Nyaa figurines – Japan – Day 1

Well its finally here we are going to Japan, you can see that I’m sitting with abated breath waiting for the plane to come to fly us towards the country we all secretly worship inside, will we be disappointed? will it be everything we ever wanted? Will we die in a horrible plane crash because planes are terrible?  … well probably not that last one since I am writing this from our hotel room now…

Not a lot of pics of our Calgary airport because that’s boring but we took off from Gate 16 and we boarded our flight at 12:10 pm.

Landing in Japan the Airport was a lot less confusing then I thought it was going to be, I was actually very concerned to be perfectly honest.  Being a man, its against our laws to actually ask directions from people as I’m sure some of you know…

But we finally made it, my wife and I have made it to Japan, our dreams fullfilled, this is something I personally dreamed of since I was 20 years old and I know Dani has wanted to even longer then that.

The airport was really like almost any other airport, not sure exactly what I was expecting, life sized anime mascots jumping out at us, or other crazy things.  It honestly was really normal except for some of the nice art and such along some of the walls.

Our first trial was at hand, we had to figure out how to get to Tokyo since we landed in Narita…. I followed the signs since I figured out the train we needed before we got there and was lead to this….

After battling with the machine for what seemed like days it finally gave me what we wanted, 2 tickets for the Narita Express to Toyko!! Total cost? 5460 Yen.

Random sign as we waited for our train, just thought it was cute it had an angry face on it.

There is a lack of pictures now of the other train stations we were in because of high levels of frustration, I was assured by my mobility provider I would have Data in japan <even though it’s expensive>  however we did not, so having a map but not way to search an address left us without the ability to actually know where we are going, So being a man, I sent my tiny wife to the information desk to ask where to go.  Thankfully our hotel is a larger hotel and of the higher class so not only is it actually listed on the maps directly, the information desk agent knew exactly where to send us.  So we were off! Once I wrestled with another ticket machine we had 2 tickets and we were on our way!  Only 4 stops away from where we were, we were lucky!

We arrived at the hotel and we are put on the 22nd floor.  They insisted on taking our luggage for us and one of the clerks tried to take one of our bags that had a broken handle and ripped it right off, the look on his face was priceless but we assured him this was a pre-existing condition on the bag.

THE ROOM!  Honestly, a lot smaller then I thought it would be haha.  These rooms are ~400$ a night but we got them for 180ish due to a deal.

It had an impressive selection of whiskey and other things to choose from….

However, I saw an ad on the trains we were on to buy some Asahi Dry BLACK! … so being the consumer whore I am, I searched out it immediately, my first purchases from the convenience store can be seen.

While we were going to walk to the McDonalds, some random Japanese guy approached us insisting we go to this Japanese resturant.  I instantly agreed of course not thinking that my wife was tired and sick at the time.  So he lead us down this alley, Dani said it was kinda shady but I didn’t really think so ;).  We went in there and were greeted with a warm welcome, it was kind of nice I gotta admit.  We ordered some food and I got some Asahi draft beer, which was very good, food is as follows.


Sadly Dani was not feeling super good, I assume it was via being tired and a stomach issue so we did not stay to finish all of our food =( it made me feel bad that we did not eat the delicious food we were given but I suppose we cant do much about it…  We went back to the hotel room and I ate my snack and random fanta and then we went to bed!

That’s the end of day 1… some views from the hotel room.

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  1. Hi glad you made it alright. Didn’t I say something about NOT going down allies? Well my Dani get some rest and you two have lots of fun. Love you

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