*NSFW* Yamato – Super Sonico – Creator’s Labo – DX Babydoll – PVC Figure

Today I had a hard time tearing myself away from the Xbox to do this review. Bloodfrost bailed to hang with the guys with no review written, tisk tisk! And here I was trying to get Mass Effect one and two finished before three came out… but I could hardly resist my pink haired goddess Sonico!

Sonico is a character that I know virtually nothing about, unless you include me reading all the tweets that our friend Wieselhead did while playing Somi Comi. If that’s the case I am a Sonico master! Boy did he love that game hahaha… Anyways getting to the figure itself…. Bloodfrost was a hard one to convince to get a Sonico figure. Being a huge loli and DFC lover he obviously isn’t one for Sonico’s rather large boobs. I have been wanting one for a while, she is just to adorable to pass by. So when this figure came out, kitties included. I was able to order her with the thumbs up by the husband! We got her from Hobby Search at the beginning of January for $150.

This figure was done by Yamato and it does not have a scale it was made based on a drawing by Tsuji Santa, the character illustrator of Sonico. We ordered the Deluxe version, so it came with a fridge that can be opened with cake inside, a teddy bear, a guitar and its stand. The fridge is kind of weird since I find it to small. Maybe in Canada fridges are bigger then Japan? And the guitar is just depressing… with having all three Extravaganza figures from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I had hoped her guitar would have be as detailed as theirs… but alas… no strings and very plain…

One of my favourite part of this figure are her kitties! They are so adorable! The calico grabbing her shoe and the little orange tabby pawing at the dropped macaroon is so cute! They are apparently Sonico’s kitties that she has, such a cute addition to this figure. I will also take the time to mention her base, it is very simple but cute. It is heart shaped with stars, not plain enough to be boring. And it does a good job for keeping her in place. The calico cat and shoe are one piece that stick into the base and Sonico balances on her left foot. She herself is very secure in the base and I would never worry about her falling over. Obviously you should be more worried about the loose pieces falling when transporting her then the figure itself.

I also love her face, she has such a cute expression you cannot help but love her. Her shocked expression and little blush marks. The shine in her eyes is great. You can see her top teeth and tongue, good detail in the mouth even. It might be odd that someone with a body like Sonico is more cute to me then sexy but she just is!! Though loli Sonico is even cuter so if they ever make a loli Sonico figure she will be bought in an instance!

Moving on, her babydoll and panties match her high heels which gives the figure a lot of flow. The baby dolls outfit is very sexy being transparent and all… and the seam at the front where it comes apart to take it off is pretty much invisible. To the point where I had a bit of issues seeing how it came apart.

One thing I hate about this figure is that the macaroons in her hand fall out really easily. I lost them for the first day when I opened her box. They bounced off into a black hole and it wasn’t till the next day that I found them….

The only other issue with this figure that I had was that her left arm was almost impossible to come off. Bloodfrost had to take it off for me, he very seriously told me when he started that it will either come off how it is suppose to or break. Thankfully it came off properly. It comes of easily now but it was not easy to get off for the first time.

The sculpting on this figure is very well done. Her curvy butt and breasts, not to mention her mid section, are very well done. Her hands and feet are also nicely done. She has a little bit of shiny nail polish on her fingers and toes as well. A nice detail to add to this figure, Sonico is a model after all she would take time to make herself look her best at all times.

I would like to point out that one of Sonico’s boobs are about the same size as one of her cats curled up. Imagining myself, or any of my friends for that matter, having boobs the same size as one of my cats is just ridiculous… though it doesn’t help that my cats are pretty fat.

Some other features of this figure I really enjoy are the headphones, she apparently likes listening to Nirvana and Foo Fighters… and how her hair is done. The light to dark gradient is really well done. And come on, she had pink hair. I love characters with pink hair. The headphones also cover and hair seam that there might be.

All in all I would give Sonico a grand 92%! I would suggest her to anyone who likes pink haired big breasted girls. She’s sexy and cute, what more would you want from her? The accessories are not that great in my opinion, but if you really do like her Hobby Search does still have the Deluxe version in stock! As always we would also love to hear your opinion on this figure or on Sonico in general!

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery

4 thoughts on “*NSFW* Yamato – Super Sonico – Creator’s Labo – DX Babydoll – PVC Figure

  1. thanks for reading all of my Sonicomi Tweets XD
    Yeah the Game made me an even bigger Soniko fan, she is just lovely there.

    Oh nice, that you bought the DX version,Im a bit surprised that Bloodfrost agreed, since I know about his loli preferences ;p Anyway the fridge and the bear are nice stuff for a Diorama.

    I really enjoyed your well written review about this figure.
    Also the striped wallpaper in the background looks so cool and retro.

    The figure isn’t as chubby as the general Soniko, but that doesn’t make the figure less appealing, her body looks great, as well as her slighty blushed face, but I agree about Soniko being more cute than sexy. Well, it isn’t her fault that she has big boobs.

  2. No problem! I enjoyed seeing how the game worked haha, always been interested in seeing it.

    I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Sonico I was really happy with the background. It was nice to have her props made it more of a scene…

    I really want to get more props to do staging with so the pictures we take are not so plain!

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