Kotobukiya – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute – Kousaka Kirino – Memories Ver – 1/8 PVC Figure

Now I could of sworn I already did a review on this figurine, the figurine reviews are all mixing into one! OH GOD ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! Seriously however, I really need to make some sort of system so kinda check them off as I go, I WAS going to review Yuri from Angel Beats but I looked and I had already done it <_<…. Anyways….

While I was reviewing Kamineko it kind of occurred to me that I wanted to review a Kirino and I was sad that I had already done it… to my excitement I still have yet to do this one! So here we gooooooo!

This series was definitely something I enjoyed, the character designs were just almost all characters I instantly fell in love with, they were all tiny girls with sexy bodies and it even had brief moments of loli’s with Kuroneko’s sister. Then there was ultimate tsundere friend of Kirono’s who did the on stage cosplay of that mahou shoujo girl… her character is AWESOME….

I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with this figurine, I basically got it because I really liked Kirino, she’s like a tsundere version of Konata from lucky star. If I had my way and we could go back in time 5 years I probably would own every single figurine of hers that came out which is sad because I don’t think there is very many exceptional ones. There is some things about it that I enjoy but there is other things about it that I dislike, it would not rank in my top 10, possibly not even in my top 50.

Lets start with a few of the things I like. Probably the most interesting part is the base. It comes apart in an odd way for you to place the card inside it and its like 2 pieces of plastic sandwiching it together. While the base by itself is pretty ordinary? This together makes for something unique and its a hit for me. Kirino also has something that I like to dub “Haruhi face” which is just that perpetual open mouth =D smile. I fucking love that, I think it is so adorable and the larger it is <within reason> the better it is. It is common to see her like that.

Moving onto some of the less desirable things, probably the most notable is the figurines lean. I realize that they are going for the “Goodbye” turning and running away stance kinda thing? But at the same time, with the weight of the figurine leaning so far forward, I fear that it will bend over time as many of us more serious collectors have seen.

I am also not a big fan of her bag. It does have a way it can sit properly but it is a little bit of a nuisance to get it into position correctly. It moves around a lot. And my last problem is with the hair. I don’t expect to have hair all in one piece, I realize that’s unrealistic. However I DO NOT like seeing when they stick small pieces of hair into the larger pieces. Just a huge pet peeve of mine, you would assume they could sculpt it a bit better then that.

Overall, its a good figurine I’m glad we got one and I’m not sure how many more of her we would get. The molding on the stockings is a little rough but some of the attention to detail is noteworthy such as the little hearts on the soles of the boots and her earrings. I like how you can see her panties if you are looking at her from behind… just have to throw that in there. All in all, I’d give this a 79%, it is worth buying but I would not go out of my way for it.

As always, thanks for reading guys, it’s nice to see that there IS a figurine community online, even if I do not take the effort to talk to you all myself, I know my wife is starting to try to get closer to the pulse of it all. Enjoy another random AMV!

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