Good Smile Company – Fate/Zero – Saber Motored Cuirassier – 1/8 PVC Figure

First things first, I need to say I have not seen Fate/Zero yet. I was told by a friend that if I have not finished the visual novel of Fate Stay Night, then I should hold off on Zero until I finish it. That was awhile ago and I still have not finished the visual novel. BTW to anyone who has not read the visual novel, you need to get off your asses and get on it. I personally feel that the anime, the original anime I suppose, ruined the visual novel for me since I knew what was going to happen.

Onto the figurine. Saber is actually very close to one of my favorite characters from anime as a whole. I love the super honorable knight type character and she basically symbolizes it. I do try to get all of her figurines but lets be honest, some of them are expensive and they are very plentiful. This figurine WAS originally going to be a pass for both of us due to price and the fact that neither of us had seen Zero yet… However, I had multiple friends of mine who are not even into figurine collecting approach me and were like “Hey are you getting that one with the motorcycle?”. After I told them no, I was chastised for not ordering it… and so here we are.

We got this figurine from Hobby Search, which is where we purchase at least 80% of our figurines. We got it for uhhhh….. *looks at internet* 11,171 yen, so ~140 CAD. It’s about 29 cm long and about 19 cm tall, it is rather large.

Enough about random stuff, lets talk about the figurine! First of all… YAY! SABER FIGURINE! YAY! *does a little dance*. This figurine was pretty damn impressive when I first took it out of the box. Its made by Good Smile so I had high hopes for it. Its sad but one of the first things I noticed about it was the actual base. The base is so damn cool, its got a really nice textured feeling to it, I love the way its ripped up from some sorta damage, its freaking awesome. As well, it does hold the figurine in place VERY well. I was expecting it to be a little wobbly or to have issues with Saber being on it but again, Good Smile does not let you down, it sits perfectly. There is a peg that holds the back tire and a peg that holds her leg that’s extended, Saber herself actually sits on the bike itself quite well but you do put her hand on the handle of the bike which stabilizes her perfectly.

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Details details details… I have not seen the anime yet so I can’t say how accurate it is from the show, maybe the wife can pull up a nice screen of it and put it side by side? Who knows =p. I can say however that I love this figurine. This just might be my new favorite figurine from our collection. I am far from a gear head but I’d like to think that the details of this bike are consistent with what a real bike would look like. Makes me wish we had a macro lenses for this figurine because I don’t think we can do it justice here people…

The fact that this is in an action pose while she is on a freaking bike? Man, well done guys seriously good job. I am having a really hard time reviewing this figurine just because as usual we are rushed. We have a viewing of our house today so we are getting it all together and we actually didn’t even plan on reviewing this today, we were going to do Black Hanakawa from Bakemonogatari but I changed my mind because I think you guys would like to see this more.

I love the way Saber’s hair is flowing giving the figurine a look for “movement” and a general flow, the way the bikes angled as well, I really gotta say is done well. It looks like it would be massive and hard to work with but the entire thing has a flow to it that just sits well with me. One of the things that I noticed when I was taking the figurine out was that sabers skin seems very pale. As I have not seen the anime and I know that saber herself does have a pretty fair complexion I’ll have to write this off as the fact the figurine itself is made of very dark shades.

Full on, I’ll be honest here, I have no complaints about this figurine at all. I love almost everything about it, the attention to detail is amazing, the only thing I could even remotely complain about would be the fact that this figurine seems more like its about the bike then about saber. Saber is just in a black suit and while that’s a different kind of hawtness, it does almost seem like the bike is getting more attention in this figurine then Saber. While that’s not a BAD thing? I can say, I wanted to buy a figurine of Saber and not a figurine of a bike.

With that in mind, I’m gonna give this figurine a ranking of 95%, this could be the highest I have ever given a figurine and I might have to come back and take a look at this and re-vamp my ranking on it… but for this moment its difficult to find anything wrong with it. This figurine will forever be a conversation piece. The fact that we had non figurine collecting friends insist that I purchase this? Is testament enough for me.

As a side note? let us know if you’re getting it, why or why not? How you feel about it…. Also I am starting to wonder how many of these Excalibur swords we will have in our collection hahaha. Thanks for reading guys. I’ll grab a random AMV and toss it up just for shits and giggles.

7 thoughts on “Good Smile Company – Fate/Zero – Saber Motored Cuirassier – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I’ll try not to spoiler – I’ll try not to spoiler – I’ll try not to spoiler XD
    You should watch it soon.

    At first I was pretty much hyped about this figure, giving her the nickname “vroom vroom Saber” ^^
    In the end I didn’t order her, maybe Im not enough of a Saber fan or whatever to justify this purchase.

    Anyway I still think it’s a good looking statue, I don’t say figure since it is not the right term for this combination of woman and machine. I like the idea of an 1/8 scaled figure riding on a badass bike in a dynamic manner. And it turned out very well. The bike steals the attention from Saber a little bit, but it can’t be helped, she is sculpted after that anime scene.

    Mhh the name of this figure is kinda strange, is Motored Cuirassier a mix of bad engrish and german which should mean “Motorrad cruiser”? I don’t get it.

    1. I agree it’s almost like this is a bike with a Saber figure not a saber figure with a bike. The Bike is the big show not Saber herself. It’s to bad since she really looks bad ass. Haha

  2. I’m surprised, this is the first review that I see of this figure. I would have thought that this is one of those figures that everyone would be going crazy for and showing off.

    It is a nice Saber figure, I like it that is different than the norm, I like that the bike makes an interesting set piece. I also think it is a bit too expensive for non Fate/Zero or Saber fans.

    1. Really? We are the first to review this to your knowledge? I assumed that everyone did this one from all he photos I have see of this one! I am surprised to hear that…

      I do really like this figure because of how unique it is. I mean even Celty from Durarara didn’t come with her bike! And she uses it way more!

  3. Nice review! The outdoor shots suit this figure well. I’ve had my moto-Saber for several weeks now, but I haven’t decided how I want to shoot her for my review.

    GSC did a terrific job with this figure. Saber looks wonderfully dynamic, there’s tons of detail from the bike all the way down to the base, and the whole thing just looks badass. It is a little expensive and I would have liked to see her done in a larger scale to match GSC’s other Fate-series figures, but I really can’t fault GSC for delivering what they did.

    I’ve watched the original FSN anime and Fate/Zero season one, but I haven’t touched the visual novels. I’m probably doing it wrong, but I’ve just never found the visual novel format very appealing. I do think if I ever want to give VNs a shot, I’ll probably start with something from TYPE-MOON, though.

    @Wieselhead: I’m pretty sure “Motored Cuirassier” is intended. A cuirassier is a type of cavalry.

  4. Saber’s bike looks awesome! It’s kinda weird when an accessory looks better than the figure itself, but it still looks great overall.

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