Aisaka Taiga Tiger Costume Ver. – Ques Q – Toradora – 1/8 PVC Figure


The figurine I wanted to review has some… issues, I had ordered a resin kit from a company that pre-paints and assembles <mostly> your resin kit for you and when it arrived I was sorely disappointed.  It was going to be my review last week but I was depressed because I have a poor quality figurine so I couldn’t even bring myself to write anything.  Hopefully I can get this rectified if not I’ll let you guys know. The figurine was Rin from Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works hopefully I can get a review for it made … But instead here’s Taiga!

Taiga is one of my favourite anime characters, she has the same voice actor as Shana from Shakugan No Shana which is also another fav of mine, for some reason i have a thing for the loli tsundere character type.  Look at my wife and you will know why i married her O_O hahaha.  Taiga is from the anime series Toradora which is a sort of school/slice of life/Drama/romance/ comedy.  Its one of those animes you really have to be in the mood for.  An overbearing personality like Taiga is something that grows on you in time I find, either that or you just hate it.

Lets talk about the figurine.  We purchased this figurine from our good friends at Hobby Search for roughly 80USD.  This was released in mid June 2011 and the Item Size/Weight : 26 x 14 x 13 cm / 353g, this is approx.  This was manufactured by Ques Q, which is a company that I am not familiar with.  Because of this I was close to not ordering it however I could not get past how awesome the figurine looked in pictures.  There is a lot of fan art that’s drawn of Taiga like this, or at least I assume it is fan art.

This figurine was a great addition to our collection, I always kind of had a thing for Taiga but there are very few good quality figurines of her.  This is actually the third one in our collection believe it or not.  The first one I got while the show was still airing, I was still newish to getting figurines back then and did not really know what to look for.  I wont say I regret getting it because I honestly don’t regret any figurines I ever buy.  With that said, I can say that i would not of purchased any of the first 2 Taiga figurines I have now, you will see a review of them sometime.  There has been quite a few that have come out after and 1 or 2 that did actually regret not getting, you may see them in the future.

The figurine looks great from almost all angles, I love the uniqueness of the way she is laying down just sprawled out almost like a cat.  Her body is so petite and it seriously looks like you could break it easily if you were playing with it.  Why you would be playing with it is beyond me… Anyways…  As I’m sure you all know, I totally have a thing for cat girls, I realize that this is Taiga and is a “tiger” but come on, tigers are just big cats anyways =^.^=.

The base is a little boring, there is a divot in there so that Taiga does not move around, which is a really nice touch I have to say, its WAY better then just having an irregular flat spot on a figurine so it doesn’t move which a lot of companies do.  The look on her face is sexy kuz she’s Taiga and she’s trying to be sexy AND IF YOU DONT THINK SO SHE WILL BUST INTO YOUR HOUSE WITH A SHINAI… *clears throat*… anyways…

I love the stocking that goes up her leg and ties off with a bow, you get the sense that it really is real flesh from the way it indents, which is done well.  The tiger feet and paws are of course adorable, as are the ears.  Her hair is also done well, however this figurine does suffer from the hair seem quite a bit more then your average figurine.

Her small tight pants are hot and her string bikini panties are awesome, I love the effect.  Also the tail, most definitely my favourite part of the figurine is just done so well.  You see a lot of figurines with tails but this one is done so well, I just love the detail on it, the way it fits into the figurine, its just so complete.  I love her shape, it really does capture the physique of a women so well in this one figurine, so much skin is showing its hard to not call this figurine sexy, I think I might have to go search for a cosplay outfit for my wife that goes along this line….

The last thing I would point out for this figurine is the tattoo or decal that’s on her arm, I’m not sure why but it just seems like its done so well.  Sometimes you see these fine details on figurines and they just don’t seem like they fit or are done poorly.  The detail is exquisite on this, I cannot begin to explain the clarity of this, i really enjoy it.  Of course its also very cute to look at >_<.

So there you have it folks, the palm top tiger in our collection, definitely one of my favourite ones done of her, despite the fact it is pretty out of character for her from the anime, this will be one of my long favourites.  Its sexy, its sculpted well, even minor details on it are done extremely well, my only complaint is the hair seem.  I give this figurine a whooping 94%, if you are a cat girl lover, or Tsundere lover, this is a MUST HAVE.

Let us know as always what you think, did u like this figurine? would you buy it? do you hate or love taiga? We always want your feedback in any form guys.

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery!

As an added addition, I’m going to post my favourite Toradora AMV, its a Japanese song and it does contain spoilers but its a great AMV and a great song, enjoy.

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  1. “Look at my wife and you will know why i married her O_O hahaha”
    She will get you for this XD

    Nice pictures from Tiger Taiga 🙂
    I own her as well, I loved the scanty dress of her and the lying pose.
    Well, she is quite small for her scale, but her quality is good.

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