Alter – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – Panty Anarchy – 1/8 PVC Figure

Oh Panty and Stocking… what a strange strange anime. I saw the preview for this anime probably around the same time as my wife and we both knew that we would love it. I was a LITTLE bit hesitant until I saw Gainax has their hands in it? Then I knew it was going to be amazing. Short of the ending? I loved this anime from start to finish.

As the title shows, this is panty from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, made by Alter, whom I think did a damn decent job on this. To my knowledge this is the second scaled PVC figurine of her, the wife and I decided we didn’t want to get the first set of them because the faces on the figurines looked poor. We recently got this one from Hobby Search for about 90 bucks I’d say.

Now Panty is probably my favorite character from the series, she is a nymphomaniac and has a rocking body. Dani prefers Stocking over Panty however and while I think Stocking is pretty damn cute its more her personality that I like vs her looks. Panty is pretty darn close to exactly what I look for in a chick body type and I bet Dani could do a SMOKING cosplay of stocking. A few things stand out for me on this, that I find super sexy. The breasts are smaller yet still not underplayed, the mid drift is just amazing and like, lets be honest, this figurine does carry the air of “I’m panty and I’m fucking sexy”.

There is a few things on the figurine that bother me right off the bat. The detail on the hands and the rings and the smaller things is just not as crisp as I’d like to see however that can be expected from an Alter figurine. Another thing that falls a little bit more on the “unacceptable side” would be the molding for the skirt. While it does sit well? It just doesn’t sit exactly how I’d like it to. I prefer to see these sort of things molded to the shape of the hips and body so they cannot move. Move them up ok? Move it down ok? But being able to wiggle it a little bit side to side, no I like to see a firm mold to the body.

The standout features of this figurine at least for me is the face and her stance. Just before reviewing this I looked at the transformation scene. I must admit, I was addicted to that video for a long time but it wasn’t until I just looked at it right now that I realized that this figurine was torn right out of that video. This is basically her pose in the transformation scene perfectly.

This is in my opinion the best panty figurine out there, or at least as I write this it is. I like the fine details on it even if they are a little bit poorly done its still good to look at from 1-2 meters away, its not something you could notice until you gave it a closer examination. I must admit however. I am getting a little sick of ordering figurines and paying the same price I pay for a Good Smile Company figurine and just not finding the same quality…

Overall however the figurine is a great representation of the character from the anime. I am really REALLY excited to get our Stocking version, in fact I probably should of waited and done a double review but oh well ;). I’d give this figurine an 84% and that is mostly based on the fact that it does do such a good job of representing the character. That is a huge mark for me, can you look at the figurine and see it right out of the anime and this one gets a giant check mark in the yes box. As a side note? I should point out that yes, her panties are pink just like in the anime ;).

Here’s the transformation scene in case you were interested.

5 thoughts on “Alter – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt – Panty Anarchy – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. What was so bad about P&SG’s ending? I thought it was a perfect troll ending, almost as if was parodying Gainax’ own tendency to make vague, nonsensical endings.

    Anyway, to the figure. Alter’s figures really do look better than Sentinel’s (especially their Stocking had a monkeyface) and this really look like a good representation of her. I think her hand kinda looks weird though, as it’s kind of floating, and her base is utterly boring. Her stomach looks awesomely sexy though.

    I like Stocking better though, both as a character and a figure. Dunno if I’ll be picking her up though, it’s kinda too pricy for my current budget. Maybe I’ll hunt down the casual clothing IK’s instead.

  2. I have to agree, best Panty figure out there. If only Alter had the pose and pole like that other figure and their usual craftsmanship it would be the perfect Panty figure. Over all I’m quite happy with how this figure looks, regret a little bit not picking her up.

  3. What really? I don’t want to say any spoilers, but nothing at the end is resolved and it leaves me with only a million questions!! haha

    I cannot wait till we get our Stocking too, but that’s because I love her. haha

  4. It would have been epic to have Panty and Stocking pole dancing like the Sentinel ones, but with Alter’s quality… but oh well. Maybe if a second season comes around we will get more figures?

  5. Ahhh…my favorite Panty figure! I love how her expression and pose are like “yeah, I know I’m hot” and from the stock photos on Hobbysearch website, the detailing and quality looked really good. You have good photography here on your site, and seeing your pictures gives me a much better idea of how the figure really is than what stock photos show.

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