Mega House – Yumekui Merry – Merry Nightmare – 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah, I wasn’t going to do this figurine review, I was going to arrange a special thing for next week or possibly the week after that contained this figurine but I cant wait.  Last Friday we got all of our new figurines and this was one of them.  This is awesome, I love Merry so much.  I’m not sure what it is about her, her childish playful demeanour or just her sexy body she is just awesome.  I keep telling my wife to cosplay her as she is the right body type almost perfectly but noooo she wants to do something else… I’m officially starting an internet petition to make her cosplay Merry.

When I first ordered this figurine, it was the first Merry figurine I had seen, since there has been one more, I personally felt seeing it, that the newer one looked better.  Now that I have this one? I think this one is going to be hard to beat.  I was dubious at first but as I took her out of her box and started putting her on her base, the more and more I liked her.  I should probably talk about where we got her and some specifics first.  We got this figurine from Hobby Search, which is where we get MOST of our figurines.  You can actually still get her, she is in stock… somehow…  We got this one for 80 USD and its about 20cm tall.  This figurine, which does and doesn’t surprise me, is made by Mega House.

Me and Mega House have a love hate relationship, I mean, for one, they made this figurine and its very very nice.  However, I have seen other Mega House figurines that just seemed cheap in ways… nothing HORRIBLE I should say but just not as good as some of the others.  I’m going to get this out of the way right off the bat, I do not like how Mega House does their faces MOST of the time.  Merry unfortunately is falling under this category this time.  There is some Mega House where the face is done well, some where its done poorly.

Ok, the negatives are out of the way, lets talk about the figurine the good stuff…. Mmmm yes.  The Pose, this is such a nice dynamic pose for merry to be in.  It helps to capture her character, shes always flippy and cute and adorable and awesome and this figurine just captures it.  Its almost like shes bounding down some stairs, it even has that podium on her back foot, shes not touching it, it doesn’t have to be there but it honestly completes the move.

Her dangly things that come off her back.  First I thought they were going to be very very solid and not move at all, this is not the case, they do move.  They aren’t like… soft and squishy, they are PVC but they will move.  So my next thought was “oh no, that’s not good, they will cause the characters balance to move and the PVC will eventually sag”.  Not the case, the one side of hers does actually touch the base which will take the weight and the other side has another little risen area and it has a peg that holds it in place.  Genius… such a nice touch.

More good stuff, her panties are black and white striped, now this might of seemed obvious to some people out there but i personally thought they were going to just be white! This was surprising to me!… Her legs are so damn cute with her boots or shoes or whatever those are, i love how they bundle up near her ankles omg I love Merry.

Moving up her body, she has a really nice waist <just like my wife> and she is shapely, she doesn’t have huge tits which is a nice change, shes almost DFC which pleases me.  Her skirt can move around which makes me think there must be some way to take it off, however I cannot find out how, ahhh well.  Then we get to the face, which is a little disappointing but lets be honest I don’t that much anymore at this point.  The hat FITS ON HER HEAD… yes people that’s right, the hat doesn’t fall off.  Even if it did not fit correctly, her hand would hold it there but it stays on without it.  The base is boring but I do like the symbol and black is my favourite <my wife is gonna hit me> colour “bla bla bla blacks not a colour its a shade” GO COSPLAY MERRY DAMMIT!

Anyways, I love this figurine, I keep it in my room in my glass display case while I work.  Along with my other loli figurines.  While Merry is not a full fledged loli, she is close enough to for me.  This figurine gets a 94% from me, if you have not purchased it, you should do so now.

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