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Oh dear, the time has finally come for me to buy the Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid. If you didn’t know she is up for preorder right now so you better get your order in if you haven’t already, I can see her selling out really fast.

Now you guys might know that my husband is not a huge fan of nendoroids, he feels like they are a bit of a waste of money. But when I showed him this adorable little expression of Mirai’s he couldn’t help but agree to order her right away. Those styles of eyes are just way to cute for anyone to pass up, a Mirai fan or not.

Of course she comes with a regular expression as well. Mirai is a little bit more expensive then most nendoroids that I  have seen though. She is going for about $40 USD right now. Looking at a few sites it seems like AmiAmi has her for the cheapest as I write this post. This obviously isn’t taking shipping prices into consideration.

Danny Choo knew what was up though, Mirai comes with a lot of great accessories. Mirai comes with her sidekick Retrokyu, a Japanese flag, and an itasha or anime themed car. It apparently has real rubber tires and you can push it around!!! How cool is that!? You couldn’t even push around Motor Saber.

Things get even better though! Mirai comes with her own miniature size  full set of Moekana (50 cards + 6 special). Which is really awesome!! It is a real little bonus to have that! And if you have never seen the cards… they are probably the cutest Japanese flash cards in the existence known to man… hence the name…

Like I said she is up for preorder right now. She will be released this December. This cutie can be ordered at the following places:


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