*NSFW* Queen’s Blade – Alleyne – Mega House – 1/8 PVC Figure

Queen’s Blade was an anime that I could never force myself through. I watched like one and a half episodes, but I just couldn’t do it. No matter how much my husband is certain that I am a ecchi wife that likes sexy girls, I couldn’t get myself through it. Freezing was hard enough, but there’s just to much tits and ass for me to sit through Queen’s Blade. Though as I say this, here we are with the elven  “Fighting Master” Alleyne… and I own  Captain Liliana… and have Alice the Designer color ver on order… and I really want the Queen’s Gate version of Moetan’s Pastel Ink… and the Steel Staff version of Ymir… but no I swear I’m not like that!

Anyways getting down to business… Alleyne was actually my first cast off ecchi figure that I bought. She came to us from our local figurine shop Animodelling Zone in downtown Calgary. I don’t really remember how much we paid for her, I believe it was about $100.  I fell in love with her right away! First off she’s an elf, I love elves they are awesome. Her long pointy ears and her long ash blonde hair, she was just to awesome for me to pass her up. She is a 1/8th scale PVC figure from Megahouse. She was originally released in September of 2009, we got her about a year later I will guesstimate. She does have a 2nd color version of which she has a red and white outfit with white hair that was released in 2010, but I didn’t like it as much as the original.


Now let’s get right into the figure itself. It is Megahouse, so it’s not amazing quality like Good Smile, but I believe they did a really great job on her. Her paint job is really well done, the shiny semi-metallic paint used in the red of her cloak is a nice touch. The details in the shadows really help show the movement in her cloak. The trim on her cloak and clothes were well painted, along with her belt . Everything was painted smoothly. Even her thong is painted very well, which the except of the very back piece that sits on her tail bone, the one small side isn’t painted. Something that you wouldn’t see unless you were seriously inspecting her like I am, and not to mention her skirt does have to be off to even see it.

The one part of this figure that I am most impressed with is her spear. The metal ends of her spear are extremely detailed. You can actually feel and see the gashes in it. You can see that she has fought many battles with it, making it very realistic. I haven’t seen many weapons on figurines that show wear and tear. At least I do not believe any of our Saber’s have damage weapons…. can Excalibur be damaged?… anyways point being, it’s well done. Great paint job and details on her spear gives this figure good points in my book.

Now of course, this is a Queen’s Blade figure after all, you can take her clothes off. Thankfully she is a very easy figure to do this with. I was actually going to review our Super Sonico figure but I couldn’t get her left arm off to save my life without taking off the armband piece with it… which from what I have seen will break the figure… anyways getting back to Alleyne here. To take off her cloak, shirt, and even collar you need to pull off her head. Oh noes! Her arms do not come off, you can slide her head off to the left after a few wiggles. From here you can take off her cloak, and collar if you want. Her shirt has a seam on her right side. It is a very well done seam, it stays stuck together and isn’t to noticeable.


From there you can open the seam and slide the top over her boobs and off from her neck. Now off course you are presented with Alleyne’s perky elven boobies. They are quiet well done in my opinion. They actually have nipples and they look like they are in a pretty natural position. I have seen some figures with boobs flying off into space, so I am glad they aren’t overly perky. I am a girl, I know how boobs are suppose to hang off your chest. Mind you if I was an anime character I wouldn’t qualify to be in Queen’s Blade, maybe Queen’s Gate those girls are more along the line of DFC like me.


Moving on to her skirt, it is also easy to take off.  Is it even a skirt? I think we should call it loincloth. I think that is a more accurate description… so to take off her loincloth you can pull off the belt buckle. It comes completely off allow the loincloth to separate and you can turn it around her hips to slide it off. Now her thong is pretty well done. Compared to other figures, it is actually sculpted in. It’s not merely painted on you can actually feel the straps on her thong. That small detail really helps sell this figure.


Her hair and face are also very well done. I like the detail in the braid, and how her hair is knotted at the end instead of a hair band is accurate to the photos I have see of her. Her eyes are very well painted. Giving her a nice serious look to match her her hair seam is hidden nicely by her beret.


Now here we come to what I hate the most about this figure, hands down, the beret. Now don’t get me wrong it is well sculpted, well painted, and even shaped to fit on her head nicely. But Alleyne’s head is at an angle. It’s tilted to the left and you so as much breath on the figure and the hat will fall off. I lost her hat like six times when I first took her out of the box and was trying to find a place for her on our shelves. Every time I move her or try to show her to people it will fall off. And I am sure as I take pictures of her it will fall off… it is an terrible thing to not have her hat secured onto her head with a magnet like Hiyori Pixy or Natsume Rin. It would make life so much easier as a figure collector if all hats had magnets in them.


As for sculpting I would like to point out they did a really good job with making Alleyne sexy. Not just the fact that you can take her clothes off and she wearing a thong. The pose of her with an arm up and her hip out to accentuate her curves, her ass is well done and her mid section is very well detailed. I would like to admit she has a pretty cute belly button too. I like how her collar bone and hips are both visible, but they are not protruding out terribly like some skeleton.


Moving on, her base isn’t anything special. It is clear with the Queen’s Blade logo on it. Nothing fancy in the slightest, just a circular base. Though I would like to point out they did a great job with securing her to the base. She two pegs in the flat shoe and one in the other. They keep her in the base very well and she is not loose in the slightest. She is very well balanced and doesn’t lean at all.


All in all, Alleyne in my opinion is a well done figure. The only things I would have wished different would be the hat and the base. I give her an 83%. I really like her a a figure even though I know never watched far enough into the show to know anything about her. So tell me what you guys think! Have you watched the show and if so do you still like this figure of Alleyne? We always love to hear from you guys.

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One thought on “*NSFW* Queen’s Blade – Alleyne – Mega House – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. She’s certainly a Queen’s blade character, having sucha shapely body and all. I really like her belly button, it has . I also love her waist and hips, contrast between the two makes for a very attractive hourglass figure.

    It’s a shame about the hat. Magnets are always a great idea but just making the hat mold to the figure’s hair seems to work for the figures I have. I also think her neck looks a little too long without her clothes on.

    I recently saw the Queen’s Blade Rebellion OVA in which she appears and it I liked her character. She’s a little tsun tsun which I didn’t expect haha. I think I liked her character more than Annelotte, the main character. But I like how Anne looks more in the end.

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