Lucky Star – Izumi Konata & Kanata – Wave PVC Figure

This week is going to be a double feature review of one of my favorite figurines, Kanata and Konata from the anime Lucky Star.  This figurine was made by Wave, as was a lot of the Lucky Star figurines.  I got this figurine… or i should say this combi-pack of figurines from a good friend of mine Micheal.  He was down in the USA and sent me a random text saying he was in a figurine store and it made him think of me.  He asked if I would like him to get one for me, of course the answer was yes, he took a few pictures of them and I froze the instant I saw Kanata/Konata.  It was expensive,I believe it cost me $130 CAD.  I suppose that is not that bad for 2 figurines however they are so small.

These figurines, as I said, are quite small, Konata is 14 cm tall and Kanata is 14.5 cm tall.  They have small frail bodies which is to be expected if you have seen the show.  There is just something about these figurines that made them pop to me.  Not just the fact that Konata is very VERY close to being my all time favorite anime character ever but just the way they were captured.

Konata is holding a little doll of Akira <or at least that’s how I always have her> bending over wearing her tiny shorts just looking goddamn adorable.  The way they have her long hair going out in an almost action pose just adds to the effect of the figurine.  Meanwhile Kanata whom you see very little of in the anime, because she is dead, is standing in a solemn but happy pose which again is befitting what little you do see of her.

I will get down to the brass tax with these figurines.  On the overall scale of figurines we own, these ones are far from special.  They have very boring an uninspiring bases, I dislike how small they are even though it is done to scale and it just seems like some of the work on the hair is sub-par.  They did get the important parts of the figurines correct such as the facial expressions and even the subtle mannerisms but that’s about as far as it goes.  Some of the details on the dress of Kanata is lacking, it seems like it was more painted on in the shoulders then being actual clothing.  The detail work on the fingers leaves a little bit to be desired but I would not call it BAD by any means.

Another gripe I have with them and this again has to do with the base, is the fact that they are screwed onto the bases.  I definitely dislike that method of connecting a figurine, its just too permanent.  Konata’s hair antenna looks like they drilled a hole into her hair and then just put a piece of hair in there, you can clearly see the edges all around it, most of the time in figurines, these are part of the hair fully, its disappointing to see such a key feature done so poorly. Her left arm does come off so you can swap out the dolls but the connection is a little poor, its hidden very well by her hair but its still not very flush at all.

While it does seem like I have a lot of complaints about these figurines, again I should stress, if you are a fan of lucky star like me, its VERY easy to look past all of these things.  Wave has not been very high on the list of quality figurine manufacturing to me.  Not to say they are bad, just to say they do not do things the same way or as well as lets say Good Smile.

To close this off, I do want to say, they did nail all of the important points of the figurines, from a distance they look great, most of the things I noticed you would not notice unless you yourself owned a lot of figurines and you have held them up close.  If you are a lucky star fan these are a must own, the characters just look so lively and there just is not many other figurines.  There is the 1/4th scale ones done by… I want to say Freeing? But personally I dislike those figurines… There is also the beach version, which we do own but I chose to review these ones first because I owned then first.

So while not great figurines, they are definitely good, I would rank these a 72%.  A low ranking for sure but I have to take a objective view when I look at these.  When I first started I thought these would be in the high 90’s but as I look at them and remember all the small flaws I can’t help but dock point after point.  What do you guys think of these figurines? Would you get them if you weren’t in love with the show? I know there is a love hate relationship with Lucky Star so I’m honestly curious <my wife hates the show>

To see more pictures of these figures visit the Gallery!

5 thoughts on “Lucky Star – Izumi Konata & Kanata – Wave PVC Figure

  1. I remember when I first saw these, that I was really excited for them. Then I saw the price along with the scale (or lack thereof – I still refuse to acknowledge something so small as being ‘scaled’ )… and I never got them. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually bought any figures by Wave, now that I think of it, too. There are a couple older ones I’d like to have by them, but since they started doing the ‘Beach Queens’, I’ve just disliked them as a company more and more. It seems like they’ve stopped trying.

    But I digress – I’m a decently big fan of Lucky Star, I LOVE the series, but I could never get myself to actually buy these two (despite that, I believe, being one of the only figures ever made of Kanata? ) because of the price, size, and quality. For that size, I think posables are a better choice.

  2. Yeah, if i was not a huge figurine collector myself i would never of gotten them, however since i love lucky star and i was honestly waiting years for good ones to come out i had to get them.

    I agree with that whole beach queen bullshit too, i have almost fully officially stopped getting any beach queens… I did buy the Hiragi Kagami and Konata Beach queen figurine, i actually do like thos a lot <_ <.. mostly because they go together so well, the price on them was cheap too.

  3. Hi there you have really nice page design.

    These two are damn cute, their faces are very well sculpted. Maybe I slightly prefer Konata’s face, but her mum is also pretty in her light dress.
    I know about Wave’s quality, but as long as their figures look cute, I don’t really mind.I actually like the base design with the wood texture, it shows a good tropical flair.

    I was no fan of Konata most of the time, but I enjoyed Lucky Star.

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