Griffon Enterprises- Touhou Project – Cirno – 1/8 PVC Figure

Personally I will have to have everyone excuse my ignorance with Touhou, I know very very VERY little about it, short of its origins. As far as I’m concerned you do not get an anime and characters and all these other things just from a bullet hell game but hey, whatever, some of the characters are freaking awesome. So here we are!

I have very mixed feelings about this figurine, Cirno is one of my favourite Touhou characters, most obviously because she is a loli/DFC. Normally the wife and I purchase all of our figurines from Hobby Search and it was only recently, maybe three months ago, that we discovered that they just flat out do not have any Touhou figurines. We saw a lot of them at last years Winterfest that I personally wanted and I waited anxiously to see them… that was at least a year ago. So finally we found out why I never saw them and that’s because Hobby Search just never gets them. So as you can guess, we purchased this one from Amiami.

I have a love hate relationship with Griffon because of their style. I don’t really like their bases all that much, they are boring and black however I do like how they have the plaque on there with the characters name which does make up for it a bit.

I am going to just come right out and say it with this figurine. If I could go back in time and not order this? I would in a heartbeat. This figurine has failed out of the box, it has failed, it is very disappointing to me. The figurine, does not fit in the base. A slight gust of wind will knock this figurine over, right out of its base. Walking on the hardwood floor next to the stand that holds this figurine will knock it out of its base. It is 100% broken.

That fact aside, I will still go over the figurine. There are a few things that I like done on this figurine. First of all, I’m not really huge into Touhou but since this is one of my favourite characters, just her existence on my shelf makes me happy. The wings she has just look really damn cool, I have seen some people comment saying they were done wrong but perhaps my ignorance is bliss. I think they look great, they are super sharp on the tips and clear and see through, very cool very nice looking.

The dress she is wearing is cute as well, I like the way it forms to her body but I do have to complain that the painting that was done on it seems to be sloppy around the edges.

The undergarments she’s wearing are super cute as well.

Her face is a bit of a sore spot for me as well, again I read online that Griffon apparently does a lot of their faces in this odd way it just seems… odd. Its not a clean and crisp as I would of liked to see it just seems more rounded and all around sloppy. Not to say she doesn’t have a cute face though XD.

Her hands have some marks on them from the molding which bothers me, I’m getting spoiled and way to used to the Good Smile Company quality I’m thinking. There really is no excuse for this nowadays however, especially when you pay the same price for this as you would for a Good Smile Company figure.

The feet and the socks again, lack a straight definition and just seem to be done sloppy. I really hate to do a review like this because on GENERAL I like this figurine but there is just too much wrong with it to praise it to you guys. The hair on the figurine is done acceptably however. This is something that I would say I am a little more picky then most people with, I like the way the bow looks in the hair as well.

Overall, as I stated early into this review, this is not a figurine I would recommend even to a hardcore Touhou collector. This figurine is just not finished, its like purchasing a car that looks great feels great but will not start and never will start. The wife and I collect figurines because we love to display them, this figurine with its SUPER high risk of falling over and snapping off a hand or one of its wings? There is no way we can risk that. We don’t purchase figurines to keep them in boxes in a closet. We have one display case with a glass door on it, I suppose we will keep it in there. This figurine gets a failing grade, I’m giving it a 40%. If it was not for the base issues, I still would of given this figurine a low 70 but not being able to display a figurine that’s created only for display? Unacceptable.

So what do you guys think? Any one else own this figurine? Can you confirm if the figurine fits in your base or is it just me? I’ve honestly considered getting some sort of glue to keep her in there but I refuse to ruin a figurine by doing that haha. Anyways, as always thanks for reading and replying.

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Lets close this off with Cirno’s perfect math class

5 thoughts on “Griffon Enterprises- Touhou Project – Cirno – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Man, it always sucks if a figure ends up being dissapointing. Her base looks prettty crummy, I can’t say I like her face and she just doesn’t seem very refined (and worth the pricetag) in general. That little AMV was funny as hell though.

    Well, go high-five Koto’s Ika Musume to make yourself feel better :). Got her in myself this month after reading your review, she’s awesome!

  2. Sigh… this does not help with my biased view of Griffon, I just don’t like their Touhou figures. They do some really nice things sometimes, but then you get the quality issues that I see pop up on their figures as seen with her base or as I seen in some with some painting issues here and there.

    On the other hand, if it wasn’t for the Marisa that my friend which was quite well made, no big issues with the sculpting or painting I wouldn’t give the Griffon the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Looking at the four Griffin figures that we have, I see that we don’t really like any of them unfortunately…. Our Haruhi is our least favorite Haruhi… our Kanu’s skirt doesn’t stay in place, our Skuld is ok… Though I am sure Bloodfrost hates it… Griffon really is subpar….

  3. Yeah i was pretty dissapointed, i dont like to think that a whole company is just “bad” but… from what i read online after i wrote this it does seem to be the case. Or i suppose we could say its a collectors “nich”. Maybe some people like the style? i for one do not, it will take quite a bit to get me to buy another griffon figurine at this point =(.

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