Alter – Saki – Kataoka Yuki – 1/8 PVC Figure

Sometimes I look at our figurine collection and I ask myself “maybe we have too many”.  Sometimes I think about all the ones we have and all the ones we have pre-ordered and all the ones on our wish list and just get overwhelmed.  Dani asks me to write a figurine review today so I plant myself in front of our display cases and wonder which I should do.  You would think with over 200 figurines this would not be a problem but for some reason, the more we have the harder it gets.

Well, today I finally decided after looking at the figurine case to do Kataoka Yuuki from the anime Saki.  Sometimes I wonder how popular this anime is because it is themed around Mahjong but I do think it had a bit of a following mainly due to the amazingly cute girls.  Since there is no figurine of Saki herself <that I know of please don’t tell me if there is, I like my money> we will have to do with this one.  She is … probably… oh crap well shes CLOSE to my favorite character from the series.  Saki is super adorable but there is also the mega loli as well, which there was a figurine of.

Without starting to babble on, we got this figurine from Japan in our trip.  The figurine itself has a small bit of history with me.  I saw it on Hobbyfan one day and was STOKED to get it, I ordered it instantly and was so freaking happy to have it.  When it came to ship it, I was emailed saying it was missing its head and they had to cancel the order…. missing its head… I was like…. wtf?  Anyways needless to say when we were in Japan we saw it and of course I had to buy it, it was fate.

Wow 3 paragraphs and nothing for my wife to take a real picture of yet… Anyways, this figurine as you saw was made by Alter, we bought it for 6800 yen if I recall and we purchased it from a place called Robot Robot, in the same building as the Good Smile Cafe.  Its a 1/8th figurine scale and was released almost 2 years ago in June 10th of 2010.

I wasn’t super concerned about the figurine being of poor quality since it was being made by Alter.  That was a constant issue in Japan, I never really did much go into it in my daily talks but there was a shit ton of figurines there.  Mostly made by companies I had never heard of but the prices were rock bottom.  There was at least… 20 figurines I would have purchased for 1400-2800 yen that were full scale characters I like but just…. yeah…. Huh? what? oh right were not talking about Japan this is supposed to be a figurine review! GET OFF MY BACK *chases cat out of room* yes I really did chase one of my cats out…

The figurine captures the character well, she has the bright beaming face as she is the resident ADD chick from the anime.  She has her bag of tacos and another taco in her other arm so I really can’t complain there.  She still has her cute little cat …. scarf…. belt…. thingy?  That was one of the best points about her in the anime, how the cat… scarf…belt… thingy… always mimicked her face exactly oh god i miss her.

The painting is crisp and clean, there really is not a lot of detail work on this figurine that you could mess up on.  On her right arm there is a little bit of marring on the sleeve but nothing any collector would really notice unless they knew exactly what they were looking for.  Its hard to think of anything standoutish on this figurine except for her face.  She does come with a few other hands I believe, my wife will snap shots of those, frankly when I put a figurine out on display, it has one display and only that one will stay in my mind, its the way I want it.

Something I might be a little concerned with is her stance.  It does seem like she might have a bit of a lean issue in the future, its … kinda hard to tell on this one.  I should honestly take some sort of measurement of it right now so that i can keep it to check it later.  If this is a leaner, I will have to put her back into her box and into storage like our Tony Version of Miku.  That would make me sad.

Another thing that semi bothers me is the rear view of her.  You can see her panties a little bit too clearly and I just don’t see this character in that light.  She is the cuter younger sister type to me and to flagrantly show her panties like that does bother me a little bit.  Probably one of the only figurines in my collection that this bothers me.  I don’t think it was shown like this in the anime….. maybe it was.

The Base for the figurine is nothing special but at the same time it seems to keep with the flow of overwhelming cuteness.  I can definitely appreciate it having the cute little cat face, however it is a little weird that it has her name on it like that.

Overall I am not really sure how I feel about this figurine.  Its a little basic but at the same time, she is such an adorable character.  There is nothing wrong with it in really any fashion except personal preference and opinion so I ‘d have to give it a 87%.  I don’t like the fact it might have a lean on it, there is a little marring on the right hand cuff and I feel they could of done more with the base.  This might be a little bit of a harsher judgement then it deserves because as I say, there really is nothing wrong with it but… as a figurine reviewer I do mark things on a curve and sadly we do have a huge curve here at Nyaa Figurines.  I would definitely recommend this figurine to any fan of the series or to anyone who loves this type of girl.  However to your normal figurine collector, I could see this one flying under the radar easily.

That’s it for this week, sorry if things seem a little mish mash, its hard for me to focus on this after what feels like not doing it for awhile, let us know what you think about the figurine.  Also I’d be interested to know if there is any Saki fans out there? Or if any of you guys enjoy a good game of Riichi Mahjong.  For those of you who are in fact interested, I do have a flash game that I learned off of, the PC doesn’t seem to be THAT hard but keep in mind, if you don’t know how to play it can be complicated to learn Japanese Mahjong first.

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3 thoughts on “Alter – Saki – Kataoka Yuki – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. That’s the same flash version I learned it off of when the show was airing, haha. xD

    I really like Yuki a lot, but I haven’t gotten her yet. When she originally came up for pre-order I couldn’t afford her, and every time I see her on Mandarake it’s the same thing. I almost got Koromo once, but it was damaged (the chain rubbed off on her skin). But I do have Nodoka, and I absolutely love her. One of these days I’ll complete this set… I just wish they would’ve finished it off at least with Saki, if not with more girls as well. =(

  2. I think some details on Yuki look really nice like the cat thing and the taco she’s holding, but her hair seems a bit clumpy. She still looks nice with that pose though.

  3. Eh really, there is no Saki figures, even though several other characters have gotten figures? I suppose her design is a bit simple and forgettable?

    I remember this figure, was interested in this one and Amae Koromo from Alter at first. Alas, my good old rule of not buying stuff unless I watched or played the source material applied. Although I did watch the first four episode of Saki and now the Side A stuff is making me wanna go back and watch it.

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