Ques Q – Touhou Project – Moriya Suwako – PVC Figure

As I am sure you all know, we over here at Nyaa Figurines cannot get enough loli figurines. I pretty much will buy almost any loli figurine i can find from a show i have seen… assuming its a good figurine, I should really state that. I wont really buy anything because its loli it DOES have to be good. This figurine just happens to fall under that category.

As I have said a few times before, I really do not know much of the Touhou universe, however i do know it has some really cute lolis. I will eventually collect them all. This one was actually the first loli I saw and cared about, she is my favorite. This figurine is made by Ques Q, not a super well known company to our collection but I’m pretty sure we do have 1 or 2 others. We bought this figurine while we were in Japan, it WAS on AmiAmi and still might be in stock but we just didn’t have the cash at the time. However in Japan, I saw it in Mandarake grabbed it and said to my wife “I’m getting this” and bought it… cant really stop me now CAN you?! HMMMM????

Talking about the figurine tho, this is a complete reversal from the disappointment I had with Cirno from Griffon. I can honestly say that I will second guess any purchase of a figurine from that company for the rest of my life now. I did look at a of of Ques Q’s work and for the most part I do like what I see!

This figurine, I don’t think is done to a scale, it does seem super small but not 1/10 small. The actual dimensions are 14 cm tall or 5.46 inches for you Americans. The figurine is nothing spectacular but as she is my favorite character from Touhou she was one I wanted.

Looking at the fine detail on the figurine, you can see that its a little rough around the edges, from farther away everything appears to look great, which makes this a great display piece for us in our collection. However when you get a little closer to the figurine you can see a little bit of the fine detail is roughly done. You do see this a lot with figurines that are not made by companies like Alter and Kotobukiya or Good Smile. The mold lines are not clean and the colors sometimes bleed into each other a little bit.

In this case her red hair ties do bleed a little into her hair and it gets a little fuzzy. The back of her hair doesn’t seem as defined as you would normally see in your average figurine. The molding on it is just average at best and the coloring is again average. The decals on the figurine itself on the front seem a little out of place almost to me as well when you give them a closer inspection. One of the things that i actually dislike about the figurine however is the way it is mounted. I do give it extra points for it being a little different for a figurine of this type but it just doesn’t work well enough. I can see in the future the plastic loosening and it just falling off. I love the way it looks, I think its super cute but they should of either made the hole in the back it connects to deeper? or just done it the way nendoroids do it.

I should point out that I have spoken pretty negatively of this figurine, it has been a little while since I reviewed a non good smile figurine as the ones from April I wrote in march before Japan. So lets highlight a few good points on this figure. The best and most important part I can mention is, the hat is magnetic. Why they do not do this for every figurine with a hat is beyond me, this is a must have for all figures with hats. The pose she has is SUPER adorable but that’s not very hard with a loli. I love her facial expression she looks just so damn cute there! Her eyes and face are just beaming and puts a huge silly grin on my face anytime I look at her.

This figurine is definitely one I enjoy looking at, after today it will definitely go with Lotte in my display case in my office. From a distance this figurine is super cute and even up close its hard to look at anything but her hat and her face because it just draws you towards it. While its not the best in the sculpting area or in the painting area i still love this figurine. For the price however i think I would take a pass on this. It was listed in the store for 6500 yen however its only 5700 yen in AmiAmi right now. Since shipping for us is about 25$, it was still cheaper in the store. I give this figurine a 76%, its just not up to snuff with the other stuff out there, it is great for a Touhou figure or from at least what I have seen but it just cannot compare with some of the others out there.

What do you guys think? big into Touhou at all? Lolis at all? Lolis? Mmmmm yes you are. Let us know what you think or if there is any other figurines that we might own we could review. In return? My favorite Touhou video.

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2 thoughts on “Ques Q – Touhou Project – Moriya Suwako – PVC Figure

  1. Good to see that Ques Q made a decent figure, I ordered their Yukari and Purple Heart so I’m hoping things turn out ok. Looking at Suwako it seems everything is not too bad without any mayor flaws.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ques Q ever since they released that Taiga figure. It makes me wonder if I should go with them when I finally decide to preorder a Touwa Erio figure (there’s too many choices). GSC is the only other company I know of that uses magnets to keep hats in place, and I love it. I can’t count how many times a hat has fallen off after someone slams a door or a helicopter flies overhead.

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