*NSFW* Native – Princess Mordina – 1/7 PVC Figure

Ohh Princess, my dear Princess Mordina. How long did I wait for you to join us? Too long my princess. Yep that’s right this week is mine and I am reviewing my beloved Princess Mordina. She is very much not safe for work though so you are warned. She would have been our first Native figure… but she was delayed… and delayed… and delayed.. and delayed… a full six times… during that time we managed to go to Japan and bring back Shoujo S . Anyways! Almost a full year since I first ordered her on August 6th 2011, I finally have her! And best of all she came in a epic box that looks like an old style hat box.

Where to start? I ordered her through Hobby Fan for $149.99. I fell in love with her the moment I first saw her! Her beautiful long hair and ballet style clothes were to much for me to pass by. The fact that it was a Native figure just was the cherry on top. Given their past work, I knew she was going to be well done.

First off I need to say that she is awesome merely by the fact that her Crown, bunny ears, and her bunny tail are both magnetic. I read that some people had problems with her bunny tail, like the magnet was in the wrong way so it tried to avoid her bum versus sticking to it. I do not have that issue with my Princess. Crown, ears and tail stick snuggly on her.  Even shaking her I cannot get the crown to fall off. If only every hat was magnetic so I wouldn’t ever have issues with hats falling off… like with Alleyne

She comes with two “outfits”. I will say outfits loosely since it is not like her clothes change. Her tutu can come off and you can give her a bunny look by giving her ears and a tail that come with a little bow tie. Or you can have her with a crown and three ball and chains. I would like to point out that the chains are actually made of metal, though the balls are not. I wish they were since they would give a more realistic look to them. Though they did a pretty decent job with them so I won’t complain. You can just tell they are not as shiny and their golden metal counterparts would have been.

Her blank emotionless expression is something I really like with her. She has dark lipstick and I really like her eyes as well. The shape of her face really makes her look cute too. But her long platinum blonde curly hair is probably one of the top reasons I got her. I just love how its cascading all down her side, and how long it actually is too… I don’t think I have seen any figures with hair like hers before. Maybe I just have a thing for knee length white curly hair? Though because it is so curly and layered, you can see a fair amount of seams. I would have to say they did a decent job with her hair since the sectioned curls make the seams more natural.

No point in avoiding the obvious, she is clearly in a very provocative position, her arm is down her tutu when is on, and she is touching herself. They do a good job with the sculpting of her lady parts as well. This is the first nude figure that I have reviewed that actually isn’t wearing panties of sorts. Though they do have her covering herself a bit with her hand. She is also is a DFC girl, she will hold you closer to your heart when she hugs you. ;). Either way she is a very sexy figure, her stocking and high heels just complete the picture.


Her base is a simple circle but it is actually covered with a fake fur of sorts, making it pretty unique. Its not very often that you have a figure with a material type base covering on it. I think its great since it goes with the figure so well, and it actually helps the figure too!! I will never worry about my Princess Mordina’s knees getting marked up from her kneeling since the fur won’t rub paint onto them! Good thinking Native, you protect my kneeling figure!

All in all I love Princess Moldina, my only complaint is that her legs don’t quiet fit into her torso, there is a bit of a crack between them but the tutu pretty much covers it. It is disappointing to see something like this though. Because of this I would give the figure a 80%,  I am pretty happy with her still. If you are a fan of sexy figurines, especially if you like Native figure. You should really get this figurine!! I cannot hide my excitement with having her. I am hoping to add another Native figure to our collection at the end of this month as well, we’ll see how that goes. haha

Anyways thanks for reading as usual! I would love to know what Native figures you guys have, or what you think about Princess Mordina here.

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6 thoughts on “*NSFW* Native – Princess Mordina – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. Mordina has a pretty unique look to her. She seems a lot more western than the average moe anime figure. I have a figure from Native that has the same fur base, but in an oval shape. I think they do that for all of their kneeling figures.

  2. AH Native, they sure make some interesting figures. This figure together with Shoujo S are the ones I would love to own. Too bad the admission price keeps me away together with their naughty nature. Can’t really go around displaying them at home which is a shame since they looks so nice.

  3. They did yet another great job with another wonderful figure, I see! Boy, I really love Native’s figures, one of these days I’ll get one… or five… or all of them. But for now I sit on the sidelines hoping that one will come across my path when I can afford it. =P

  4. I really love her face, I can see what you mean by a more western look in regards with her face. And if Native gives all their kneeling figures fur to kneel on. I love them even more!

  5. I do agree that Native figures price tags are pretty steep most of the time… but they are so pretty I cannot pass them up!! And yeah it is a little awkward displaying them in my living room. But if our parents accept them as art I am sure others can!!

  6. “When I can afford it”, isn’t that the tale with mot figures on our wishlists? haha if I won the lottery I think my wish list would be empty of any figure that has been released. haha

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