*NSFW* Jingai Makyo – Ignis – Yamato – Clear Version – PVC Figure

This is one of this figurines I bought before I even met my wife, I was in a phase where I would buy almost anything that I thought looked even decently good.  I don’t regret getting this figurine but its never been a favourite in my collection.  Personally I don’t even know what she is from or anything even remotely like that, didn’t care at the time haha.

Well this is Ignis which was created by Yamato.  It does not look like this one as rated with a scale ranking.  This figurine is so old in my collection that I don’t even have the box for it anymore, there was a VERY VERY small period of time when I did not keep my boxes, I think it was for 2 maybe 3 figurines.  I should say that the garage kit version of this is apparently 1/7.

Well lets be a little honest, I got a bit of a thing for tentacles, not enough to actually get some of those full on tentacle figurines that exist out there but enough that when I saw this one, I was like, Uzi? Sword? Damn this figurine is awesome.  It wasn’t until after I bought this and already had it that I realized that it was even cast off!  I never did take her cloths off, not really into the big tits anyways.

So lets talk about the figurine.  Like I said, not one of my favourite in my collection, could be because I’m easily not amused by a large breasted women like her but she is shapely so I can give her that.  She does have a cute face as well which helps.  I like the way her hair is but I can say that it feels a little odd and even LOOKS a little odd upon close inspection.  Touching it kind of lets you feel the odd texture, its almost like you can feel all the sparkles.

According to my wife <the real pervert> all of her cloths come off…. aaaand hmmm yes they apparently do, except for panties… ok extra points.  Lets see though, I can say that the painting on this is ok, there is areas where her skin tone is reddish a bit and that bothers me.  It just doesn’t seem to have a consistency to it at all in areas.

I can’t say that I am an expert on large breasted figurines but they do seem to be in proportion and well shaped.  Yup those tits are in the right spot.  ooook moving on.  The panties are nice, although it would be nice to see that they actually have strings coming off of it instead of part of the body but I suppose I am looking at her without her cloths on right now.

With that said, I should also point something out, her waist or … skirt… thing… it moves around WAY to much, even right now I can say that there is slight scuffing on the figurine due to how long I have had it.  I shall not be putting the cloths back on this figurine anytime soon, not because I’m a pervert but because I just don’t like seeing that rubbing, really bugs me.

Ahh the tentacle on this figurine is very VERY cool.  It is part of the base itself, so I can say this is one of the more unique bases I own.  You can see the bullet wounds on it as its trying to wrap itself around her leg, just all around done so well.  I love the addition of the teeth on the tentacle. Though she doesn’t really fit that nicely in the base. She does bounce around in it when you are handling the figurine.

There is some things on this figurine that really quickly drop it down in rating for me, the size of her head, the way her hair is, the way her skirt looks.  The material used for the cloths just seems, odd, its the same as the hair, its some semi-transparent material and its softer as well.  I don’t like the way they make the cloths cast off, its very hard to do.  I already mentioned the inconsistencies on the skin pigment.

Overall, I don’t regret getting this figurine, I think it makes a sharp piece in our collection.  I love the base, I enjoy how she is cast off, I like the weapons she’s using, the sword especially, the Uzi is meh.  The action pose as well its very welcomed.  However with all the negatives I really can’t give this a recommendation.  I’ll give this a 70% ranking, good enough for me to buy at the time, however if I had seen this figurine outside of pictures, I might of taken a pass at it.

Do you guys know much about this figurine? What did you think? Was I too hard on it? Let us know as usual we love hearing from you.  Thanks =D

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