Natsume Rin Nekobiyori – Little Busters – Kotobukiya – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well, its new figurine day over here at Nyaa Figurines, what new figurines do you all have today? My wife answered the door this morning maybe 1 hour ago and our shipment from Hobby Search just came in, just in time for me to choose one of the new figurines to review!  As I am sure you can tell from the title and picture, I choose to review Natsume Rin from Little Busters!  Being Nyaa Figurines, there is no way I could let any cat oriented figurine slip past our grubby little fingers! So without further adieu!

Alright lets get this going, I can honestly say that I have not seen the anime Little Busters but from my understanding that’s because there isn’t one.  I’m not one to look at a pretty face and not buy it regardless of what its from or what I know about it.  When I see a cute little girl sitting on a bench surrounded by cats, I’m already sold and I’m sure I can say the same for my wife.

Looking at the pictures for the pre-orders I can honestly say I was not expecting a lot from this figurine but when I opened it just an hour ago, I must say I was honestly surprised.  So many cats, none of them are attached to the base, they all come loose which increased my respect for this figurine instantly.  Its always so frustrating to see something like that when things get pegged onto the base or what not, its always better loose.  The detail on the cats themselves is great.  The coloring is excellent and MOST of them are solid pieces.  Unfortunately some of them are not solid pieces but honestly, from far enough away you would never notice.  Some of the cats do suffer from the flat sides like the white one on his back with his paws out but I suppose that’s necessary to let them lay flush.  Even with the flat back it still looks very well done.

Another unique yet somewhat boring addition to this figurine is the base.  Its not your typical run of the mill base, yet at the same time it sort of is?  It’s large and oval but it has a grass texture on it, its not your typical textured base however.  It does have real texture like its furry but it makes it look like grass if it was to scale.  By itself, it does not look special however I could of seen this figurine coming with just the bench and the cats to be on the floor so its a great touch, nice work guys. Though it does shed, you might say, if you handle it to much. Such as moving it around during a photo shoot.

Lets talk about the figurine it self, she’s definitely cute, TOTALLY my type ;).  This is how I met my wife, she was sitting in a park surrounded by cats playing with them. <or lets at least just say that’s how I met her>.  While I do not know much about Little Busters! I will assume that she is wearing a school uniform, she has a cute look on her face like someone caught her playing with the cats and she’s embarrassed, totally adorable.  I love how the figurine is interacting with the cats via the cat toy she’s holding with the one reaching up to grab it.  That cat on her head? you will NEVER have to worry about it falling off but it didn’t do something so degrading as to peg it on or glue it on, it actually has a magnet embedded into it.  I have seen this done in some figurines and I am definitely a fan.

The figurines eyes are almost soul trapping, they are red and she almost seems like a vampire, however it doesn’t appear that’s the case, reading on this character she seems like the one I would love the most from the series.  I love the shoes she’s wearing, they seem cute the way they are done just how normal they are and i love her hair.

So if you have read all of my reviews at this point you would be saying “ok ok ok so it’s good but what’s BAD about the figurine?”.  Well lets see, lets turn on the nit pick… Lol dammit I started looking closer and was playing with the cat on her head and got all distracted! Lets seeeee….  The underside of her skirt does seem a little odd and the sculpting on the shoes is a LITTLE off.  Shit I’m having a really hard time here guys.  I was going to say right out of the box that having a figurine sitting on something leads to rubbing but it comes with a little plastic thing that goes under her so the figurine is not REALLY touching the bench…  This figurines got it all covered… Even the cat on her head covers the hair seam, which, for all intensive purposes, is PRETTY good on this figurine.

Well, all said and done, this honestly might become one of my favourite figurines in my collection, its very well done, I cannot find any flaws <on mine> to complain about.  The setting is done well, there is just enough cats to complete it, any more or any less and it would feel too lonely or too crowded.  The facial expression is perfect, the magnet cat on the head! This figurine is a winner people, if you did not get this figurine you missed out.  I’m going to give this figurine a 95%.

Let us know what you think of everything, we seriously do love to hear from you guys, do you think I missed something on this figurine? Anything good or bad?  Have you played Little Busters!?  Should i be playing Little Busters!?  Thanks for reading our reviews, we really do appreciate it.

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery!

Dinara> And for fun because Rin is apparently a person whom cats flock to, we took some pictures with our cats. Unfortunately cats are not the type to stay still forvery long so we didn’t get very good shots. Either way be amused.

Our tabby Alucard is having a stare down with Rin.

Bane is smelling that good old PVC smell.

Coco is not impressed, she likes to be the star of the show.

Oh nope wait a second, another little thing here, this figurine has excited me a lot so I’m going to make sure everyone knows about it at least for a little bit. If you are a Code Geass fan Suzaku finally has a figurine coming out that looks good and is available now over at our friends Hobby Search. It opened up for reservation today <Dec 2nd> So if you are like my wife and I, waiting patiently for what seems forever for a Suzaku figurine… there you go.

Here is an awesome Code Geass AMV to go with this Suzaku figure. Be warned it has spoilers for the anime.


4 thoughts on “Natsume Rin Nekobiyori – Little Busters – Kotobukiya – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I got this figure myself too and it sure is awesome indeed!^^ The cats, the grassy field.. not a single complain! ;D Nice review btw, and love the few last pics with the cats ;D

    1. Heh yeah, normally i can almost always find at least a few things i dislike about them, i was worried i was just a little caught up in it because its new and of course i love all my new figurines, we also got Edward Elric in with this shipment, i will prolly do him next. Thanks for the comment 😉

  2. A Magnet for the cat in the head and that chair floating thing, Genius!

    She comes with a lot of cool stuff, and a lot of cats too. And then you guys add more cats to the already cat filled figure! Good thing I’m not allergic!

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