Alter – Tales of Vesperia – Rita Mordio – 1/8 PVC Figure

Ah, Tales of Vesperia. What a wonderful game. I was so excited to see that they were doing some figurines of the characters from the game. However when I heard that they were doing a figurine for freaking RITA MORDIO I was so stoked. Of course the tsundere flat chested magic welding character would instantly become my favorite! DUH! I loved this game, I played the hell out of it I even had some of my roommates play it with me, in fact it was one of the first things my wife Dani did when she moved in with me.

I am pretty darn satisfied with Alter making these figurines, I think they do a pretty good job most of the time. This one we purchased from Hobby Search and we just got in the mail today. We should have had it last month but it got delayed =(. We got it for ~90 bucks CAD. It was a little more expensive then the other ones and looking at the finished product, I can honestly say I’m not really sure why.

From a distance this figurine looks pretty flawless, I love the pose and you can tell she has a crap ton of stuff all over her which is pretty typical of Rita. There is a few bad things on this one that I’ll highlight, its the pretty normal stuff I have complaints with. However for now, I’d like to talk about the good stuff.

As I did just say, I love her pose, its sort of a “bring it on” and dangerous all at the same time. Totally the essence of Rita there. She has a cocky attitude and this figurine shows it well. I think her clothing is bang on, I honestly did not expect to see such an attention to detail on the items she was holding.

Something I do dislike about the figurine is her face. While Rita does have a catty attitude and is mischievous I would of rather seen her with an angry face. I think it would of added more to the figurine if she had like a mouth open with some sort of glare as if she was about to attack or something. However this face is not that bad I suppose.

Something I have come to love about getting these ToV figurines is how they come with their little chibi characters as well. I’m not sure what it is about them but I just fucking love them. If we didn’t have all of our figurines packed up I’d get Dani to take a pic of all of them.

Something that Dani pointed out to me is that it looks like this base might be meant to interlock with another base much like the Flynn and Yuri ones do. This sort of excites me because it would probably mean an Estelle figurine! I freaking LOVED Estelle, her innocent cute charms =3.

A few other things about the figurine that did disappoint me a little was the shading on the base, or maybe the coloring, I cannot put my finger on it. This might sound a little ridiculous but it just seems fake. Obviously it is fake but for some reason just the way it was made makes it seem like it IS in fact just some cheap plastic. Also some of the finer details on the cloths and colors bleed into each other a TINY bit on this figurine. I suppose I can give these guys a break because there is so many fine details on this… I just know that Good Smile however would not of messed this up.

All in all I am quite pleased with the figurine, its not going to be my favorite but it is my favorite from the ToV figurine series so far. Rita was a bad ass character and I loved the way she developed through the series…series?… I meant to say through the game haha. I’ll rank this figurine at an 78%, the base the color bleeds are just a little bit too much for me to rank it up there with some of the great ones we have bought before. By no means take this as “don’t get this figurine”. If you are a fan of ToV then this is a must buy! If you are a fan of flat chested tsundere girls? Get this one. Honestly? Get this one anyways its great!

In closing, this is something that I have told almost everyone I know, however 95% of them don’t give 2 shits so I’m going to bother you all with it. I have always said that the opening to ToV is one of the rare cases where the English version of the opening is better then the Japanese… Give me your opinions, also, lemme know how you like the figurine!


4 thoughts on “Alter – Tales of Vesperia – Rita Mordio – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. You know there’s an Estelle figure already in the works, right? XD She was announced at Tales of Festival with Raven. And Alter said they will either be bringing her prototype or Raven’s to Wonder Festival tomorrow so be on the lookout!

  2. I was a bit disappointed when Alter went and made Vesperia figures for the guys but not the girls. Rita is a nice start followed by Estelle but what I really want is Judy. Man did I love Judy when I played the game.

    I’m still waiting for mine to arrive but it’s good to see the figure came out nicely. My only complaint from what I see would be her expression. I too would have liked an angrier tsun tsun expression.

  3. I love chibi characters that come with some figures too. In fact, I bought a $150 figure once just so I could get the chibi that came with it (yes, I’m crazy).

    Anyways, Rita looks pretty cool, I like how her clothes and the book make it look like she’s actually spinning around. I can see what you mean when the base looks fake. Those tiles don’t look like concrete at all.

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