Zero no Tsukaima – Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière – 1/8 PVC – Alter

Time for another review as it is that time of week again, my wife intercepted me on my way to the bar and made me write this so I apologize if it seems a little lacklustre as I am in the state of pre-drunk.  Anyways, I didn’t see this anime even tho it has a character that I know I would love to death, I am a total fan of the loli tsundere type character like this.  Shana Taiga and all the rest XD.  I cannot talk about this all that much, however it does appear that this figurine was done to some artwork?  It does appear to stay pretty much true to the picture although the skirt could be a little higher up <_<.

As you can tell from the title, this is a figurine done by Alter, I am generally satisfied with all the alter figurines we have, I would have to actually take the effort and go upstairs to see all the ones we have by them.  Since all the figurines I own that I hate, I have engraved in my brain with fire, I am pretty sure Alter doesn’t appear on that list.  We got this figurine from Hobby Search as per the usual and it cost us about 80 bucks.  I should also note that this is a 1/8 scale and she is 19.5 CM tall.

Intitally when I saw this figurine I wasn’t really into it, however the wife said that its cute and we do have another figurine of Louise so I thought we should get it as well.  Looking at it in detail, it does have a lot of folds and edges on it so it must of taken SOME effort to get to this point.  Its pretty heavy actually when you pick it up which normally means to me that there was a decent amount of work that went into it.

So I hand the figurine to my friend thats over to drink with me and I ask him “whats your favorite part of the figurine” his response is “pentagram base” and now he is actually now blathering on about how its not actually a pentagram base but a pentacle and if “there are any hardcore satanists that visit our website they would know”…. Soooo lesson learned, dont ask Derek his opinion on figurines anymore.

Moving right along…  Personally I think this is an adorable figurine, it is one of thos rare cases when I open a figurine and am plesently surprised about the quality and the actual looks of the figurine.  I was not expecting anything really special but it really is damn cute.  My favorite part of the figurine has to be the boots, I love how it has the little undead cat face and I like how they are shiney and laced up the side.  Her pose is nice as well, as I said, would be nicer to see the dress lifted a little bit more… buuuuut what can you do?

Its difficult to find the normal things you see wrong on a figurine here, poor mold lines, badly bleeding colors, they even have the maid hairband that covers what would normally be an unsightly hair seam for this style of hair.  Her face is cute, the detail on her middle fingers where the frilly things on her writs meet with her middle fingers and make a little bow.  All very very good detail on here.

I suppose the base is the one thing that disappoints me a little bit, not sure what I was looking for here but it does seem like a bit of a copout to have such an amazing figurine with such a normal looking base.  I don’t believe alter is well known for an originality on bases anyways.  This was originally released in 2009 so maybe that is why.

All in all, it is a good figurine, it did exceed my expectations however I had low to begin with.  If you are a Louise fan I would recommend it, if you are a loli tsundere enthusiast I would recommend it, if you just like a cute gothic lolita dress figurine, then again, I recommend it.  I’ll rank this on the higher scale of things with an 89%.  I could have gone into better detail in a lot of areas and I didn’t, for that I apologize and I hope the pictures can do the talking for me.  Thanks guys!

Oh… AMV… uhhhh HERE!…. * Goes to bar *


5 thoughts on “Zero no Tsukaima – Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière – 1/8 PVC – Alter

  1. Aside from her mouth and the lack of blush, I like everything about this figure, her clothes look really cool. There should be more figures of Louise to please picky people like me, but it appears as if the last season of the anime didn’t a big enough impact to make that happen 🙁

    Seems like you used new equipment for taking pictures, the light setting looks really good ^^

  2. Oh man, this figure is simple and nice, I had been wanting it for years. So lucky that Alter came out of the blue and made a re-release of the figure. I have to agree with you, it would have been nice if the skirt was a bit higher like in the illustration.

    The pictures look really nice this time, really nice and even lighting, complementary backdrop works too. You should do whatever you did for these pictures again.

  3. It is probably because the new location has more lighting in the room then the old house. I also linked my laptop to take pictures that way instead. Either way I will continue to take pictures this way. haha

  4. Like I said just above is probably because the new location has more lighting in the room then the old house. But i thought she would do well with a pink background like that. haha

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