Kotobukiya – Nekomiya Nono – Yotsunoha – 1/6 PVC Figure

So here we are, another cat girl figurine, as I’m sure you all realize I am honour bound to purchase almost all cat girl figurines.  The website isn’t called Nyaa Figurines just because we thought it would be a good name, it’s Nyaa Figurines because I have a love of cat girls…. and cats in general ;).  Admittedly I do not know much about this character, I even almost didn’t purchase it but my wife, being a great wife, pointed it out to me while we were visiting my parents for some sort of dinner.  This figurine was just way to adorable to pass up.

So this is a 1/6th figurine it was made by Kotobukiya so I was expecting some decent quality to say the least.  We got this figurine from Hobby Search which is our norm, it cost us about 65 dollars.  This was a re-release and from what I understand it was originally released in 2008.  Makes me wonder what randomly decided to make them release this again.  I don’t believe this is from any anime, if I understand correctly its from some form of Visual Novel or other video game.  Makes me want to play it that’s for sure.

So onto the figurine itself.  Cat girl? Check! School swimsuit? Check! Bells on tail and in hair? Check!  100%, this review is done thanks for coming out.

….. What you’re still here? ugh fine, lets do a real review I guess.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled this out of its box was IT HAS A MASSIVE HEAD, then I realized its a 1/6th scale figurine.  All 1/6th scale seem to have large heads so its perfectly normal.  She has huge adorable eyes, she’s blushing and she’s just way to damn cute.  I honestly considered keeping this figurine on my work desk.

I love her pose, I love how she feels the need to pull down on her swimsuit it really really does make the figurine for me.  She’s holding her tail and its a decent size too and it just takes the cute level of this figurine to a whole new level.

I can honestly say that cat girl figurines never have enough bells but this one really nails it.  4 bells in the hair and 1 bell on the tail?  Very important, everyone knows that a perfect cat girl should have over-sized bells on her.  The ribbons are a nice touch too.  The tail is done well too, a lot of the time on a figurine you find that the tail is a very weak part of the figurine, seems like it could snap off.  Maybe its because this is 1/6th but the tail is of a good thickness, I like it.

There is a few downsides to this figurine.  There is some coloring issues with some of the ribbon coming off her hair, only on the left side of her though.  The tail does have a little bit of a molding issues near the bell on it and I’m not really sure I liked the way they did the hair antennae.  Another big pet peeve of mine is, she is on the base and you cannot remove her.  It’s done…. tastefully on this figurine, no screws in the bottom, its clearly glued.  I’m not a big fan of the stockings she is wearing, I’m not a big stockings kind of guy, this figurine would of been better for me if she didn’t have them on at all but lets be honest, that’s just personal preference and has no baring on my grade.

For us, this figurine was a no brainer, cat girls for our Nyaa Figurines?  Hell yes.  This is probably one of my favourite cat girl figurines I own, its definitely top 3 for me, for a figurine that was originally released in 2008? This figurine is very clean.  I’ll give this figurine a rank of 87%, there is just a few things that I’d like to of seen done differently and considering how its technically 4 years old its done well.  Anyone who loves cute cat girls? This is a must buy.

As always, thanks for reading and visiting our site, let us know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “Kotobukiya – Nekomiya Nono – Yotsunoha – 1/6 PVC Figure

  1. Wow, she looks awesome. I love the way she grabs her tail, all the bells are indeed awesome and, being a stocking fan myself, they only add to the figure’s attractiveness. The size of the fig is a nice bonus too. Her face looks really cute too, though her hair is kinda iffy. Still, you wouldn’t say this figure is four years old.

    You seem to like the sculptor too, as you’ve got his (Kannagi) Nagi and (Little Busters!) Natsume Rin as well. Do you watch who made them when buying figures, by the way (in the sense of, I’ve got other figures of this sculptor so this might be nice too)?

  2. There is a two part OVA with her, called Yotsunoha, a very cute one.

    I’ve seen this figure a few times, she’s really adorable, stockings + school swimsuit + petite girl ❤
    Well, this combo also works with more endowed girls, but that’s a different topic ^^
    They’ve given her small but nice neko related look, not exaggerated , overall it’s nicely balanced.

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