Dark Magician Girl – Yu-Gi-Oh – Kotobukiya – 1/7 PVC Figure

Omg I’m so tired, my wife sat there poking and prodding me for I think 15 min before I finally started writing this review.  As I’m sure you can all tell from the pictures before you even start reading this, this is Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh.  Sadly, I am told that this anime is actually half decent; however I only watched the butchered 4kids version when I was growing up.  Some of the stuff my wife tells me about the original versus the 4kids version makes me laugh pretty damn hard.


So Dark Magician Girl, this figurine was brought to us by Kotobukiya, I generally love most of their figurines they are high up there for me, standards wise that is.  We got this figurine in our recent shipment of 5 freaking figurines from Hobby Search.  This one set us back a smooth 80 USD.  It was totally worth it, I was stoked to get my hands on this figurine.  We almost had someone sell us theirs from one of our other sites that we frequent.


This figurine basically radiates adorableness; this character almost belongs as a loli as far as I am concerned, she SHOULD have been a loli.  Curse those bastards for making such an adorable large breasted magical girl.  Don’t they know the freaking formula for a magical girl? Small, flat chested and adorable.  Someone should fire off an angry letter.  This figurine came to us amongst a plethora of loli figurines too so I can’t stop thinking about them.


Lots of things right out of the box made me happy with this figurine. I love how it has two different faces, and the winking one is my personal favorite.  The staff she has that she puts between her legs which I didn’t even notice is just awesome.  Everything about her just SCREAMS cute, it’s all in a soft colors, the way her hair is playing out like that, the pink on her skirt and the almost oversized size of everything.  She even has the rosy cheeks for god’s sake! Get this figurine away from me! … No actually just leave it here.

Let’s highlight some of the better points of this figurine.  This is honestly something that I never really noticed until I took it and gave it a really good look.  It has VERY SOFT curves everywhere.  The hair is mostly together giving it a smooth look, the boots are curved, and the arm bands curve on the edges, there is very few jagged edges on this.  I love this, like I REALLY do like this look.  It must be one of the reasons why I think it just fits the whole cute scene.  This figurine is just pleasing to look at; it’s surprising me every time I stare at it.  This is normally my thing; personally I don’t even really like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Let’s talk about some of the downsides, because as you know I will almost always find something that could be done better.  First thing I have noticed, the gems, or orbs or whatever you want to call them on her wrists, ankles and elbows.  They could have done a bit better on the detail with them; the sculpting around them just seems a bit… sloppy.  There are also some pretty obvious molding lines around some areas of the figurine.  Such as the wrist guards and the shoulder piece on the torso.  It is well within acceptable parameters in my opinion; I just felt I would mention it.

One of my larger complaints really has nothing to do with this figurine I suppose but this TYPE of figurine in general.  The kneeling figurines.  Because they are kneeling, it gives them a natural tendency to fall over; this one seems to hold its balance very well mind you.  However that does not stop it from the other issue with them.  Their knees.  Because their knees are always touching solid plastic on their base, you will find in time that with just general moving around of the figurine, their knees will become marred in some way.  I have had this happen to several figurines and because of that, I generally stay away from this pose.  How could someone stay away from this cutey though? =3

The hat actually does have a molded slot that it goes into, so you do not have to fear it falling off ever, unless you’re holding her by the hat…  The base is well designed and unique which is a very nice touch I must say.  Having the staff come off and the extra face really do seal the deal for me on this figurine.  Her body type is just flat out sexy too, I got to say, this normally isn’t my kind of girl but mixing in the whole cute aspect really makes this figurine hot to me.

The figurine all in all is a good buy for us. It does add a little bit of mix I should say to some of our shelves.  The soft colors and the rounded shape with the kneeling pose are just different for us.  It’s cute and appealing design well outweigh the few negatives I have to say about it, this is a must buy for anyone looking to expand their figurine list of cute girls.  I give this figurine a 89%.

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8 thoughts on “Dark Magician Girl – Yu-Gi-Oh – Kotobukiya – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. A cute girl in a sexy outfit or is it a sexy girl in a cute outfit ^^
    The colors are nice and I love her twinklee face, as you’ve said she’s adorable.
    Well, I also like that they’ve added a bit of playful ecchiness to the figure.
    The magical staff looks a bit like a certain kind of adult toy or is it just my dirty mind XD

  2. Hmm if she’s not wearing the hat I can’t recognize her at all!

    Oh man, that winking face is going to give me a heart attack! This figure is much better than I thought. Your review almost makes me want to get her.. I should resist making more unplanned purchases though, maybe…

    Keep in mind that she is a DARK magical girl. Dark girls always have more boobage. Anyway I see no problem with them :p. Big breasts are love! hahaha.

    1. Gotta watch out for those unplanned figures…. Those are the worse! Well for your bank account…

      But yeah she is so terribly cute! Her little blush marks on her cheeks. I cant see how anyone could dislike her!!

  3. Oh man, this is one of those figures I wish I didn’t had to pass on. I like the Dark Magician Girl thanks to an episode featuring her on the anime. When I saw this figure I was overwhelmed by how cute she is. Then I saw her winking face and I was in love, I should really track one down.

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