Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 4

Well I can honestly say that not a lot happened with us in Japan today.  We woke up decently early because Brent wanted us to all go together on the shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto.  We woke up, did our post and ran out of the hotel at about 8:30.  Took the train down to Tokyo station and realized we still didn’t have our JR passes traded in yet!  That took longer than expected so we did not manage to get to meet Brent.

Train ride to Kyoto was uneventful, the train itself was really nice, and it’s so roomy.  Here are some of the views from the window. Nothing super special haha.


Getting from the train station to our hotel was super easy; due to the fact we knew exactly what we were doing for once! We were not expecting the hotel to be THIS super nice… I was expecting nice but nothing like this… REALLY nice hotel, again super nice people as well.

Our room is a traditional Ryokan or Japanese inn style. So we have futons on the floor instead of a bed and the ceiling is pretty short. I have smoked my head on the doorways like five times now. But either way  the room is pretty awesome.

Due to the fact that it was pouring rain all day in Kyoto, we really did not get out much; we stayed in the hotel and the nearby area.  There were a lot of nice photo opportunities anyways those!

We ate lunch and dinner at the same place and we also had access to the super executive thingy which gave us free booze and some cheese and crackers and some like… super… gross… looking shrimp stuff that even Dani wouldn’t eat… I made her take a picture to remember there is in fact something she won’t eat =p.

After that, it was back to the hotel room where our futons or … beds or whatever, were already laid out for us by the staff for a comfortable sleep.  Hopefully we will be doing plenty more the next day!

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2 thoughts on “Nyaa Figurines – Japan – Day 4

  1. Hi, looks like you’re having fun and seeing great things. Love the pics. Look forward to your day five info . Love you both

  2. I took the picture of Dani with the cherry blossoms and put it on my screen saver… It would be nice to get a picture of my son so I could put it on the screen saver at work… or one of the two of you together… I have not seen one picture of Colin… tks…

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