Gift – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver – 1/4 PVC Figure

The wife and I have decided that we will break into the 1/4th figurine scale models. One would of assumed I had already done this prior? But due to pricing and the fact that, larger figurines tend to have larger more obvious flaws? I always stayed away from them…..Then one day, my wife came home and told me about some sort of giant loli? She had my attention… The end result was of course this adorable figurine!

I have mixed feelings about this anime, I personally have never watched it and I don’t think I ever will…. it just seems… I dunno, I think I need someone to come and tell me to watch it in order for me to finally do so. Nonetheless, Nanoha swimsuit version from Gift! I present thee!!!!


Its not a big shocker to me that one of the first 1/4th figurines we decided to go with was a loli, I mean, hi? But at the same time really what made me think of this one was this…. There is one thing that all figurine makers do a good job of… That’s the body of the figurine. What better figurine to get then just a loli wearing a skimpy bikini? There really is not a lot of things they can mess up on in this is there? Which makes it a perfect loli for our collection =3.


I will say, the figurine does not have a lot of stuff going on for it but it does have a hella cute face and she does have a cute dainty pose. I do like how she has her inner tube with “Nanoha” written on it. It’s nice to see a cute little 2 piece bikini like this and I like the way her necklace is swaying adding to the fact that she is trotting down the beach into my waiting arms… err I mean.. …


The realization that I really do not have a lot to say about this figurine is starting to sink in. The main reason why we own it is because I have a thing for cute little anime girls. While it is what some people would say is boring and plain, I personally like to take the approach of its untainted and pure. It is a good figurine and nice looking and my only complaint is I wish they did a little bit more with the base.


All in all I am unsure how to rank this, currently we do have 3 other 1/4th scaled figurines and to be perfectly honest? This is the best of the 4… it is the plainest of the 4?… dammit well its probably my loli thing coming into effect but if I do rank stuff on a curve I’ll give this one an 89%. If you love lolis and you like beach figurines and you feel like blowing 150 bucks… this is for you ;).

Weekly AMV fix, here you go:


2 thoughts on “Gift – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver – 1/4 PVC Figure

  1. The two first Nanoha animes are great, but if you want to invest less time, just watch the 1st Movie. Actually Nanoha is one of my favorite loli characters, she’s so cute and her voice is just enchanting.

    Hmm this figure is rather big XD
    Gift always seems to add their own style to the figures, the face doesn’t look 100% like Nanoha, but it’s still very cute. I think it’s a nice figure overall the back sculpting is quite attractive. Well, there could be more details considering her size.

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