Fullmetal Alchemist – Edward Elric – Megahouse 1/8th scale PVC Figure – GEM Series

Fullmetal Alchemist, I gotta say, probably one of the most well known animes out there short of something like DragonBall Z or Naruto or Bleach or all those other shounen animes.   The first adaptation of the manga in to anime I was a fan of, I thought it was done well and I was completely ignorant of any other version of this show.  Then Brotherhood came out and knocked my socks off, I loved it so much.  As I am sure any of our followers know, we do not collect many male figurines, mostly because there just is not many out there…. Welcome to the exception to the rule.

Edward Elric would not be my favourite character in the series however he would be top 3 that’s for sure, I will try to keep this review as heterosexual as possible.  The figurine itself we purchased from our favourite people in the world, Hobby Search.  Its currently listed for 78.81 USD and it ACTUALLY is still in stock if you are interested at this point . Buy it here! The figurine is 1/8th scale even though it is not a nendroid *snicker* oh gawd Edward would kill me… Anyways =p it is 180 mm tall.

This is one of those rare circumstances when I feel that the pictures on the site where we purchased the figurine did not do it enough justice.  When I first saw it, I was excited to finally have what I felt would be a decent quality figurine of someone from FMA, then when I looked closer at it, I felt that it might not be as good as I thought it would be.  It was made by Megahouse and while they do make basically every figurine from One Piece I personally don’t feel that they make top quality figurines.  Boy was I surprised when we cracked this bad boy open last Friday.

First of all, I need to say, the base of this figurine looks great I just love how it has a transmutation circle in red and the base is solid black, red on black always looks good to me.  I’m scared I might not find some nitpicks on this figurine either, which is pretty rare for a Megahouse figurine I’m sad to say.  There is a few things in here that really blow this figurine out of the water for detail.

Lets go over it in more of a point form so my wife can take pictures accordingly.  First thing, the chain on his belt, LOVE it, its actually metal, anytime you see real metal used in a figurine, it’s always win.  Chains in figurines being real metal is pretty common but its just a nice touch.

The arm with his blade on it, it actually has a joint on it, you can actually move the arm up and down at the elbow joint, very very cool.  The detail on the arm as well is just excellent for Megahouse standards.

The ability to have a few additions to the figurine.  A lot of figurines will come with different poses and extra equipment to put on but for one as detailed as this? it sure does have a lot of extra additions to just change him up.

A one thing that I  initially though disappointed me, his face does come off but we were hesitant remove it because the hair seem appears to be so tight.  I actually forgot he had additional faces and was going to comment on the hair seam saying “yes it is present but its very flush and very tight”.  It wasn’t until my wife grabbed the box and I saw the other faces that I remembered, oh yeah, this face came come off, WOW that hair seam is tight.  But it actually came off quiet easily and the hair went back in place quiet snugly again. As well, we did have SOME issues with putting the jacket ripping off onto him, it wasn’t super hard to put up but it was a little challenging.  The angle you need to get the hand onto his arm was awkward.

This is an amazing figurine, I am very very VERY glad we picked this up, it really wasn’t a question of “are we gonna get this” it was more of a question of “how good is this really going to be”.  It does surprise me to see that Hobby Search still has some in stock, I can only assume its because its a male figurine but come on… you gotta have some diversity.  I’m going to give this figurine a 92%, again a must buy for any self respecting FMA fan.

With that said, here is an AMV from the series, probably one of my favorites.


As always, thanks for reading our reviews and visiting our site, if you guys got comments on this figurine as to why you did or didn’t’ buy it <why didn’t you buy it!!?!!> post them up, let us know.  Also if you got any ideas for us that can make our stuff better, again, let us know, we love hearing from you guys.

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3 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist – Edward Elric – Megahouse 1/8th scale PVC Figure – GEM Series

    1. Yes he is really awesome and I do love the base. But yes we are having space issues right now too…. hahaha we bought a new stand but we don’t really have anywhere to put it!! So we might put away a bunch of our One Piece figures… T_T We haven’t had to put away any figures yet so it makes me sad to think we might have too.

  1. I snagged this one a while back when Amiami had it on special for about $40! I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as some of the “higher end” figures, but I was quite impressed with what I got considering what I paid.

    Having interchangeable parts on these standing scale figures I do find to be occasionally tricky to insert, but I think it’s understandable since having obvious hinges or joints could potentially make it less appealing to look at. I’m curious about the other GEM figures now…I wonder if the Ao no Exorcist ones are also just as nice?

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