Full Metal Panic Fumoffu – Chidori Kaname – Good Smile – 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah Full Metal Panic, why did your series never fully end?  Sad state of affairs that they never really did tie up all the loose ends, I can only hope that one day they do revisit it.  It really was a good series, I enjoyed it from start to end and I would recommend it to any anime watcher out there.

Chidori Kaname was probably my favourite character from this series, I always wanted to get a figurine of her.  I got this figurine quite awhile ago, I got it from Animodeling which is a local store that sells figurines here in Calgary Alberta.  We try to make a habit of every time we go there we pick up something, regardless of what it is we are looking for, there is almost always something we want there.  This time it was this figurine, I think we went there with the intention of getting something else but when I saw Chidori chicory’s was sold instantly.

I never actually knew this figurine was done by Good Smile, its kind of odd to talk about a figurine that came out in 2005, my god that was a long time ago, how much things have changed.  I have been told by some friends that this figurine is generally considered to be rare amongst traders.  All this at the time I had no idea, I did not know it was Good Smile, I didn’t even know Good Smile made good figurines, I just knew I wanted Chidori.

Hehe, sorry I just stopped to take a good look at the figurine, I don’t think this is going to get a stellar review from me but lets begin anyways.

I really do not have a lot of good things to say about this figurine, not to take this as a BAD thing, its just that this figurine really does lack the polish that you would see in a lot of the newer figurines.  I cannot pretend to know the production process of figurines but it does appear that most of them nowadays are just cleaner and put together better.

Some of the things that i feel are good on this figurine is something that Good Smile has always been good with.  Capturing the figurines face and the details on it.  When I look at Chidori’s face I still get the feeling that she’s almost real and lifelike.  Good Smile will always be good at this as far as I am concerned.  The small details are as well looked after, the fingers and the nail polish is good, the sculpting is done well in the sense that there is no seams.

This is where I start to get a little nit-picky, a lot of things I would not of noticed back in the early days of figurine collecting.  The hair, for some reason it looks like the hair is in 4 parts.  This is a little strange, most hair for figurines is in 2 parts, the bangs and the main bulk of the hair.  This hair has an antenna near the back of the head, the bangs, the bulk and then on the left side of her near the bazooka she has another plug of hair in there.  It just makes me wonder why they had to do that, as it does ruin the flow a little bit.  Hard to see unless you are looking for it.

The small of her back seems to lack definition as well.  Again I’m not sure what they were going for but she just does not seem to be very “curvy” as most of the bikini figurines they have nowadays.  Its really hard to take a subjective look at this since it was released 8 years ago.  Another aspect I was not a fan of was the weapon she has with her, it just seems… out of character for her face to be smiling like that while holding the weapon… just not her style…

All in all, for a figurine that is 8 years old this is still a great figurine.  Its really nice to have a figurine from a series like this just to remember it by.  While my wife and I have put a lot of our figurines away in their boxes <I would estimate 60% of them> we still have this particular one out on display and I don’t foresee taking it out of the display.  Rating this when I bought it, I would of given it an 85% at least… however looking at it now, with so many more figurines to compare it to, i would have to rate it about a 72%.  The character is there, its captured well, but its hard to get past some of the poor modeling and the weapon she has.  The base is boring and the hair is a little odd.  If you were a fan of the series I would get her, if not, it is sadly too late to recommend this to anyone.

Any of you guys/girls a fan of the series? Let us know, I don’t believe I ever got my wife to watch it all but we will probably own it at one point so I know she will see it sooner or later.  Thanks again as always for reading our reviews and as always, please comment.

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6 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic Fumoffu – Chidori Kaname – Good Smile – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Yeah FMP, I have both Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and Full Metal Panic on DVD ^^
    The figure looks a bit old even in comparison with few other figues from 2005, but its not bad actually. It’s a happy Chidori in a bikini with a good bodysculpting, but why the hell is she cheerfully swinging a RPG launcher around :D. Girls with weapons is a popular theme for figures, but it is not a fitting item for Chidori, they could have given her the paper fan instead ^^.
    The sculptor of her, Tanaka Touji improved quite a lot, nowadays he does mainly work for ALTER.

    1. It’s nice to see sculptors improve over time! And figurines in general as well.

      We don’t have the series yet… But it’s definitely on our list of animes to buy!! I do want to finish the series haha.

  2. FMP is awesome one of my all time favorites, I’m unsure if I want more of it though. Since the later stuff goes heavy on the serious and light on the humor, which that mixture of both was what originally attracted me to the series.

    As for the figure itself, you can tell it is from a while, I find it a bit unfair to compare it to today’s figures. I don’t find it odd seeing Chidori holding a weapon I find it more of a shout to to the show.

    I must say though, that I am more of a fan of the accompanying Tessa rather than Chidori.

    1. 🙁 We would love to have Tessa in our collection! It is to bad we missed out on her.

      As for the series itself I personally cannot say much about it since I haven’t finished it hahaha but I did enjoy what I have seen of it.

      I personally think Chidori does a decent job of holding her own against figures now a days. I would get her over and beach queens!!

  3. I wish there was a good figure store here in Edmonton, then I wouldn’t have to ship everything 🙁

    Personally, I like Tessa more, but this Chidori figure is nice for something from 2005. There’s that line on her thigh in chidori-vert12.jpg, but I guess you don’t really see it since it’s on the back side.

    1. Animodelling Zone is nice, but there’s always the issue of it pretty much costs the same, if not more, because of their prices. There selection seems to have more Gundam model kits then PVC sometimes, meaning their selection isn’t the best. They also don’t get things till a month or so after places like Hobby Search get them. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to be able to get figurines right in Calgary. But if we just bought from them our collection would be limited and we would have spend the same amount.

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