Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 2

Japan day 2 started off …. Ummm early, well we posted on our site TECHNICALLY on day 2 and this is TECHNICALLY day 3, but whatever, this is how we roll.  This is how our day started, me waking up and Dani staying in bed while I wrote the post.

Eventually we managed to kill enough time for the sun to freaking rise and for stores to eventually open <we woke up at 3:30am… sorry I WOKE UP…. Dani didn’t till about 4:30am>.  So we sat on the laptop PC talking to friends and making yesterday’s post.  Even right now as I’m writing this is 5:11pm back home.  Anyways, so after lounging in the room watching Japanese news and awesome freaking commercials for about 4-5 hours we finally got off our asses and went out in search of breakfast.  Walking to the area where there is a cluster of stores and such we cross over a river where this is a lot of cherry blossom trees.

We almost went into the place with the cute caramel latte sign but we decided to go somewhere else =p.  There was this place that I’m sure we are going to go to again today as soon as we leave, or at least that’s where I want to go, chokobroko or something it was called (it was Choco Cro), I don’t have a picture of the store but I will snap one today, here was our breakfast

After eating we just kind of rolled around randomly and found some interesting things.   It was SUPER early still in the morning, it was like 7am I believe when we left.  The road was filled with 90% men in suits, it was kind of weird walking around with a camera while everyone was clearly going to work.  Here is a few things we found.

We got completely lost after that, it was pretty bad… well I suppose sort of lost.  We knew where we CAME from but considering how we probably did 2-3 circles around an area while working our way outwards backtracking would mean following the same ridiculous pattern again back to the hotel.  Needless to say it was required until we recognized where we were but it managed to kill a good few hours.

On the way back we stopped into a 7-11 and got some Melon bread.  I had always seen this in one of my fav animes Shakugan no Shana.  I knew it was one of the first things I wanted to eat.  Sadly it was so goddamn good that we ate both of them before we got back to the hotel room but FEAR NOT! I purchased another one and managed to forgo eating it before I took a picture.  This is the normal one, there was another one that had like… chocolate bread mixed in with it and it had some sort of cream and chocolate chip filling inside as well, it was VERY good.

Back in the room I figured we should snap a picture of the money we have, at least the change.  It’s nothing special but I am sure a lot of people have never seen it before.  Also the room we have in our hotel does not use a card key; it uses an actual key as seen in the shot.

After lounging around for a while again on the laptop and sending contact emails to all the people we know in Japan, we finally decided we needed to go buy some cloths for Dani.  That was the plan was to buy a wardrobe for her in Japan as the clothes are more suited to her size.  So we went to brave the transit system again.  This time it was easy, however we did have to walk ½ a kilometer underground to get to where our train was, or I should say the certain line… but we found it no problem.

Snapped a pic of a random bus we saw

And this is the department store we went into.

We bought a set of cloths for 100$ and a hat for 45$ and a cute pair of panties and bra for like 30$ and some One Piece shirts.  Spent a little more than we wanted but the one set she got for 100$ I find to be cute, it’s more of a Japanese style of look.

Leaving the mall I wanted to get lunch, so we got MCDONALDS!!! YAY!!!!!  Personally I love McDonalds Dani not so much, so I had to snap a shot of her eating it just to prove she ate it…. Well some of it… she didn’t finish it all haha.  In Japan McDonalds if your burgers aren’t ready fast enough they sit you down and you get a sign to deliver it to you, which is what you see in the pic.  Also, the space for you to eat in is SUPER SUPER small, I would have snapped a pic but I thought it would be rude since it was full.

Oh, random picture of how to put on a bra….. bra pulls boobies UP!!! As per the picture at least… lol…  Dani had to ask the lady to measure her to see what size she would have I almost get the feeling the lady thought Dani was 16 or something buying a bra for the first time, hence the instructions on how to work one.

This is the 7-11 where we bought tickets to go see the giant Gundam on April 19th and also the One Piece art exhibit on April 20th.  We knew of both of these coming into Japan but we had NO FREAKING idea how we were going to pull it off.  After talking to the lady in 7-11 for about 20 min it seemed we finally left with 2 sets of tickets for each =D VERY happy about this.

After that we went back to the hotel, we were both pretty tired, it seems jet lag is actually effecting me more than I thought.  At least I hope that’s what it is.  It does not seem right to be that dead tired at about 4 in the afternoon.  So we spent the rest of the day in the hotel room… well that’s a lie, we went to McDonalds for dinner to hahah but Dani could not stomach hers so she bought a cup of Ramen on the way back and is eating it for breakfast right now.  Hopefully today goes better! We managed to stay sleeping in till about 7:30am… YAY A GUNDAM SEED COMMERCIAL ON TV!…. errr….. now some rice monster is like….beating up some…. Stick… monster…. Goddamn Japanese TV is awesome.

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  1. I am really enjoying watching the figurines keeping tracking of your daily events… You should have been a writer Dad and I are enjoying your humor..

  2. I think the melon bread looks good too who wants the melon bread… maybe your mom… I have not seen any more up dates… Friend of mine said, in Japan men have more rights that women ??? Have you noticed a difference??

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