Happy 1 Year Anniversary Nyaa Figurines!!

On June 30th we celebrated Nyaa Figurines first birthday! A year has come and gone already. We would like to thank everyone who follows our figurine reviews. Figures are a passion that Bloodfrost and I both love and we are happy to share our joy and collection with fellow fans and collectors.

I will start off with apologizing for not having a figure review for our first Friday of Nyaa Figurines being 1 year old. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, both with Nyaa Figurines and our marriage, we apparently decided to torture ourselves by putting our town house up for sale. We are hoping to find a bigger house that we can live in for a decade or two…. of course if you guys remember The Dark Side of Figurine Collecting… this means lots….

and lots….

and lots…

of figurine packing… of course we can’t forget the normal stuff!!

Don’t worry though, even though we are moving we will be able to continue to do our weekly reviews. We couldn’t possibly part with ALL of the figurines. We have kept some on hand to do some reviews of for the next few weeks before we find a house that we can call home.

Anyways the point of this post was for me to give you guys a review of what we did in the past year. I won’t lie this probably isn’t the most interesting post in the world. But I would love to hear from our other figure and anime bloggers to let me know how this compared to their first year or how they are doing now. I really have no clue on if this is normal for a blog or if we just suck. haha. Our past year… I have no clue if we did good or not. I am happy with what I have seen from our stats.


We started off exactly how I assumed we would, small! We grew in views steadily with April being a huge month for us! Obviously with our trip to Japan and posting every day for two weeks straight really was popular. Though maybe our moms just visited our site waaayyy to much. It’s hard to tell. 😛



We get an average of 100 views a day now, growing this would be great but I am happy to get this many! We have had about 20,000 views in our first year! Yay!


The top 5 favorites figure reviews are Hiyori Pixy, Sonico, Alleyne, Taiga and Xiao Mei! What?!? I wrote almost all of these! Don’t let Bloodfrost see this! He might make me write more if he thinks people like my reviews more then him!! Ill just go with the fact that they are mostly the naughty figures 😛


Now for the scary part that I don’t want our parents seeing…. so you guys can stop reading this right now… haha the budget! We try to budget for $250 a month…. we were definitely over in this first year! I wasn’t collecting information on how much we exactly spend or even with figurines we received between June 30th 2011 and now. So even the numbers I have only include Hobby Fan, Hobby Search, and E20476. I do not have any numbers from what we purchased in Japan, at Animodeling, or off Ebay or My Figure Collection. We bought at least 50 figures since Nyaa Figurines opened to the world. We spent approximating $5000, with 20% of that going simply to shipping costs of the figures. We blew our $250 a month budget since we spent closer to $400 a month instead… Whoops!!! Maybe this year Masakaki will visit us and make us Entrepreneurs….


All in all I think we had a good year. We added at least 50 new figures to our collection!!

Thank you everyone for being with us for this first year! I hope you continue to enjoy our reviews and be sure to let us know if there is anything you think we should approve on!


4 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Anniversary Nyaa Figurines!!

  1. Congrats guys! I don’t know what I would do if I had that many figures to pack up and move haha. You make it seem like you have more figures than clothes and stuff!

  2. the boxining….. oh gawd…. Dani did most of the work on it, we brought all of them to my parents house because we wont store thos. For all i know you guys would find them and steal them all O_O… <_<… *looks around all paranoid*….

    Anyways, much like my wife says, thanks for reading my weekly rantings about figurines and looking at our pretty pictures, once we get our house we plan on making a REAL area to do figurine shots and buying a Macro lense for our camera so stuff should get more interesting… of course we have no intentions of buying less figurines ;).

  3. Ah but you are wrong, I find this kind of post very much interesting! It’s always nice to see the journey a fellow blogger goes through to get where they are now.

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