Evangelion Shin Gekijouban – Makinami Mari- Yamato – PVC Figure

Well we decided to do Mari this week because she isn’t getting a lot of love currently I don’t think. Our friend Brent whom we went to Japan with or I should say met with in Japan was obsessed with this character, personally I have no idea who the fuck she is because I have not watched anything past the first part of the movie. I want to watch it all back to back so I’m not waiting for any awesomeness and goodness.

When I think back on our figurines, I realize that we only have one other from Evangelion, which is super weird because I actually do like Asuka a lot from that series. To be perfectly honest, until I see the parts of the movie that have Mari in it, I wont make any comments on her character. It was a dream of sorts of us to own the Kotobukiya series of the figurines that was released but meh? I guess it fell a bit to the wayside.

As you can see from the title, this figurine was made by Yamato and we got this particular one from Hobby Search as per normal. This figurine was a little pricey and TBH I’m not fully sure why we did get it, it cost us about 100 bucks. Then again now that I actually have it I can see that its a relatively LARGE figurine, this was unexpected, its 30 cm tall, I don’t see a scale rating on it, but I’d have to assume if there is one its 1/6.

This was sculpted by Yoshizawa Mitsumasa, we don’t actually own or currently have pre-ordered any of the figurines made by him, nor would I actually plan on purchasing any of them that I see from his list. We got this figurine because “its Mari and we didn’t have one of her” or so my wife says however I can think of 2 other more key characters we also don’t have figurines of from this series… but ok whatever haha.

This figurine is definitely pleasing to the eye to look at, from a distance shes actually pretty sultry looking which I’m going to have to assume goes with her personality in some fashion. I really like the way she is posed in this sort of holding her skirt and her glasses with some sort of knowing look and smirk on her face, I find myself drawn into it a little bit more then I would of expected.

Getting a closer look at the figurine, you can see that it is a really basic design. There is not quite anything that really stands out and wows you about this “because we wanted a Mari figure”… right ok, just had to ask my wife again why we got this. Again, there is nothing really BAD about this but to be honest its sort of the staple “schoolgirl” figurine.

I cant bring myself to really find anything wrong with this other than the fact that it is quite boring. Its a good figurine for our collection because we don’t honestly have A LOT of figurines like this. I’m looking for small imperfections that I’d see in a figurine but even a closer inspection really shows no marring, no color bleeding and pretty clean cut lines in all regards. Even the base is a mirror finish which I find to be sort of unique and kind of like. Nice stockings, nice skirt, nice panties, would have been more interesting to see red panties or something racey but then again I don’t know the character.

All in all, not a stand out figurine by any regards but at the same time, a good quality figurine. This is the type of figurine I would purchase when I’m in a store and people are looking at me with their dead otaku eyes wondering if I’m going to buy something or keep looking. I’ll give it a 78%, not because there’s anything wrong with it, this is fully a personal preference sort of thing. I have no investment with the character other then “we wanted a figurine of her” and she looks good in her uniform.

Here as usual is a random AMV, this one actually has clips of EVA in it, so… here you go lol.

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