to see my wife was watching it and loving it, while I was working she was watching it and I only caught glimpses but I was instantly hooked.  The main character was your typical poor bastard surrounded by girls but this did have a little bit more of a twist.  One of the things that stood out to me is that he was voiced by the same person who does Lelouch from Code Geass and every so often some of Lelouch would slip into his mannerisms and I could not help but laugh.

I digress, this is not a review about the main male lead of the show, its about Elsee the main female lead of the show.  Elsee is a demon from the demon world of the show and her job is to collect demons that have escaped from that world in her jar <as shown> and bring them back.  She has enlisted the help of her partner the aforementioned male lead.  I think its important to point out that she is supposed to be a demon but is just ridiculously cute and that’s the catch in the anime for me.

The first thing that caught my eye that made me want to get this was how she is sitting on her bottle.  It was unique and interesting, as I’m sure you all know, I love interesting bases on our figurines, its a requirement from me to get a decent review.  All of those beach queen figurines, while mostly characters I love, I still refuse to get due to the boring bases.  This one does not disappoint, even as I was placing the bottle onto the figurine I could not help but giggle.  It connects quite well, it is very sturdy, more sturdy then I was honestly expecting.  However this is made by Max Factory and I know they make damn good quality products, I believe they are affiliated with GSC <Good Smile Company>.

Lets get down to the review here now.  I must admit I was a little disappointed when I did get this figurine out and had it in my hot little hands.  The scale of her seemed off, this is supposed to be 1/8th but she seems to be a little beefier then I expected, my wife was quick to tell me that this is not the case. The pose is good, if a little bit revealing, I don’t see her character in that way really however I have yet to finish the second season so maybe something happens.  The face is beaming which I always love to see in an anime figurine, there’s just something about a beaming face the best I can think of is in the Haruhi figurines. That’s just my default I suppose because I have so damn many of them.

The details on this are great as well, she has her raiment with her which I suppose should be expected from this.  However the way they put it all together is very interesting.  The arms and the head have to come off in order to put the raiment on, it is its own separate piece.  The broom as well is placed into her right hand from behind, great details.  The skull on her head was her detector in the show for a nearby demon and of course could not be missed so its good to see it there.

There really is only one nitpick that I have on this figurine and that’s in her pose.  Of course you can see her panties on this figurine but on the bottom of the panties where they meet the skirt there is not clear definition.  They melt into each other.  I am unsure if this is just a problem with my figurine in particular or if this was there for all of them.  The only other issue I could say is this figurine is a little boring but its not like her character itself is an exciting outgoing character so this really does fit her and keep her neutral.

As much as I was a little disappointed with this I still would rate this relatively high, I would give it a 89% due to uniqueness of it.  I love the raiment, I love her base and I love they way they captured a natural character and still gave her some level of character in the figurine.

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