Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 3

Today Dani started the day with the breakfast of champions!!! Random cup of noodle she bought last night at 7-11!

We are finally starting to get over the jet lag, I swear I could not imagine that stuff being true for me, I always sleep so… irregularly that I just assumed it would be business as usual.  However I can say there’s nothing wrong with waking up that early in the morning anyways! Especially in Japan, it’s so pretty everywhere.

Two things today…. Cherry Blossoms and Akihabara!  Now some people might be like Akihabara? What’s that? <Mainly any family reading this>.  Akihabara is like…the end all be all place of Anime and Electronics.

Anyways, first thing we did was go to Choko Kro or whatever it’s called to get what I now dub “my usual breakfast in Japan”.  Got tea and some awesome pastry with cheese and ham in it.

After that on a total whim we decided to walk down a random road and about 5 min after doing that we figured “Let’s go to the Imperial Palace”.  Now anyone that knows about the Imperial Palace would know that we were FAR from successful in this operation due to the fact that according to my friend, it’s only open 1 day a year to the public….Christmas Day.  Regardless, we strolled into what we knew would be a Sakura tree park… pics as follows.

After that Dani had been bothering me because she wanted some sushi, how could we possible be in Japan for 3 days and STILL have not had sushi.  Well after breakfast we saw a sushi restaurant that looked promising so I told her we would roll over there after the Sakura.

It was a warm and inviting place, as it appears in almost all Japanese restaurants.  As you walk in all staff members welcome you.  Price was great and it was really cool to watch the guy make our … well her sushi.  I had a bit and I can honestly say, it was the best sushi I have ever had in my life.  Even the miso soup we got was amazing, I personally don’t like miso soup but this was great.

After that we went back to the hotel to rest our legs, we walked around for a good 3 hours that morning and my feet are not used to that sort of punishment.  It worked out super well for us however because our buddy Brent.  Someone whom we met online happened to call me then <super expensive phone conversation> saying he was really close to where we were, so we got him to come over to the hotel.  After sitting around discussing what we wanted to do, it came down to Akihabara.  Dani and I promised each other we would not go there until we were back in Toyko for our last 5 days so we could keep bag space…. That promise was quickly shattered.

So after a long 30 min train ride we finally made it to Akihabara, the anime pinnacle of the world, the place that instantly pops into my mind when I think of Japan, we made it.

I would like to apologize for we did not take as many pictures as we wanted to, it was…overwhelming.  It was also quite crowded.  We tried to head to the Good Smile Café as most of you know, Good Smile Company is a God amongst anime figurine creators so we HAD to go there.  We honestly were taking pictures of that steins gate setup when some random guys started talking to us and we managed to ask them directions…. Again language barrier being an issue… fortunately we had a map nearby.  Thank you fellow otaku’s!  However when we got there, it was closed for a private function! We took some random pics of the area outside the café but we unable to get in =(.

We came across some random building with lots of noise and what appeared to be crane games.  I made the executive decision that we had to figure out what all the lights and noise was about.  We went in and this might be something that only figurine collectors can appreciate but it was a Sega Prize game area.  Sega has A LOT of anime figurines that they create that you can ONLY get with these crane games… it’s a special kind of place for people like Dani and I to lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars and can physically walk away with absolutely nothing.  I mentally prepared myself and somehow we managed to walk away with only losing 10$.  There were figurines there I would happily trade my right or left arm for in there… and I know I will never get them… this is definitely a new feeling to someone like me…

After wandering around in Akihabara for … I honestly don’t know how long, we finally left.  During rush hour…. Now anyone that knows me knows I get terrible anxiety attacks while riding on full trains.  Thank god I’m a good foot taller than most Japanese people and the trains are actually quite nice.  A/C and large windows and A LOT of standing room…. So it was not an issue.

It was starting to get late and we all wanted to make an early attempt on Kyoto tomorrow morning so we decided to go back to Ikebukoro station as it was kind of the midpoint between our two locations.  We just grabbed something quick from Mcdonalds as its fast and cheap and then we went our separate ways.  Tomorrow is a boring train ride into Kyoto…. Or is it?…. yeah it probably is.

Sorry our post is a little lackluster, and late today, we had to leave for Kyoto in the morning and it was a 2 hour and 45 minutes train ride.

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2 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 3

  1. Nice pictures! Seems you have nice weather as well and it sure looks spring in Japan with all those cherry blossoms everywhere.

    Damn, wish I could play a crane game too, seems fun (and the prizes actually seem worth it, unlike the cheap junk at carnivals). At least they’re selling prize figs in shops as well, I’m getting the Erio from your picture in next week.

  2. I guess you are not wanting to come home… the weather does look beautiful… It does appear to be really crowded… enjoying your website…

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