Ika Musume Kotobukiya Ver 1/8 PVC Figure

Oh my gawd, what a good month for figurines this is for us, we get Ika Musume, Black Hanekawa, Hachikuji Mayoi, Rayleigh and Rin from Fate Stay Night.  My Rin figurine will be reviewed REALLY soon but first we have to do Ika Musume because she’s just so damn cute. As a quick side note, she is still available at Hobby Search if you go there right now for $81.   As for November 4th at least, please no hate mail if she isn’t available when you try later.

So as you can see from the title she is made from Kotobukiya, while they are not my FAVORITE creator of figurines they are definitely high up there because we do have quite a few of them.  So a little bit about this figurine, she was released in late October she’s from the anime Shinryaku! Ika Musume, she is roughly 220mm’s tall and she is 1/8th scale.


A little about the anime first for all of you who have not seen it; It really is an ultra kawaii/moe anime about this girl who is from the sea, she plans on world domination because all the humans on earth keep littering into the sea callously.  When she comes out she realizes that she doesn’t really have as much motivation as she thought as all of her cleverly devised plans fail one after another.  The anime is really episodic and nonsensical at times.  It’s a great anime for just having a laugh if you aren’t looking for something in depth.

Enough about that, the figurine is great. There is so many things right out of the box that I loved about it.  First I should point out if any of you do buy it, make sure when you are unpackaging it you have some patience.  Every single one of her tentacles is wrapped up in plastic, sticky one sided plastic.  It took me at least 5-10 minutes to actually get them all off but who can blame careful packaging right?  As I have said before in other reviews I am not a huge fan of the peg holding up things but in this one it works out sort of I guess?  There have been 2 maybe 3 other Ika Musume figurines that I have passed up on ONLY because the first one came out so fast that I knew there was going to be more, so I sat and waited patiently for the one I wanted to come out.

Finally this one came out, I showed it to my wife and we were sold.  The face just captures her free spirit so well; there is another pose of her with the starry eyes and a spoon because you know she about to eat some shrimp.  Ugh I really can’t get enough of this figurine, it just makes me smile seeing it, it’s one of those. Her character reminds me of Index from the anime A Certain Magical Index.  The way that she is set up on the blue pole is interesting.  It honestly took me a little bit to figure it out even though I knew what I was looking for, then suddenly it just slid into place, it was perfect.  I was VERY concerned about how she could just fall off because all of those tentacles and the way the arm is in the air they would surly snap if it was dropped.  However it passed the wiggle test so I was happy with the way it set up.

Getting into the finer details of the figurine, there is one portion of it that does bother me a little bit.  The back of the head the way the tentacles come out just seems to be a little bit sloppy.  I cannot say if this is the case for all of the figurines but for me it just seemed to lack the little bit of extra care that you normally get from GSC.  Other than that, the way the tentacles are moving around her, the look on her face, even the way she’s jumping into the air.  They captured her character better than most figurines in our collection.  She’s very eccentric and outgoing like I said, it’s hard for me to look at this figurine without cracking a huge grin on my face.  It helps that she is a very loli type character and my wife will be the first one to tell you that I love all of them.

Let’s talk about the base a little bit more, I should point out that from most of the pictures I have seen online the base is different.  It is not just a peg and a clear base which honestly I was not expecting to get anyways.  It is a dark blue base with her circle tentacle symbol and a thick blue pole that goes up with a butt rest.  Yes, that’s how the figurine rests on that, there is no peg; it is just like she is sitting on a chair that’s molded for her ass.  It does wedge in on her skirt as well and that’s what really makes it stay in there.  I should note that this is not something that I have seen in any of our collection before but I’m sure it has been done, in this situation it does work very well.


I should apologize I know I rambled on more about the character and the show then I did for the figurine, to be perfectly honest there really is not a heck of a lot to say about it.  The character is a snapshot right out of the show and without seeing the show you really won’t be able to connect with it on the same level.  There is very little bad about this figurine but the uniqueness of having a squid girl in your collection coupled with the base really does set this one out from the others.  I would not say it’s a must buy but it is definitely the best of her series I have seen so far.  I would give this figurine an 82%.

Thanks as always to those of you who read our reviews, if you have any suggestions or comments, as always, place them underneath. If you have not seen this anime and you are looking for something fun to watch, it is available on DVD I would definitely recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “Ika Musume Kotobukiya Ver 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Oh my she’s adorable, she had the same sculptor as my Suzu ^^
    Her face is just lovely and the active pose is funny.
    I also love her white dress with this dynamic flow.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t like the show because everybody was mean torwards
    Ika Musume, after 2 episodes I couldn’t stand it anymore 😀

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