Max Factory – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute – Gokou Ruri – Kamineko Ver – 1/7 PVC Figure

It has come to my attention that I have been reviewing figurines that I seem to only really really like as of recently. So with that in mind… Here’s one of my current favorite figurines =D.

The figurine dubbed Kamineko, I had to fight with my wife in order to keep. We had a bit of a financial pinch and it came up that MAYBE we should cancel a few of our reserved figurines and when the conversation itself came up I realized that my wife and I really do have differing opinions on figurines… yes my wife did suggest canceling this one. I was so shocked that I simultaneously pissed my pants and vomited in my mouth in both fear and absolute revulsion. After a quick trip to the bathroom and the cloths closet, I calmly walked out and told her that no, we would not be canceling this figurine.

I do Jest a bit here, it really wasn’t all that bad. A lot of the time when you order a figurine you think it looks AMAZING then when you get the final product you might not be what you call “disappointed” with it, however it still did not meet your already quite high expectations. This figurine does the exact opposite. Now I’m not gonna say that I am a raging Max Factory/Goodsmile fanboi… buuuuut I’m a raging Max Factory/Goodsmile fanboi. For some reason it appears that sometimes when Max Factory touches something <that’s not a figma> its like they are goddamn king Midas and everything they touch turns to gold <except figma>.

I don’t think I am gonna find much wrong with this figurine, I might have to hit up my wife a bit to see what she thinks is bad, I know she didn’t like the dress but that comes down to an opinion thing I don’t think she actually saw flaws on it. So lets talk about the amazing shit here. <Dinara: The top skirt is flat and has not definition to it, expect for the  bows on it. Compared to the rest of the figure it actually looks like a its a piece of plastic, there is no flow or movement in the skirt. And I personally think she should only ever be a gothic lolita, the sweet lolita outfit doesn’t suit her at all.>

First of all, I can say this is one of those rare figurines that appears as if it could spontaneously come to life and start yelling at me for leering at it like a dirty otaku. Kuroneko I should point out is actually one of my favorite characters, I swear to god its why I married my wife, she has the streak in her. Sometimes when we argue and shes all upset I cant help but just split the biggest grin EVER and just think how fucking cute she is. Maybe I’m a bit masochistic but hey whatever =p.

The sculpting done by Yoshi on this one, who has not really don’t any other figurines I’m a HUGE fan of is just amazing. When I look at her arm extended and you follow it up to her body and you can see the arm pit <yeah I know weird> but it just looks so smooth and perfect.

The fine details on this are really what sends this over the top for me. The lacing on the boots the frills on the dress and bustier the way her fingers are and the ribbon everywhere. Even the little neck collar thing which I think are super fucking sexy. This figurine has no mars on it and its crisp and clean all over, exactly what I’d expect from Max Factory.

As I said and maybe I’ll go into a little bit more detail, one of my favorite parts of this figurine is actually just her expression and her stance. Kuroneko’s attitude has always been a huge thing for me and for some reason I can just see her standing there next to Kirino and spouting some line from her Maschera anime or whatever it is and pissing her off. The way she falls into character in the anime is just reflected so well in this figure. She just has that mischievous look in her eyes, its actually super sexy and sultry in my opinion.

Its hard for me to rank this figurine, I want to give it 100% but a part of me, a LARGE part of me says that this is just bias. There has to be something about it that makes it not perfect… Looking down to the way its built and formed, I can see that its balanced well, the base is unique enough that it doesn’t bother me, I even waited a few months before reviewing this so I would lose the initial “excitement”. I’ll be honest, even the dress is done well and form fits to the figurine. I’m just going to bite the bullet and give this one a 99%. I’m sure that someone would not like this for some reason other then “opinion” and I would very much so like to hear it. Tell me why this figurine isn’t good, I really need to know. Until then? 99% I love it, its one of my favorites, this figurine ranks right up there with my Haruhi Extravaganza version set… which one day I will review and give 100%.

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2 thoughts on “Max Factory – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute – Gokou Ruri – Kamineko Ver – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. I get what you say about Max Factory, back before I started collecting most of the figures that I liked were from Max Factory. As much as I love figmas I do wish Max Factory would do more scaled figures.

    I can why you like this figure it is quite nice, no big flaws and looks really nice. I think if any problem is that it’s not my mental image of Kuroneko. Perhaps if Kamineko had made an appearance in the anime that would be different.

    This time the pictures are really nice as well.

  2. It would be nice to see more Max Factory figures yes, and I don’t really have a good reason to not like this figure I guess. But mostly like you said it is just not the image I have of Kuroneko.

    And yay! I hope pictures continue to be nice.

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