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As I have said many times before, Code Geass is probably one of my all time favourite animes, I can’t say that I am much for mecha but I definitely do not hate mecha.  Just the character development and flow of the anime drew me in.  Plus the animes ability to off anyone and everyone which will keep you guessing.  You never have that blanket of security like you do in a lot of big name animes knowing that X character will never die because he or she is too important.

Anyways, this figurine I purchased off EBay some time ago, I saw pictures of it, in fact I believe it was as article on Sankucomplex that I first saw this because my wife and I sadly do not have our fingers near the pulse of the figurine community, at least not back then.  I instantly knew that I had to have this, I was currently on a Code Geass kick which really is what started it off.  I can’t remember how much I paid for it but I think it was around the $250 range.  I wanted to make sure that it was not a bootleg as this is a popular bootleg item.  I suppose that there really is no 100% sure way to know this is the legit item as stickers can be copied, however I am relatively sure after doing some internet searching.

All that aside, lets talk about the figurine.  When I first got it, it was the gem of my collection, as time goes on and we collect more figurines, I personally lose more and more interest in it.  I can honestly say its one of the best C.C figurines I have personally seen however.  There is a lot of good on this figurine so lets get started with that.  First of all the pose, very seductive and sexy, C.C never really came off to me as a sex symbol in the anime, probably because she has large breasts, but this is a sexy figurine.  I love her tight and small shorts and her tight shirt which is very form fitting.  The cloak or jacket she is wearing is a nice contrast to her as well.  Her midsection is moulded well, it looks very shapely and nice.

The way they did her hair and her head is a little off-putting.  I have read online that Banpresto has had poor quality on some of their figurines in the sculpting and in the paint job and I can personally see why they would say that.  The figurine from 2-3 meters away looks perfect, its a striking figurine but since we have started this review site and I have been forced to look closer at all the figurines we own, I do notice a lot of things.

So lets talk about her head.  Ugh I swear I need to get better lighting where I type these up, I’m always straining… anyways.  The color and texture of the hair is great, I love the way its done, the paint job I have no complaints about.  However the way the hair is put together is a little odd.  Of course you have your normal seam on the head but it also has 3 other parts where more hair is added, it doesn’t look like it was a continuous mould.  The nose mouth and eyes are all fine on the face but there is a bit of a space very very tiny on where the head connects to the rest of the figurine.  Since it’s very difficult to see, in fact I never noticed it until now I can’t say its really an issue though.

I suppose that’s really all the bad things I have to say about this figurine, again from a distance, a striking figurine and a great addition to any collection.  The price on this is considered to be high even from the retail standpoint, whereas I dropped like I said, roughly $250 on it.  I always wanted to have a good CC figurine and I just could not find any good ones so i was willing to drop the extra cash to have one i was happy with.  With the stat of our collection now, I probably would not of purchased this.  I would be happier with a resin kit and just pay someone to paint it and build it for me then with this one.

All in all, a good addition to our collection, I cant think of any figurines I have that I wouldn’t WANT to have, except maybe one… or two… I’ll give this figurine a 74%.  I feel that the painting on it was done well, i think that the sculpting was pretty lacking however.  They could of done a better job, they had a perfect idea but the execution suffered and the fine details on the figurine show it.  I would not recommend purchasing this figurine for anything over 100 bucks.

What is your favorite C.C. figure? Which one do you own? As per usual we would love to hear your comments on this figure!

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8 thoughts on “Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch – C.C. – Ichiban Kuji Premium – Banpresto

  1. CC really has some nice figures, lots from Banpresto too. Sadly that makes them an expensive endevour to acquire them.

    I like the pose on this figure it makes me think of CC’s teasing personality.

    As for my favorite CC figure I think it has to be the wedding dress version or the Alpha Omega one.

    Still I’m surprised you braved ebay to buy this figure since I find ebay both too risky because of bootlegs and too expensive mark ups. I usually just hit MFC and Mandrake Online.

    1. I don’t know what one of my favorite ones of her would be. I really do like this figure. But the Code Geass in Wonderland ones are really awesome too.

      We are very careful with our Ebay buying. Generally the bootlegged ones are to cheap to be true.

      I have never heard of or been to Mandrake Online though! But we purchased our Triumphant Saber through MFC.

  2. Oh this is one of the figures on my wishlist, really nice. Delicious pizza-butt. But man $250 is a little steep for me haha. I really like the shapeliness of the hips and the nicely sculpted belly button.

    She’s one of my favorite C.C. figures. It’s probably between this one and the Code Geass in Wonderland Gothic Lolita version for my favorite. Though I only really have the swimsuit one that makes a pair with Karen.

    1. ahahahaha! Pizza butt! Bloodfrost is disappointed now that he didn’t mention anything about her having such a nice body even with her pizza diet. Though I agree I do love the Code Geass in Wonderland CC. Actually I love the entire set… I wish we had them all. haha Nunnaly is so cute!

  3. Lol I’m liking Code Geass in the same direction as you. I don’t really like mecha but I don’t hate them. I like Code Geass not because of the mecha but because of the characters and the strategic battles.

    And paying for $200+ for it seems to be a bit too pricy indeed, when that money can be used to purchase the Saber Motorbike figure ;D (One I REALLY want but lacking monies atm)

    1. Truthfully i sat there for a good 30 min looking at that saber figurine debating whether or not i should pre-order it or not. I asked my wife she said naw, so i let it go, then i sat on it for a bit… asked a few of my friends who SORTA like anime but arnt into figurines and almost all of them were like “you better of pre-ordered that dude”. So here we are, its pre-ordered, when i get it, it will be reviewed for sure.

    1. Hey Rumiel! With this figure in particular, you would have to keep in mind that she was a Banpresto Ichiban Kuji prize figure. So the only way to get her would have been to enter the lottery and win her, or to buy her from someone who won. If your father had purchased her from someone, they could have won her. But she could also be a bootleg. Things to look for would be how much he paid. I cannot see anyone selling her for under $200 at this point. We paid just over that when we purchased her. Bootlegs, generally, can be sold for cheap because they use a resin plastic instead of PVC. This also means she would be shiny or glossy if she is a bootleg. C.C’s skin should be matte, and not shiny at all. A lot of bootlegs are also poorly made, so if your father’s C.C. has a different base then I show in the photos, she would be a bootleg. People who make bootlegs also don’t always make them properly so if her head doesn’t come off or if jacket doesn’t come off. That would mean she is bootleg.

      I hope this helps, and I hope your father’s figure isn’t a bootleg.

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