Ques Q – Hyperdimension Neptunia – Purple Heart – 1/8 PVC Figure

Hyperdimension Neptunia, a PS3 game with retardedly cute girls and cute cut scenes that have boob jiggle in them. This pretty much sums up the game for me nicely… Oh wait no sorry its an RPG game too =3. Dani decided one day that she wanted to have this game, so a friend of mine went around the NE of Calgary for like 2 hours trying to find it before we met some surly chick at an EB Games <or Game Stop whatever> that was willing to sell it to us. She played the game for ~3 hours and then has yet to play it again. However, this did not stop either of us from loving the characters of the show, we even have Dezejacket iPhone4 cases for the sequel of the game which we do not even own yet.

Anyways, enough of the background, Dani and I purchased this figurine from Hobby Search we got it in a large pack of figurines that month. We got it for ~75 USD. Before I even begin this review, I’d like to mention that I already wish we could take back purchasing this figurine. It was made by Ques-Q which has not disappointed us before, in fact there is 2 figurines they have done which I absolutely love! However this was one of the largest disappointments I have had from a figurine the second I opened the box in my life. I’ll try to keep the review a little subjective as I’m sure not all the figurines are like this one but here we go.

Out of the box I noticed the face seems very narrow and the actual mouth has very little detail in it, as little as you could expect form a serious face frown, it basically looked like my face when I opened the box 🙁 yes, that’s the face…. that’s the face right there. I’m normally used to seeing a huge anime head looking at me when I open a box but instead I see a relatively small narrow head with a line mouth frowning at me, she almost seems as upset as I am about her current state of affair.

I should say that its not all bad, so I’ll point out a few of the good points of the figurine before I touch on whats really upset me about the figurine here. I must say that I do like her hair, the way it was sculpted is actually done quite well it flows down, it has nice flexibility and at the same time seems very durable.

Ugh, I’ll be honest, I can’t really do this so I’m just going to point out more bad things about it. First and foremost the second thing I noticed when I opened this was the appearance of some form of residue, possibly glue? I’m sure some more advanced figurine collectors might be able to comment, its on HER left leg right where her “stockings” come to her leg.

There appears to also be some form of glue as well on her right hip as well right where the clothing meets the skin. It’s pretty obvious when you let it hit the right light however it might not capture on camera as well, we shall see.

Next, this is something I ding a lot of figurines for and this is the colors bleeding into one another. As I was looking at her hair from the back side, I could not help but notice it almost looked like a 4 yr old child was left to color in the lines with a crayon. I of course exaggerate but at the same time, this is probably the worst color job I have seen in any of the figurines we own. Fuck man, the purple area on her back isn’t even symmetrical. Jesus…

This could be because of her pose but I highly doubt it, it almost looks like someone punched her in the collarbone with a cannonball because the area above her breasts and between her shoulders is so sunken in that it causes her to just look so damn weird. It’s a little hard to explain and again, without a macro lens, I doubt my wife will be able to get a shot worthy of my complaints.

This takes me onto the base. The base is without a good design or any sort of logo, its your basic lets make a semi transparent purple base that’s round. This as I’m sure some of you know, I do not like. However! This one does an exceptionally bad job by actually having the connector, the little purple wedge that connects the figurine to the base? Yes its actually a part of the figurine itself. I can deal with this when the base has a raised wedge for the figurine to snap onto… but to actually have it as part of the figurine just bothers the everloving hell out of me. In case any of you are curious? No it does not come off.

Anyways, I can’t actually bring myself to review this anymore. I won’t say its a piece of shit because I like this character and this game and from far away? Maybe you wont notice all though defects. It’s actually sad to say but this still is not the worst figurine in our collection, that’s reserved for a special figurine that I will never review until I run out of every other goddamn figurine to review. I will say that this one is probably the…. 3rd worst figurine in our collection at this point however. I’ll give this figurine a 45%. I would not recommend this for a purchase even for hardcore fans of the game, its exceptionally brutal. I will say that it IS possible that only mine came in this bad of condition, from the possible glue marks.


Ugh, we need a pallet cleanse after this, lets watch a nice AMV together everyone.

3 thoughts on “Ques Q – Hyperdimension Neptunia – Purple Heart – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. Ah, her. From what I know, you’re not the only one who has had issues with her. Figure sites are rife with complaints about her QC. Quite a pity really, because she does have a nice design…but, really. I’m not even all that picky about figs (I collect a lot of prize figures, just saying) but even I think this really doesn’t look worth the kind of money you’re paying for her. The base design is really plain too, and a block on her feet? Hmm.

    Well, think positive. Your next figure will look all the better compared to the dissapointment from this one, so yay.

  2. Yeah honestly, when it comes down to it? any figurine is a good figurine, i still want them all, its a shame that they did butcher this one so badly however. It does kinda shake your faith in some of the manufacturers however as i do have good ones from these guys. I’ll honestly never really look at them the same way again but i don’t think it’ll effect my decisions in the future.

  3. Ah, Neptunia such an interesting game, very nice for long time anime and game fans.

    I heard about the issues with this figure before but it seems to be a hit or miss thing. I don’t see anything in particular that puts me off about it. Perhaps only the face, more detail is always nice after all. I still haven’t opened mine so I can’t vouch for how it turned out.

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