*NSFW* Native – Yoshii Hotori – 1/7 PVC Figure

This figure was one that I was pretty excited to get. It seems like forever ago when I placed the order for her through Hobby Fan, it was January 3rd of this year when I placed it!! So almost a year ago. We actually had issues with getting her since she was shipped during the move and Canada Post apparently doesn’t mail forward packages… thankfully she made it back to Hobby Fan and they were nice enough to mail it to our new address. And now I present you the sexy Yoshii Hotori.

Now Tier from Tentacle Armada has already reviewed this figure, and I love his reviews, especially those who have an appearance from the president. It just adds some awesome humor to his shots in my opinion. I suggest you check his out too.

Anyways getting to this figure it is done by Native, and like pretty much every Native figure she is based off original artwork and is of the 1/7th scale. The artist who designed Hotori here is Abec with the sculpting done by Kawanishi Ken. We do not have any figures in our collection from Ken, except for this one.

One of the first things that I notice is that, it looks like she has a “omg don’t rape me” expression, versus the more nervous face from the artwork. The raised eyebrows and the way the mouth is just gives a more sad and scared expression more then anything.

Other the expression the figure is pretty damn accurate to the original artwork. They even included the clipboard with her that looks just like what she has in the artwork and you can even compare her hair pretty much strand for strand. Which I think is pretty impressive. The sculptor really took their time to make this figure accurate.

Though this figure is very much a perverted figure her detailing in those areas a pretty lacking, they kept it pretty plain. The painting on the nipples and butt are very faint and if you are looking at her in less then perfect light you can barely even notice the shading on her nipples.

I would like to point out that I am not to happy with how they did her panties. They are one with her shorts, and they painted them white to stand out versus her short, but they didn’t do a very good job of it. You can see the white in places that it shouldn’t be.  If you look at her right side one would simply think the white is a band along the top part of her pants, I doubt anyone would immediately think that it is her panties without knowing so ahead of time.

Her base is really well done, given that she is kneeing on a vaulting horse. It really shows that you are in a gym storage room, she isn’t just anywhere, they really set the scene for this figure. Though I would like to point out that even though she is pegged into the base floor, there is nothing really holding her to the vaulting horse, so that part can move freely and can slide around. Given that your figure usually is on a level surface, it is not a problem. Just if you are carrying it around you have to pay a little bit more attention to it.

All in all I think this is a great figure, she’s sexy, has awesome twin tails, a really cute face and butt. She is pretty much DFC and how can you go wrong with that? I give this figure a 84% she is well sculpted, well painte0 (with the exception of the panties), and looks great.

Here is an AMV not authorized by Bloodfrost haha. He is apparently the expert and I don’t know if he has even seen this one. 😛 Enjoy!

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