Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – Max Factory – Tony Version – 1/7 PVC Figurine

Hatsune Miku, almost a household name, I’m sure I could go to my dad right now and ask him if he’s heard of it and he might even know it…. Who are we kidding there’s no way he would know but you get the point at least.  One of her current songs even made No.1 on the iTunes list.  She is everywhere and for this, I hate her.  I am a contrarian by nature, anything that’s massively popular without even trying I will start to loath it.  However for some reason Miku is almost immune to this effect for me.

This figurine, the second I saw it, I knew I had to have it, I ran it past the wife and got a resounding no, which was expected because while I say I hate Miku, she ACTUALLY DOES hate Miku.  I don’t have a huge problem with her, I like some of her songs, I just generally enjoy seeing a cute anime character all the time even in US car commercials and such. I enjoy seeing that a character like this just going mainstream.

So this is a 1/7th scale version of Miku that was illustrated by Tony Taka and scuplted by Chieri.  I should say that I love the work.  This figurine grabbed my eye instantly, I dont normally think of Miku as sexy, which is odd for me because im totally into the flat chested anime girls but this… this was another level for me.  There is a lot of things on this figurine that annoy me but and I should put this plainly, I just love her chest on this.  She clearly is not wearing a bra in this figurine and I just think its sexy.

So lets talk about the good, first the tits, love them, not too big not too small, just perfect, excellent work people EXCELLENT WORK EVERYONE.  I love her colours of her shirt, it just seems, crisp, normally you don’t see this type of paint used on a figurine for cloths so I just think it pops.  Her hands and flesh tone is perfect, she just seems to flow.  The face is magical as is all figurines that’s done by Max Factory and Good Smile, I cant compliment it enough.

Now lets talk about a few of the short comings.  The biggest one is her stance, I personally HATE how much she is twisting around, it just looks unnatural.  I don’t think someone could be able to turn that much without actually pulling something.  I should also mention this as it is a HUGE pet peeve to me and honestly SHOCKING coming from a Max Factory figurine.  The base and the way she connects is not very good.  Until almost 10 min before I started writing this review me and my wife had her in incorrectly.  It turns out that her left leg is in the obvious peg which DOESNT hold her quit well but there is also a secret small peg that her right leg goes into.  Without this peg, she is USELESS, you cannot even touch this figurine without her falling over.  Also the way her hair is just not done well, personally can’t think of any other way to have it done.

Back to the good though, she has nice hips and her body is very sexy, I love how you can see her panties just looking straight at her.  I love her tie, I think its so adorable, I love a girl in a tie its so damn cute.  I honestly cannot say that I have seen a figurine with some things that are just nailed so damn good and failed on so many other things.  Example, her hair, its excellent, its not painted its just the colour of the plastic used which is awesome, then its suspended in the air by clear plastic poles and connects to her hair in an awkward way.  Then her body, its so sexy and the painting on the cloths is so awesome, then they have her bent into an awkward turn which makes he look really strange.  Then the base, its a nice base, it looks cool its uniquely shaped but the figurine just doesn’tt fit in the base as you would have a normal one.

This figurine is an enigma wrapped in a paradox for me, I really do love some parts of it and hate some parts of it.  Never have I had a figurine I enjoyed so much have some things that annoyed me to this level, its really frustrating even writing this review about her.  Oh well, lets wrap this up and just look at some more pictures of her that my wife takes.  I’m going to give this figurine an 80%.  Its hard to hate it but its hard to love it as well, the KEY points of a figurine though, it really does get the job done.  I cant give it really bad marks for the base because you shouldn’t be moving them anyways and once its SET UP perfectly, the only real complaint I can have is the twist in her body.

Personally if you’re a Miku lover, I’m sure you already have this figurine as its one of the better ones in my mind.  I always wanted to get a Miku figurine and this is the one we got, I don’t regret that decision and I honestly don’t think we will get another.  There was a REALLY cute Miku figurine that even my wife wanted to get that we passed on because we already have her.  Until Max Factory or Good Smile re-do her again, I don’ t for see another one.  Thanks for reading the review as always, if you want please comment let me know what you think of the fig, let me know if you own it and if you have the same issues with it I do.

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7 thoughts on “Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – Max Factory – Tony Version – 1/7 PVC Figurine

  1. haha don’t be so picky with this darling XD

    I haven’t bought her, but from what I’ve seen in many reviews I think she is just enchanting, I like nearly everything about her, the hair, the pose and especially the face is very well done ^_^. Only the pegs and rods to keep her in place, look a bit like a less-than-ideal solution 🙁

    If you ever grow tired of her, just let me know, I will take her for a good price :p

    “I am a contrarian by nature, anything that’s massively popular without even trying I will start to loath it.” Really!? Im the same sometimes =)

    1. See… for me… I cannot say truly why I despise Miku so much. Maybe it is because she is to popular? Maybe because when I go conventions there is 16million Vocaloid cosplays… I do not hate this figure. But I do not like her. I am very neutral to her. The only one I love, and can say I love is this one

      I do have to say though. She was a pain to shoot. She would fall over often even with her in properly.

      1. I also hate her and I think it may be for the same reasons. When I think of her I am reminded of a couple different girls from Otafest that were…less than physically qualified to wear the outfit and the bellies fell out of the top in a grotesque way.

  2. I haven’t seen any figures that have such an extreme pose such as this. It’s no wonder the base is a little awkward. From some angles it almost looks like her leg is broken haha.

    I like her hips like you said. Really sexy. Her hair also looks really well done, for such a complex turn and to have so many strands and perfectly molded too. Very nice.

  3. I can’t say I really love or hate Miku. I like her character design well enough, but I could care less about her songs, videos, status as an idol, etc.

    With this figure, I feel sort of ambivalent in that I’m a big fan of Tony’s work, but I think the original illustration on which the figure was based isn’t his best work. The pose is awkward, as you point out, and Tony’s style doesn’t translate particularly well to PVC.

    I find it interesting that Miku almost always wears shimapan in fan artwork and yet figure manufacturers never seem to equip their Mikus with stripes. I have Volks’ Miku and she wears plain white just like this one.

  4. I wanted to like this figure. Tony Taka + Miku + Max Factory should have been amazing. But the awkwardness of that pose killed it for me. Even then, when I saw her painted and on Mikatan’s blog, it was close. But I’m glad I passed on it after hearing about the balance issues. She still looks nice though.
    And please, Tony Taka and Max Factory, don’t screw up Luka for me. I’ve been waiting for a good Luka figure for forever, you guys need to pull through for me.

  5. I usually do not fawn at Miku figures like mos people do, rarely I will like one but not be head over heels. This Miku is not one them, I had issues with the source illustration as it was, I’m happy that the figure corrected some of the proportion and perspective issues I had with the illustration.

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