Alter – Milla Maxwell – Tales of Xillia – 1/8 PVC Figure

This was a figure that I wanted because she looked awesome but I knew nothing of her except for the fact that she was from a Tales of game that has yet to be released over here in North America. So instead I harassed my friend Lurna to let me take photos of hers instead! We’ll just say I am living vicariously through my friend’s figure purchases as well. ;D

So I introduce to you Milla Maxwell from the game Tales of Xillia. She was done by Alter like the Tales of Vesperia figures were. And as they were, she is also 1/8 scale. As I mentioned before I know nothing of Xilla since it is suppose to come out some time this year. Which means Bloodfrost and I need to get our asses in gear and finis paying Graces f…

I used this above video for reference to her character and thanks to it I realized two things. One is that I cannot wait for this game because it looks awesome. Secondly that they put even more detail into this figure then they show in the the video.

We’ll take her choker (exsphere/blastia core or whatever they call it in Xillia) for example. They put so much detail into, its very obvious compared to what you can see of it in the video. In the video it is just a green gem with little to none gold detailing on it. It was one of the first things that I noticed on her and I was impressed with how they did it. It looks really good for being such a small piece of her.

But the choker isn’t the only thing that is well done, her entire outfit is fairly complicated, but they did a really great job with all the detailing on her. The little metal bits on the banding on her leg look great, as well with the ribbons and edging on her shoes and sleeves. Compared to some other figures out that that just can’t pull off this level of small details, it is really nice to see. Thought with Alter I would pretty much expect this sort of quality from them.

The little of what I know of Milla, one thing is that she has pretty epic, extremely full hair. To the point that I don’t think any cosplayer in the history of man will ever be able to pull off her wig. But Alter did a bang on job with this figure. Even though there are so many layers to her hair, it looks damn good. The hair has such nice flow to it, even though I am sure there are so many pieces to make up the hair, it is very smoothly done.

I would like to say her massive ahoge looks out of place, but since it pretty much looks like that in every piece of art and video I have seen of her it is not really something I can complain about. Either way I think they did a good job with the yellow to the transparent green with it.


One thing that I will complain about, is that I am not a huge fan of her pose because she is holding her sword in front of her cute face so you cannot really see it that well. I think that is a huge shame. It would have been nice if she came with a second arm so you could have the sword out of her face. You could always display it without the sword but I think it would look a little off.

The sword that she has is, what I will assume, her starter sword in the game? Weapons are the one thing that will visually change every time you get a one. I think they did a nice enough job with it. The butt of the hilt comes off so you can put it into her hand, and the hand guard can move as well to help you put it on.

Milla has a lot of sex appeal too, with her nice mid drift, and bountiful chest she is not lacking.

Her skirt is also loose, so you are able to get a good shot of her black panties as well. Oh my!

Lastly her base is really well done. It is simple enough but with the color, the design, and the little speaks of water designed on it just looks really nice. And best of all its not to big or anything so it wouldn’t get in the way of other bases.

All in all I think this is great figure. I do sort of regret that we didn’t get her, and I am sure I will REALLY regret it once the game comes out and I play it…. Given how much I like this figure I am sure that fans of that game would love her as well. I give her a 82%.


4 thoughts on “Alter – Milla Maxwell – Tales of Xillia – 1/8 PVC Figure

    1. Yeah I am really impressed with what they did with her. It’s figures like this where you can really stop and appreciated what amazing artists the sculptors that make them are.

  1. I didn’t know anything about her either, but I ended up getting her because the promo shots looked so nice. I thought they could’ve done a better job with her tummy, but otherwise I like what Alter has done.

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