Alter – Momo Belia Deviluke – To Love Ru – 1/8 PVC Figure

And so another Friday comes and goes by the time this is posted.  This figurine is a throwback to the old days when I was alone with nothing but my money and my figurines.  Why do I say that?  Well back when I was a naive figurine collector and living alone… well not alone but without a female companion.  I used to just go to Hobby Fan and I would look at any and all of the new figurines up for pre-order and purchase any I thought were cute.  It didn’t matter if I knew who the character was or where it was from, if it was cute? It was purchased.  So as I said, this is a throwback to these days, because while I’d have to be living in a box if you are an anime fan, the way Dani and I do to not know about To LOVEru.  I can honestly say at the TIME of ordering this I knew nothing of the series.

As you can tell from the title this is a 1/8 figurine of Momo Belia Deviluke from the anime To LOVEru and was made by Alter.  We got this figurine from our shipment last month from Hobby Search.  It cost us about 85 bucks.  This is pretty rare that we would just get a random figurine from a series we have not watched but what can I say? I got a think for girls with devil tails and pink hair.

Being able to look at this figurine objectively is sort of nice for once.  While I must admit I did pick up the manga at some point about a month or so ago so I could actually try to see what the fuss was about it all, I did not much care for it.  I have grown past the time of this style of anime, the whole Moe Ecchi main male lead who’s clearly Femophobic… yeah that’s right, I just created a new word, deal with it…  I cannot hold the style of the anime against this however because from what I have read and seen, this anime/manga has some of the cutest damn characters ever.  They have body types that range from the tsundere flat chested to the large titted oblivious girls.  It’s not a surprise which ones I prefer but I don’t think any of them came into the story while I was still reading it.

Anyways, I suppose since this is a figurine review I should speak about it in some fashion.  The first thing that jumped out at me for this figurine as an “I need to get this” was the face.  She has a super cute pouty expression on that could be taken as if she is about to do something devilishly evil and I find it quite attractive.  Then of course comes the pink hair, for some reason I just really love the pink hair on the anime girls.  After that of course I clicked on the link and saw the whole picture and was still sold.  I love stockings of the 2 color stripped variety and the dress itself is just damn cute.  Her pose matches what you would expect from seeing her face and without any panties and just bloomers instead I think it makes it a little bit different.  Especially since this is from what I would consider a very ecchi anime.

So with the pose and the face and the dress with stockings all well and good, where does this fall short?  Well all the typical stuff you would expect Alter to do right was done right.  Molding is good, colors seem consistent no hard lines, even the detail on the cell phone is good.  I should point out that the cell phone does come out of her hands but its molding was done very well as it never seems to fall out.  Anyways, the stockings do have a bit of bleed from some of the coloring and there are a few dots of extra PVC on them as well.  I doubt you would be able to see it with our camera until we get a macro lenses… Hopefully within the next 6-9 months.

I’m not a huge fan of the base, I don’t really like the ones that have the plastic in between the foot and the base as I’m really not sure what the point of it is.  I would rather see the extra plastic built into the base then to see it as a piece that looks as if it should be removable.  Since this character is a devil character as well, I think the base would of done better with a not white base with green text?  I’m not sure, some of you guys would probably know a lot better than myself.  However it does hold the figurine well and I would not really worry about the center of gravity on it either so it really only loses marks on originality because functionally it does a good job.

I do apologize because I do not really have a lot to say on this figurine.  It’s just a cut and dry character cut right out of the anime.  It doesn’t appear to be in any particular action pose or sexually oriented pose either.  I think just looking at this is possibly a window into the characters personality which I am a fan of.  Any old joe could probably look at this and go “hmmm she looks like she’s gonna do something naughty” so I guess they get that picture across quite well.  Ranking these with other Alter figurines we have, it’s about average, it’s nothing special, I’ll give this an 84%.  I would have liked to see a bit more creativity on the base and a little bit more care taken on the stockings, as far as this ranks for other figurines from the series?  I would love to see what you guys out there that own any of them say, maybe the wife and I could pick a few more of them up.  That’s it however, that’s all, let us know what you guys think as usual.  Also here is another random AMV because I can.

Mmmm Merry is so fucking sexy, Everyone tell my wife to cosplay her, she has the perfect body for it!! DOO IT!!!


6 thoughts on “Alter – Momo Belia Deviluke – To Love Ru – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I have GSC’s Lala from aaaages ago, and it’s a wonderful figure as well. I really would like to pick more of that set up and to pick up this Momo as well (and I should hope they’d make the other twin too, instead of just Momo… but I’m not sure how likely that’d be).

    Looks like a great figure though, I’ll certainly have to pick her up on Mandarake next time I see her up there when I have some spare cash. =3

  2. Lala seems so much different then Momo!! But she is really cute, we would probably get Momo’s twin so she wouldn’t be lonely. It bothers me to have only one figure from a series.

  3. Thank you!! I actually packed her and took her for a 3 hour drive to my parents house… I had a wedding to go to and totally forgot to prepare the pictures for the review! So I took advantage of my parents wonderful backyard to do photos in. I really did like the pictures with Momo here… but Bloodfrost thinks that the background should be in focus while I think it would take away from the figure if it was! What’s your opinion on the matter?

  4. I prefer to have the background out of focus, gets rid of distracting elements and gives central attention to the figure. However, it really depends on what you are trying to do.
    If you take a figure to a backdrop that is fitting, say for example fitting architecture, you probably want to show it along with the figure. Not necessarily in focus but your depth of field should be enough to show the location a bit.

    1. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, like if I take time for staging and what not then I would want the background to be in view so you can see it, but if I am just shooting to have it as a backdrop or in the distance like Momo I don’t think it is necessary to should in detail the plants behind her.

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