To Aru Majutsu no Index – Kanzaki Kaori – Chara-Ani -1/8 PVC Figure

To Aru Majutsu no Index was when it first came out, an instant hit for me.  I loved all of the characters in the original season and I have figurines of pretty much all of them.  There is a lot of figurines for this series and we aimed to have one for each of the main characters.  Again this is from Index not Railgun.  I did not have a huge issue with Railgun but I personally did not like it nearly as much as the first season.

So this figurine, Kanzaki Kaori, as you can see she is a larger breasted female which pretty much makes her a figurine I am not perfectly fond of.  However I did feel the need to purchase her so I could complete my set, so to speak.  We purchased this figurine locally from Animodeling Zone.  We saw it at their store several times and once we went there and saw nothing else to buy, we picked it up.  We sort of made it a “thing” where we would never visit those guys without purchasing something.

Appearances aside, this is a decent figurine, it stands out from the other figurines in our collection because it is not “fan service”.  which with mixed opinions I will say is a nice thing.  I do enjoy a lot of the fan service figurines out there as we have many in our collection however before we purchase that type, we always tend to have a serious one first.  This one falls under that category.  If I did see a more fan service Kanzaki Kaori figure, chances are good I would not purchase it…. unless it was exceptional however.

So onto the figurine.  I do have a few things that irk me right off the start with it.  Just looking at the hilt of the sword u can see where it bends downward and then goes back upward.  At first I thought that maybe it was just the angle i was looking at it but u can clearly see the cloth weaving on the hilt is deformed around her hand… very very poor job there.  A few other things as well, the belt on the naked part of her leg is physically molded in there, its not loose.  The boots are shiny and appear to be made from another type of plastic material.  The figurine itself is screwed or possibly glued as I cannot see any screws into the base.  The face also seems empty and void of life which is the opposite of some of the great figurines.  It just does not seem very life-like.

I will say the sculpting on her is done very well, there is little to no flaws around her but it seems like she is just a very bland figure.   The belly area is nice, the leg area is nice and the way her hands are positioned on the sword is all very good.  The hair, it seems like its blocky but for some reason I actually kind of like the way it was done, sometimes I get a little sick of drawing blood from accidentally stabbing myself with a figurines hair.

So all in all, I really do not have a lot of good things to say about this figurine.  We purchased it because I wanted to own all of the released main characters from the first series and I can say that I do.  If I wanted to, I could have them all on the same shelf and have an index shelf and that’s what really mattered to me at the time.  By no means is this a “bad” figurine, I don’t honestly feel that such a thing exists at least in our collection but this is on the lower end of the spectrum.  The sculpting is great, she does look very nice even up close, its really only when holding her that you notice a few things about it that just seem “cheap” to me.  The sword thing is really the sinker for this figurine, it could pass with a good review from me if it was not for that.  With that said, this is going to get a 65%, I would not recommend this figurine unless you were a die hard fan of the series or for completion sake.

A nice figurine to look at until you notice a few of the flaws.  What do you guys think of this figurine? Was I too hard on it? it really is not that bad it’s just hard to rate it high when you have so many gems in your collection, thanks for the read guys.

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2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index – Kanzaki Kaori – Chara-Ani -1/8 PVC Figure

  1. That’s a first, pretty much all people I heard of liked Railgun over Index. When it comes to the anime I like Index more than Railgun. Over all though, my vote goes to the Railgun manga, which differes a bit from the anime, so good.

    As for the figure, I’m not sure what to think of it. It almost looks like a gatchapon figure. Sorry Kanzaki but I would pass on you.

    1. It mostly comes from the fact that index is my favorite character… misaka is my second favorite but it just seemed like there was more story and less fan service in index vs railgun. Not that i dont appreciate it, it just seems like Index gave me BOTH of what i wanted, while railgun only gave me one thing i wanted…

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