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Hey everyone!! So these two crazy people asked me to do a guest review for their site as they’re moving this week. I was going to do the scratch’n’sniff Strawberry Shortcake… but… something about that felt too dirty for a public forum. So here’s the next best thing… Samus!

Saying that Metroid is one of my favorite game franchises of all time is like saying punching a baby seal in the face is only kind of fun! Metroid is simply fantastic with an amazing story line (and unfortunately little to no character development). Until… Metroid: Other M, which is where this figure has come from. The game didn’t do horribly well unfortunately… maybe because from 1986 onward Samus Aran was a “take no shit from no alien never” type of girl. Say something she didn’t like? You had an ice rocket shoved so far up your ass your nose was an ice-cube dispenser for a month. Introduce Metroid: Other M, and Samus is now a cry baby little bitch that… well… thanks Team Ninja for this abortion of a game.


Samus first started out on Nintendo as an 8bit pew-pewing super hero, and surprisingly never got worse visually. Every time they made a new version of her from a design perspective she was always awesome. Unfortunately, even though I own this game, I still haven’t played it. I just cant bring myself to after everything I’ve heard about it, which makes me very sad. (My assistant has just informed me that punching baby seals in the face is not fun, and the opinions expressed by myself are not condoned by the owners of this site.)


Dear Nintendo: please punch each person in the nutsack who decided making Metroid Pinball was an awesome idea.

Love, Lros


The Figurine:

So in playing with this figurine I only have one problem. There’s a pose on the back on the box that I wasn’t able to duplicate (the leg kept falling off) however I am fairly confident that this is due to my inept ability to pose these guys because I don’t often play with dolls.



I’ve been told that Max Factory makes a lot of their figurines with this type of movable joints. I honestly think that normal characters would look/do look horrible like this (I’ve only seen a couple, but the few I have seen look like ass). Metroid being essentially a person inside a suit this joint movement style works really well. The stand that Samus stands on is the kind that has the stick that holds her up which fits snuggly and holds her very very well.


Posing and Accessories:

Getting her to pose in different positions is fairly intuitive. I had quite a fun time pushing all her joints into different places and making her make all the different poses. She comes with 4 hands (HOLY SHIT THE TOES MOVE? NO FUCKING WAY!?!?) 2 different blaster attachments (one for energy blast, and one for missile shot) and 2 different energy blasts. The only one I couldn’t replicate is the one where she’s on one knee with a hand on the ground. Every time I tried the her right leg would fall off. As stated above, I assume this is due to myself being unfamiliar with these character types as everything else seemed to work totally fine.


On one of the VERY few down sides, there’s technically 2 figurines there; the normal Samus and ball Samus, but only the one stand. I think it would have been better is the stand would have been made a bit wider so you could put both on the same stand. The way it is now it’s one or the other… so if you want to display a somewhat boring, non-moving ball, you have no where to put Samus in all the sexy suited glory.


Molding and coloring:

No mold lines that I saw, no color bleed, and the coloring seemed spot on. It blows my mind how the figurines we have in America for the same price look like kindergarten students painted them, but in Japan if the quality isn’t perfect people are shunned and laughed at. That’s one thing I’ve always told Colin is, as much as I make fun of him for having all these figurines (dirty Otaku!) they all look simply amazing.

Oh Samus, you silly racist!

Price point:

After the conversion from Yen to Canadian dollar, the figure cost $41, which is super cheap considering the quality of this guy (at least to me it’s super cheap).


All in all I’m going to have to give Samus a 96% score. I would have liked to see the joints attach a little more firmly, and I would like to think that one of the poses on the box would be possible after spending 10 minutes trying, but these things are so minor they do almost nothing. The other reason why it’s a little lower is the issue with the ball vs Samus figures I listed above. It just seems silly to have one little tiny ball, but not make a base capable of showing off both at once.

The following two pictures are wallpapers


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