Xiao-Mei – Shining Hearts – Max Factory – 1/7 PVC Figure

As a my first figure review I will apologize for everything. haha. I shall be doing all the figurines my husband Bloodfrost doesn’t want to do. Which is pretty much reviewing any figures he doesn’t know about, and any ero figurines that will make him look to much like a raging Loli-con. 😉 Fortunately for you guys I have no qualms about either of these things!

This video is apparently the ending scene between Xiao Mei and the main character.

Today we shall be taking a look at Xio-Mei from Shining Hearts. Shining Hearts is a RPG game that was released on the PSP in Japan.  Xiao-Mei is obviously a cat girl, who runs an antique shop. She’s also a thief who refers to herself as “Black Tail.” Watching this four minute ending scene makes me love her more due to her adorable voice and ear movements.  Though Bloodfrost says most everyone hates her like Yuffie from FF7.

To get to the figure itself, it is a 1/7th scale  PVC Figure sculpted b Nanako and manufactured by Max Factory. Which is a little odd as this looks to be the only Shining Heart figure that Max Factory has done. The majority of the Shining Hearts figures are made by Kotobukiya. Either way I have no complaints about this cute cat girl.

Being a cat girl made Xiao Mei an instant buy for us. Her adorable tri-colored ears and white tipped tail, paired with her cute face and the open mouth crying out Nyaaaa!!! How could we not get her? Even though Bloodfrost has this unnatural dislike for Chinese Dresses, we had to get her. She is just to cute.

Coming from Max Factory it is a given to me that she would be good quality. Between the wrinkles in her dress and the details in her hair she is very detailed. The Chinese hair buns are well done, and all the small pink details on her dress, shoes, and gloves are well done. The arm up and wrist bent into that classic cat girl pose perfectly done as well. If she didn’t have her arm like this I am sure she wouldn’t be as adorable.

My biggest beefs with this figure is probably the base and her feet. The base is very boring. Just a white circle with the game logo on it. Nothing special or anything. But the fact that one of her feet isn’t flat is weird in my opinion. It is would be awkward to try and stand like that. Simply because both heels are up in the air. No one would really stand with both heels in the air like that. It is more natural to have one leg straight and foot flat and have the other knee bent with that heel in the air. Though I am sure most people won’t really care about this.

Her short, skin tight, hip hugging Chinese dress makes her pretty sexy too in my opinion. If the Nekomini thing doesn’t do it for you the Chinese dress can really sway someone to purchasing this figure even you are like us and don’t know to much about this series. Though she also has a cute butt with white panties!

Over all I would give this figure a 78% rating. She is a great cat girl figure with a nice body but over all she is not that interesting. Because she is just standing there is makes her pose less impressive then the garage kit figure version of her. Though I would have to say with this version her face is leagues better then the garage kit. And obviously since you don’t have to paint it that is always nice as well.

If you have every played Shining Hearts, or if you would like to add anything more to this review we would love to hear from you! Your comments are always welcomed!

For more pictures of Xiao Mei visit the Gallery!

3 thoughts on “Xiao-Mei – Shining Hearts – Max Factory – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. Oddly enough the thing that bothers me the most about Xiao-Mei is her tail. I dont think cat tails can twist around like that. At least my cats tail cant. And then theres the fact that its just one thickness for the whole tail. Shouldnt it be a little thicker at the base? Ah, who cares!

    I own Xiao-Mei myself and shes very nice, though as you say her static pose and insanely boring base kind of drag her down. Im not much of a nekomimi person myself. Her lavender Chinese dress was actually one of the major factors deciding my purchase. That…and I was just REALLY craving a Max Factory PVC.

    Im glad to see MF making slightly more PVCs these days. For a while there they were largely pumping out figmas, with a rare PVC here and there. Ive always liked their sculpts the best (with one of their main sculptors, Chieri, being my absolute favorite).

  2. Yeah a lot of ppl love the chinese dress’s im honestly not sure why i dont like them i really dont. Have you seen the newest Xiao Mei figurine? its much better imo but i DONT think we are gonna pick it up mostly because i dislike owning several figurines from the same series but only 1 character…. Maybe if i had another shining hearts figurine i could justify it…

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