Gathering – Mystic Elin – TERA Online – 1/7 Resin Kit

Yeah I know, its called the elementalist or whatever they decided to call it over at E2046 but to anyone that actually plays the game they will know it as a mystic. Our mystical mythical loli fox elin from the game the wife and I love to play. Well… I guess we haven’t played in a long time but I suppose that’s due to Diablo 3 and other things…. well I guess I haven’t played Diablo 3 in a long time either… but that’s because of Blizzard… HEY!!! FIGURINES!!

So one day I was just perusing around on E2046 and happened across this gathering pre-painted resin kit and was like… damn that looks familiar. So I clicked the link and under it had a video of all the Elins from Tera dancing, their mesmerizing dance and the fact that I buy all loli figurines that are even remotely related to anything i enjoy instantly persuaded me to purchase this. With the nod from the wife because she thinks Elins are adorable we were off to the races.

At this point before I get into the review I should remind everyone that as this is a resin kit, and I was not the one that built it, its impossible for me to review the resin kit itself and in actuality I am really just reviewing the end product of someone else’s work. I cannot rank the molding or how it fits together because I do not know what needed to be sanded or patched or anything in relation to the kit itself, I will only judge the final product. This is why I normally do not like doing a review like this because I cannot review the figurine, I can only review the person work itself…. so be objective.

My first impression of this kit when I opened the box was “omfg that head is huge”. I do have that reaction to anything that’s larger then a 1/7 size. Removing the rest of it, my next impression was “holy fuck those hips are huge”. Again once put together the proportions do seem to match a hell of a lot better but sitting by themselves it sure as hell looks strange to a collector used to 1/7 size.

I can say I am actually pretty pleased with the end product this time, I have been burnt once from a garage kit and it took every ounce of my strength not to do a review on that because I would not be blasting the figurine itself but the work that was done by the individual on it. In this case, as with 2 of my other resin kits I can say I am pleased. Probably the first thing I am most pleased about with this is that it is the uncensored non US version of the character from Tera Online. If anyone has not played Tera Online but are MMOers, I will use this portion of this review to plug the game and say that you should honestly give it a try. It is a very different style of game, I find most of the people I know that are good and enjoyed it played a lot of FPSers and just had good mouse reflexes. It is worth the try, plus it has lolis… so like… seriously… wtf are you people waiting for? Dinara and I play on the Frost Reach server, my name is Lolicon =3 her’s is Dinara.

There is a crap ton of things done right on this figurine so I’m going to highlight those first. From what I can see of the sculpting on the body, it is bang on the legs have a super nice look to them and the pose is really awesome as well. The painting on her jacket or armor or whatever you want to call it is super nice as well, I love the gradient on it, such a nice effect. All the adornments the character has fit well and look great.

Now for some of the negatives, lets do a compliment sandwich style review. Something that I do really dislike about this and I’m unsure where to exactly place blame due to my own ignorance with resin kits. The hair… The hair is just… done badly, the molding that is. There is so many portions of the hair that I look at and I’m just disappointed. It is not clean at all, it has pockmarks it has bubblesand so many imperfections that even from a distance you might be able to see them. Also the molding or whatever had to be done to the end of the weapon was just done again, poorly.

Back to some good stuff, the face is done super well. I love how her eyes are almost like Nia’s from TTGL. I wish I could say that this figurine captures some super cuteness or something like that but it really doesn’t which is a shame. All in all however, I am super glad we decided to get this resin kit because it is unique. The main reason why I started playing Tera was because I was told it had Lolis and now I also have a figurine of one of these lolis. I do however wish that they would of done something better with the base, I am used to just a plain wooden base but I just don’t think the solid white color fits it at all. I would of liked to just see it solid black instead of white… oh well…

If you are a fan of the game, I would probably say to pick this up if it came back for purchase, if you are just a loli fan like I am? I would probably take a pass on this one. Because while she does have some loli qualities she is missing one of the most important ones and that’s the cute factor. She just looks too serious in this kit to be part of my cute loli collection. Overall I give this figurine a 74%, I don’t like how the hair was done, which I should point out includes the tail, and I don’t like the way the weapon was done. Whether this was the fault of the kit or the fault of the person who made it? I shall never know…

As always thanks for reading our reviews or just coming to look at our pretty figurines and pictures, we do love putting them on display for you guys, if you have any requests that you think we can fill we will do it as always. In return, lemme dig up an AMV I’ve been watching…. hmmmm…. Ahh! This one I love, its from Garden of Sinners, or Kara no Kyoukai or something? Be forewarned, it does contain spoilers.

6 thoughts on “Gathering – Mystic Elin – TERA Online – 1/7 Resin Kit

  1. I got some jawdrop after seeing the first pic, this GK figure, overall it look awesome.
    The skin texture, the body, the expression, it looks lovely overall =)
    I could imagine her in a *cuuuute* pose as well, but this figthing pose is also nice and dynamic.

    I have one GK kit at home unfortunately no one offered a prepainted version, but at least I wanted to get the kit of Nagi from Kannagi. I found a good build&paint service at my region, but he wants quite a bit of money. Nevertheless I decided to take the risk and I will send her to the build&painting service next month.

  2. Hmmmmm if it makes you feel any better we use Annya for our kits that we cant make ourselves because we are too inept… This we just grabbed because it WAS pre-made. i can say that annya is 100% legit she did our Darry figurine which i will review at some point because GODDAMN IT there isnt any Darry figurines! She did a fucking amazing job… she is in our links. Annyas workshop.

  3. I think the hair would look nicer if they shaded and highlighted it a bit, to give it depth. Though I can also see that the molding itself isn’t great, it’d help. xD

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