Good Smile Company – Wagamama Capriccio – Melissa Seraphy – 1/8 PVC Figure

Somehow and I am not sure how, during my delinquent stages of figurine collecting.  This figurine slipped through the cracks of our collection.  I could of sworn I ordered it so it must of been a figurine that I just did not get because I ordered it too late.  We did try to order this figurine online from someone on Ebay but for some unknown reason at the time, he felt it was worth 250 bucks.

Anyways I love to ramble about random stuff before talking about a figurine I have found out but lets get down to it.  This figurine is done by the company that has been blessed by the hand of god Good Smile Company.  Its 1/8 as the title shows, its roughly 18cm tall and yes, the pumpkin does come off!  I am scared to take the pumpkin off because I might break something…. let me try… the wife can put it back together!… SQWEEEEE SHES SO CUTE >_<.

HA HA! this figurine is awesome.  There is so much I like about it.  I should say however, this figurine is second hand we did purchase it while we were in japan.  Actually I’m not 100% sure it is second hand as I cannot read Japanese, for all I know this could of been an unopened package, I don’t see any fading of the colors on it and the price was definitely closer to what I would of expected to pay for an unopened.  Anyways, we did purchase it from Mandarake in person =p.

This figurine is close to everything I would ever want in a figurine.  She is DFC and has a cute fang showing with blond hair big blue eyes with nice curves on her hips and a little crown on her head.  She is the essence of cute and adorable with sprinkles of sexy in there just for good measure, bake at 450 in the oven for 10 min and you have adorable figurine inside a pumpkin.

This figurine was released in 2006 initially so it does suffer from a few of the oldies problems that i see in the older figurines.  However for the age of this figurine it is actually shocking to see it done so well.  Even from Good Smile I would not of expected this type of quality 6 years ago.  A few of the shortcomings I can see on this figurine is the hair, a lot of the older figurines seemed to have a way of doing the hair that just left molding lines on it.  It does seem a little stiffer then most of the PVC figurines we have as well but that could be straight up from age.  The skin tone she has seems a little off as well in around her shoulders and such but this is just being SUPER picky on my part.  I am sure my wife would not agree with me either as she is normally the expert on color.

A few other things that just are not as sharp as I have come to expect from Good Smile is the design on the center of her chest, it just seems a little bland but don’t get me wrong here either, from far away <3-4 feet> you would not notice this.  Also the base, it is a little boring as well, just 1 piece of plastic with a magic circle put on it.

I should point out that all of these negatives I point out are exceedingly picky and for a figurine that was made 6 years ago this would of been considered masterful work back then compared to some of the other figurines we personally own or have seen from that time.

Good Smile has never done me wrong with any figurine I have and I personally cannot see them ever doing so in the future.  This figurine is solid, very sturdy super cute and as I said a little sexy too.  She has sexy panties that you can see through the view ports in the pumpkin.  It makes me wish that she was held in there some other way then just having the pumpkin closed but to be perfectly honest, it does work quite well.  When we were in Mandarake they also had the Nendoroid version of this, it took all of my willpower to not grab it because in my head I was screaming “make it a set.. A SET!!!”…  I still might get it at some point.

All in all there is A LOT of things I like about this figurine, she is cute, she is sexy, she has a nice pose, its pretty different the way she works being held in by a pumpkin.  Because of the largeness of the pumpkin its very easy to forget how it is actually attached to the base, I personally am not 100% sure as I was sleeping when my wife was putting this together.  Hmmm took it apart, its super simple but at the same time it is super sturdy.  That is something I love to see in a figurine, being able to display it with zero fear of it falling over do to being jostled.  This one you would have no fear.

If you are able to snag this figurine, I think it should be in everyone’s collection.  It is a piece that just stands out due to the fact its huge and orange.  Who can resist a cute pumpkin devil in sexy panties with an adorable face and cute pose?  Hmmm? Yeah that’s right, no one!  I can honestly say and it is a little lame, getting this figurine was one of the highlights of our trip to Japan.  This figurine is a must have, I will rate it on a bit of a curve due to the fact its 6 years old and give it a 95%.  Normally I think it would of rated about an 85 or even a bit lower but just with the age of it, I cannot in good conscience do that.  Go and find this figurine, add it to your collection!!!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our review and commenting.  Let us know what you think of the figurine, let us know if you have it or if this review makes you want it, we love to hear from you guys!!

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4 thoughts on “Good Smile Company – Wagamama Capriccio – Melissa Seraphy – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Ah cool that you got her, I also paid a little fortune for her hehe. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and the fact that she was produced in the early days of PVC figures impressed me even more, she’s great. The face is super cute, as you already said, but I also love the demon wings and her shiny gloves. Melissa petite body is very attractive and together with her moe appeal a great combination was achieved.

    My only complain is that she can only displayed inside her pumpkin, it’s a little shame to cover her lower body, these hips and pantsu are lovely.

  2. Such a nostalgic figure, this is one of those figures that picked my interest years ago. I think I like her more without her pumpkin, makes her seem too bulky for my tastes. Without it, she looks so nice and slim.

  3. Haha its so funny because both of you were thinking the exact same thing as i was about having her displayed inside the pumpkin. Its ok, its our little secret that she is super sexy under the pumpkin. All thos others can be ignorant of our little secret! 😉

  4. I think Melissa is one of the most wanted figures out there. I missed the preorder for her because I was new to figure collecting and didn’t keep track of what was coming out. If I could find one for a decent price now, I’d probably get one too.

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